I love my Ray Bans and my slightly older pair of Converse glasses but I have been on the look out for a new pair of glasses for a little while. It feels like I have tried on hundreds of pairs but haven't been able to find the right ones.

I wish I didn't need glasses at all and I long for the old days when I had perfect vision. But if I need them then I may as well have lots of pretty pairs, no?

Ordering glasses online without trying them on first might be risky but that's what I did when I bought my Ray Bans so, when MyOptique offered to send me a pair of glasses from the London Retro range I was really excited and got to work picking a pair. It's not a brand I was too familiar with but after a quick browse through the styles I soon became a big fan!

I found it quite difficult to decide on the right pair as they have so many styles that are right up my street, but in the end I decide that the Piccadilly style were my favourite.

The Piccadilly frames are a cute style, slightly different to my Ray Bans and Converse as they're more rounded in shape. They're just the right amount of quirky without looking OTT and they're different enough to my other glasses so that I can mix things up a bit.

They arrived quickly and well packaged. The prescription is spot on and they're so lightweight which makes a welcome change to my heavy Ray Bans which leave me with unsightly indents at the top of my nose.

They are slightly smaller than I was expecting but this is a good thing as I think if they were any larger they perhaps might not suit me. I must admit I was nervous about ordering a different shape to what I'm used to but I'm really happy with them.

Buying glasses online is risky but the prices are so much more reasonable than in store and if you know what suits your face shape it's a no brainer! £79 for frames and scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses is such good value and the variety of frames on offer by London Retro is really varied and unique.

London Retro's new autumn/winter collection takes its inspiration from one of London's most iconic landmarks, the London Underground, combining retro shapes with the season's key colour and fabrication trends. The collection is available exclusively from, all priced at £79.

Do you have a favourite style? What do you think of the Piccadilly pair I'm wearing?

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My entry for the Jet2holidays competition!


We all love a good adventure don't we?! Whether it's living the high life in Vegas, being romantic in Paris or relaxing in Ibiza, there's not much that can beat going on holiday. Although don't get me wrong, I love adventures in the UK too. Some of our favourite trips include Anglesey, Woodhall Spa and Bath.

There's something magical about counting down the days/weeks/months, putting your "out of office" on, packing up your best clobber and heading off to see new sights.

I'd love to win a luxurious trip to Gran Canaria with Jet2holidays and here's why:

* I love visiting new places which is perfect as I've never been to Gran Canaria before.
* I also love planning holidays so it would be brilliant to research day trips and sights to see.
* Working full time, running a house and looking after 2 Pugs (and a boyfriend!) is tiring and my batteries need recharging.
* I think Jonathan deserves a holiday too as he is so caring and supportive and has helped me through a few rough patches.
* And finally, I'd love to share my adventures with you all and hopefully inspire you to visit somewhere new.

P.S. If you want to read about the competition here's the link. Fingers crossed!

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A birthday, Bailey's cheesecake and a blue "outfit of the day".


This time yesterday I was a little bit chilly. What a difference 24 hours makes! The sun is shining today and it's absolutely glorious. I can't keep up with the weather at the moment. Hope you've got sunshine wherever you are?

It was my dad's birthday yesterday so we drove up to my mum and dad's in the morning to spend the day with them (my sister and brother in law were also visiting from the Isle of Man). Lily and Lola love being there. They would follow my mum to the ends of the earth which suits me. It gives me a bit of peace as normally it's me tripping up over them!

We had a nice spot of lunch complete with pudding (I had Bailey's and toffee cheesecake and it was delish) before a very lazy afternoon on the sofa in front of a film or two. When we had mustered up the energy my mum and I took the dogs (Lily and Lola plus three more) for a walk along the canal to see the baby swans. Oh they were ever so cute! And grey! Who knew?!

I wore a comfy ensemble (as it's a good hours drive away) and made sure I had a stretchy element to my bottom half to make room for my lunch! To say I don't particularly like H&M and rarely go in, I wore two recent H&M purchases; a lightweight speckled jumper with an open back and a jacket. 

I have quite a few long coats but I have been looking out for a really nice short jacket so when I spotted this one at only £29.99 it had to be mine. On my feet I wore my new Melissa pumps and took them for their first outing. I am obsessed with blue at the moment and they are no exception. They're such a pretty shade of blue.

Yesterday was lovely. It's always nice to see family, especially my sister who I don't see very often with her living on the Isle of Man (I suppose I miss my brother in law too, even though he tells me I don't blog enough anymore. Haha. Hi Steve!)

How has your weekend been? I'm about to curl up on the sofa for the evening with some cross stitching, food, something good on the tv and the pugs at my feet. Bliss!

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Micro pigs and mammoth ice cream sundaes at Matlock Meadows.


Last Sunday we drove to Matlock Meadows, a working dairy farm with a cafe/ice cream parlour and (the best bit) micro pigs, and as it was rather cold and drizzly I got the chance to wrap up warm in my new Joules jacket and took my new Hunter wellies along in case of emergency!

