Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! We are celebrating the way we always do (going out for tea to avoid the trick or treaters...)

Lily and Lola have been getting into the spirit though, trying on their spooky skeleton costumes, but sadly out of the two they received one was too small so I'm afraid they're sharing! Damn them with their oddly shaped bodies :)

doggie skeleton outfit c/o Wilko

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Liverpool (part 1).


Last weekend we went to Liverpool and stayed over for a couple of nights. Our trip originally came about after I saw a place called The Hardmans' House which I thought sounded rather amazing and unique so we decided to plan a little road trip around it.

It's always nice to visit new places, especially when they're only a couple of hours drive away, and have a break from our usual weekend goings on.

We had a really great trip. Starting off with our tour at The Hardmans' House we moved on to a spot of lunch and a few hours shopping at the Liverpool One shopping centre. I got a bit carried away on my Christmas shopping at John Lewis even though we have one in Sheffield. Ha!

The rest of our trip involved squeezing in as much as possible and a lot of walking but all in the name of good fun. Other places we visited include The Beatles Story, Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, and the general Albert Dock area, not to mention we did plenty of refuelling in the form of beer and food, more shopping and general wandering taking in the sights. I could walk round looking at Beatles stuff until the cows come home!

I didn't take many photos but did get a few good snaps from our second day and also round The Hardmans' House (which I will share next time).

I am sure we missed out so much but it's difficult to fit it all in!

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5 good things (and an update!)


Erm, hello. I hope you lovely readers are still out there and haven't deserted my blog which, quite frankly, has been well and truly neglected over the past few months. It seems like I've barely had time to go on the computer but every time I do sit down to write something it just doesn't come. Blog writers block if you will. I have basically chained myself to the chair to sit down and spend a little bit of time writing this as I thought it would be nice to share a quick update on where I've been and what has been happening.

So, what has been happening with me over the past few months?

* Last weekend we went to Liverpool for a couple of nights, ate too much, and squabbled all the way home because apparently I am a rubbish driver (I'm not!)

* I'm permanently tired and forever live in hope that I will get 8 hours sleep but can't seem to get to bed for 10pm (it seems so early!)

* I have developed a granola and yoghurt addiction.

* I started a million cross stitch projects and probably won't finish any of them in time for Christmas.

* I started my Christmas shopping....

* but stopped exercising and making healthy food decisions...

* which has resulted in me gaining 3/4 of a stone (oops).

* Last but not least, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which has been scary and confusing but kind of a relief to find out what has been causing my skin issues and lady problems and possibly the cause of my weight gain. So I guess I am starting a bit of a journey into finding out more about PCOS and hopefully getting treatment for it at some point. I know it affects some of you guys too so any words of wisdom would be great right about now!

Pug snuggles and new magazines / current fave breakfast / new trainers to spur me on (c/o Sarenza)
mahoosive hot chocolate at Costa / Jamie's Italian in Liverpool / "lol"

So some of the above isn't brilliant admittedly and yes I am in a bit of a funk at the moment but I thought that compiling a little list of "5 good things" like I did in the old days would give me some positive things to focus on heading into the weekend.

1) After a busy day at work tomorrow I will be going straight to the hairdressers for a cut and to see to my roots. I do have a mild phobia of trips to the hairdresser but it is nice to sit and read trashy magazines for a couple of hours and watch the world go by.

2) I've got loads of things to share with you - photos from our trip to Liverpool, new clothes, a book review, some beauty posts and a few other bits and pieces, so hopefully my blogging momentum keeps going!

3) My sister is back from the Isle of Man next weekend and we have made shopping and lunch plans.

4) As we don't really watch regular telly but prefer to watch "series" we are having a field day at the moment. We are working our way through The Big Bang Theory from the beginning (currently on series 4) but have also just started the new series of Homeland, American Horror Story, New Girl and The Walking Dead. Oh and not to mention we have started Breaking Bad and are up-to-date with (but eagerly awaiting new episodes of) Suits and Grimm! Ah so that's why I haven't had time to blog ;)

5) Although I dislike dark mornings and dark evenings I do love the cold, crisp air at the moment (when it's not raining) and find it much easier to dress for the colder months. Ugg boots, slouchy jumpers, pretty new coats and Slanket action on the sofa!

Right it's 10pm. I'm off to bed! Oh who am I kidding... :)
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Wishlist: Swedish Hasbeens.


I've seen Swedish Hasbeens on a few blogs and Instagram photos recently and even though they're quirky and not to everyones taste I really like them! They're definitely not my usual taste but I love their clunky heels and vintage style.

I love the idea of teaming a t-bar pair with a floaty dress, a la Michelle Williams.

There are a few different styles in the range including boots and mens shoes but the clogs are my favourite, particularly the pink "peep toe super high" pair below.

Middle: T Bar Sandal
Bottom: Antique Sandal

If you aren't already familiar with them, Swedish Hasbeens is a Swedish retro-inspired brand, a favourite with Sarah Jessica Parker which is good enough for me! Based on original 70s designs, their shoes and boots are made from ecologically prepared natural grain leather which is high quality and environmentally friendly.

As if their shoes and boots weren't lovely enough, they also sell gloves, belts and bags!

image borrowed from Grazia Daily

What do you think? Love them or hate them?

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Koalabi giveaway! (UK only) (CLOSED)


I've got an exciting giveaway for you today courtesy of Koalabi Australia who are giving one lucky person the chance to win a pair of boots. Koalabi boots are perfect for Autumn/Winter. They're stylish, cosy and high quality which means they will see you through a few cold Winters!

Koalabi Australia originates in Melbourne, and specialises in genuine Australian sheepskin footwear. Their boots are suitable to wear in all weathers (i.e. good for the UK!) as they insulate against the cold but allow your feet to breathe. The fleece lining moulds to the shape of your foot to provide cushioning and lots of comfort, and you won't be slipping and sliding around in the snow with these designs due to their rubber grip.

All you have to do to enter is complete the widget below and leave a comment on this blog post to say which pair of Koalabi boots are your favourite (i.e. which pair you will win!) Please also leave your shoe size and a way for me to contact you should you be the lucky winner.

My favourites are the Kadina pair in chestnut but the black ones are pretty nice too!

This giveaway will stay open for 3 weeks. After the giveaway has closed one winner will be chosen at random and I will contact them directly to make arrangements for delivery.

Good luck everyone!