Potteric Carr (nature reserve).


Last Saturday we had a free day and decided not to waste it, so we took to Trip Advisor to find somewhere local to go. We stumbled upon Potteric Carr which is only a short drive from where we live and had some great reviews, so we decided to go there for the afternoon.

Potteric Carr is a nature reserve in the most unlikely of places, not far from the M18 and nestled across the road from a big industrial estate, but we were very pleased that Trip Advisor had brought it to our attention. It was just what we needed; a quiet peaceful stroll with beautiful surroundings and plenty of wildlife to capture on camera.

The day before there had been sightings of two deer (mother and baby) but sadly we didn't see them, but we did see a host of birds, squirrels, butterflies, bees, azure damselflies and one great big huge emperor dragonfly which was the size of a bird. Rather frightening but very, very cool (and too quick to get a good photo!)

We spent a couple of hours walking round the reserve and stopped off in one of the bird watching huts to eat our sandwiches and spy on the birds eating their lunches, before a naughty squirrel got in on the action and scared them away.

The reserve has some fascinating history as it's been there so long, as told to us by one of the members of staff who was very knowledgeable indeed and spoke to us at the end of our walk about what we had seen. He told us about some great events coming up at Potteric Carr which we will definitely keep an eye on.

I managed to capture a few things on my camera but oh how I wish I had a lens with a better zoom. This place is a photographers dream! Alas, you will have to make do with my feeble attempts.

Do you have anywhere similar where you live?

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  1. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a lovely time x

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Sounds like you had a really lovely day! xxx


  3. Great photos!
    Danielle xo


  4. These photos are gorgeous! Reminds me of my trip to Longleat :)


  5. such gorgeous photos! especially love the one of the dragonfly, i recently went to a garden like this near me but the dragonflies were too fast for me to photograph!:( x

  6. Looking lovely as ever! Where are your glasses from? I'm looking for a new pair of specs and they'd be perfect! x

  7. @Jenny - They're Ray Bans from a website called Eyewear Brands xx

  8. wow such lovely photos :D xx