Love is in the air.


Today is going to be the laziest of lazy days as we relax after a day at a wedding yesterday and an evening of dancing, eating wedding cake and drinking one or two(!) alcoholic drinks. 

After a good nights sleep, an epic breakfast at the hotel (where we made the most of the buffet situation) and a trip to Morrisons for supplies, we have been pottering at home and in the garden before we head out later to collect Lily and Lola from the lady looking after them (she does home boarding and they love it there!)

I have been parading round in the garden in my new trainers, making the most of their shiny new-ness before they become battered and marked as is inevitable for all trainers with our unpredictable weather.

I love the pretty logo on the heel and the love heart on the front. They make a nice addition to my Converse, Vans and Keds collection for when I need my trainers to be a little bit fancier. As they're quite jazzy I'll probably wear them with quite a dressed down, plain outfit. It would be a shame to detract from their prettiness!

Love Sport trainers by Love Moschino (c/o Sarenza)

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  1. Those are the most gorgeous trainers ever!!

  2. those shoes are gorgeous! xc

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend. Max loves home boarding too..he always seems to look forward to it! I absolutely love those trainers! Right up my street :) xx

  4. Those trainers are so cute! I love the little hearts :)

  5. Really pretty trainers! Sounds like you've had a great weekend :) I love a good wedding! xx

  6. Those are so cute, love the heart design!

  7. Love this look, perfect weekend wear. Where did you get your trousers from? On the hunt for some similar but keep finding ones that just don't fit. :(
    Those trainers are cute! Love the little heart details.

  8. You have such a lovely sense of style. The shoes really suit you!

    Kathryn x

  9. This outfit is so cute ! Great pants ! And the shoes are great

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World