I've got to be honest. I've got so many lovely Autumn-appropriate clothes, boots and jackets stashed away that the arrival of this cold spell has been quite welcome (the rain, not so much).

When we arrived at Matlock Meadows we spotted a large group of children and parents being shown round by a very nice and knowledgeable young chap, so we decided to hit the ice cream parlour to get in there first. There were so many things to choose from in the cafe but in the end we went for an ice cream sundae to share (which included 3 scoops of any flavour, brownie pieces, sauce and sprinkles) and a hot chocolate a piece.

The ice cream was available to buy in tubs and I only wish we had taken a pot of raspberry ripple home with us. It was so good!

The above mentioned boots are the Hunter "short gloss boots" (c/o Sarenza) that I ordered recently which I'm pretty sure I'll get plenty of wear out of with the weather we're bound to have over the next few months. When it gets really bad I'll probably wear them to commute to work to keep my feet nice and dry. No soggy work shoes over here!

The jacket I'm wearing was sent to me from Joules from their new Burghley collection. It's a gorgeous purple colour complete with elbow patches! I love the detail on it and how warm it is and I know it will come in use for our adventures out and about over the Autumn/Winter. It's got some lovely detailing on it as well as pockets. What have I been missing out on all this time, wearing coats without pockets?!

I'm not sure if the rumours of a mini heat wave are true but my coat and wellies are out and they're too beautiful to put away!

After our ice cream we went back outside and were met with the sight of micro pigs, on the loose, running around! They wouldn't let us get too close, but a couple of them weren't as shy and came to have a sniff at us. They really are the cutest things I've ever seen (just don't tell the Pugs I said that).

Whilst outside we also said hello to the rabbits, chickens and sheep before heading back inside to see the cows and more micro pigs! This time tiny little babies (what seemed like hundreds of them) all piled on top of their mums and dads. Cuteness overload, I could hardly bear it!

It's only a small place to visit (we were there just over an hour) but if you're local it's definitely worth a visit. It's totally free to go but just make sure you buy an ice cream! ;)

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An anniversary and a trip to Silversmiths (Sheffield).


Jonathan and I met at work but were too shy to talk to each other most of the time. Thankfully there's such a thing as Facebook and Jonathan was brave enough to add me as a "friend". Although we rarely spoke at work we soon became good virtual "friends". On a Friday night I would rush home and hope he would send me a message online.

This led to us spending most weekends chatting back and forth, sending each other funny video clips, trying to make the other laugh, and finding out all about each other until we were brave enough to go out in real life.

3 years ago today Jonathan and I went out as friends for the first time. We ate dinner and saw Inception at the cinema as I really wanted to see it but had no-one to go with (Jonathan had already seen it). We had such a good time that we went out again the following evening and saw each other again at the weekend, when he cooked me an amazing roast dinner where I exclaimed that his roast potatoes were "a party in my mouth" (not a euphemism). Soon after we decided to become girlfriend/boyfriend and the rest is history.

Last night we went out for tea at a place called Silversmiths in Sheffield where we tucked into three courses and a few drinks (I had to stick to the non alcoholic cocktails as I was driving but the two I tried were delicious!) In fact, we were both really impressed with the whole meal and Jonathan was more than happy with the selection of ales on offer.

After our disasterous trip to Ed's diner last weekend where we were both underwhelmed with the shockingly bad burgers and chips (taking into account the steep prices) we were ready for some really good grub and we weren't disappointed.

Everything tasted amazing and was really well seasoned. Portion sizes were good without being overfacing and the service we received was attentive and quick.

We arrived at 6.30pm which meant we got to choose the "early bird" offer which gives a substantial saving against the regular prices which are quite expensive. That said however, the prices definitely reflect the quality of the food especially the meat (if you like to know where your meat has come from then you can't go far wrong with Silversmiths. They support local farmers so all of the meat served is hand reared and high welfare).

After an early start that morning we were both ready to head home, hit the sofa and put our feet up with a good film. Jonathan only made it half way through the film before he nodded off, and with Lily and Lola snoring away too there was only me still standing!

Hopefully there are many more anniversaries to come :)

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The best thing about memories is making them.


One of my New Years Resolutions for this year was to print off the mountain of photos stored on our computer then organise them into albums and frames. This has been an expensive and rather time consuming task but one that I'm really glad I have almost completed. I know in years to come it will be brilliant to look back on old photos of Jonathan and I, Lily and Lola, and our families and friends.

I have a penchant for frame sets that look like lots of different frames stuck together so when Out There Interiors Ltd recently offered me the chance to pick one item from their amazing online store I was immediately drawn to the turquoise combination frame which holds five pictures.

Selecting five photos from our newly acquired collection was extremely difficult as I now have hundreds from all manner of holidays, road trips and family get-togethers, but in the end I decided that (as Jonathan and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend) I'd use the frame to house our favourite photos of the two of us, plus a photo of Lily and Lola for good measure.

I hope you'll agree our little family is quite a cute one!

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