Love is in the air.


Today is going to be the laziest of lazy days as we relax after a day at a wedding yesterday and an evening of dancing, eating wedding cake and drinking one or two(!) alcoholic drinks. 

After a good nights sleep, an epic breakfast at the hotel (where we made the most of the buffet situation) and a trip to Morrisons for supplies, we have been pottering at home and in the garden before we head out later to collect Lily and Lola from the lady looking after them (she does home boarding and they love it there!)

I have been parading round in the garden in my new trainers, making the most of their shiny new-ness before they become battered and marked as is inevitable for all trainers with our unpredictable weather.

I love the pretty logo on the heel and the love heart on the front. They make a nice addition to my Converse, Vans and Keds collection for when I need my trainers to be a little bit fancier. As they're quite jazzy I'll probably wear them with quite a dressed down, plain outfit. It would be a shame to detract from their prettiness!

Love Sport trainers by Love Moschino (c/o Sarenza)

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Fifi Lapin.


I absolutely adore my new phone case which is a pretty number called Fifisonnyandstella by Fifi Lapin (c/o Iconemesis). Is it odd that I have been coveting the outfit on an illustration?!

After being dropped onto concrete two dozen times (what can I say, I'm very clumsy) my bow phone case that I blogged about here sadly cracked much to my disappointment. I must say though, it did well to last as long as it did in my not-so-capable hands.

Luckily and coincidentally Iconemesis asked if I'd like to review another case for them to share with you all, and I jumped at the chance as I am a big fan of their pretty designs. It was hard to narrow my decision down to one case but in the end I went for this one as it's so utterly cute.

If you like this design you may like some of the other Fifi Lapin designs (I certainly do!)

What kind of case do you have on your phone?

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Potteric Carr (nature reserve).


Last Saturday we had a free day and decided not to waste it, so we took to Trip Advisor to find somewhere local to go. We stumbled upon Potteric Carr which is only a short drive from where we live and had some great reviews, so we decided to go there for the afternoon.

Potteric Carr is a nature reserve in the most unlikely of places, not far from the M18 and nestled across the road from a big industrial estate, but we were very pleased that Trip Advisor had brought it to our attention. It was just what we needed; a quiet peaceful stroll with beautiful surroundings and plenty of wildlife to capture on camera.

The day before there had been sightings of two deer (mother and baby) but sadly we didn't see them, but we did see a host of birds, squirrels, butterflies, bees, azure damselflies and one great big huge emperor dragonfly which was the size of a bird. Rather frightening but very, very cool (and too quick to get a good photo!)

We spent a couple of hours walking round the reserve and stopped off in one of the bird watching huts to eat our sandwiches and spy on the birds eating their lunches, before a naughty squirrel got in on the action and scared them away.

The reserve has some fascinating history as it's been there so long, as told to us by one of the members of staff who was very knowledgeable indeed and spoke to us at the end of our walk about what we had seen. He told us about some great events coming up at Potteric Carr which we will definitely keep an eye on.

I managed to capture a few things on my camera but oh how I wish I had a lens with a better zoom. This place is a photographers dream! Alas, you will have to make do with my feeble attempts.

Do you have anywhere similar where you live?

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Hot and bothered.


I know moaning about the hot weather is ridiculous after all the months of snow, slush, rain, wind, freezing temperatures and general rubbish weather we had, but jeez. Can't we just have some nice "just right" weather where I don't feel like I'm going to pass out on the bus and my dogs can breathe properly?!

Rant over :)

Last weekend I donned a maxi dress and got into the spirit of the heatwave by going to a BBQ where I stuffed myself with veggie sausages, halloumi/veg kebabs and salads (including our contribution of feta and pomegranate salad which was delicious!) I may have also had two helpings of cake for afters but we won't talk about that... ;)

We had to leave Lily and Lola at home as it's far too hot for them outside at the moment, instead leaving them camped out in our dining room, the coolest room in the house.

On Sunday Jonathan and I met my parents for lunch somewhere new which was a rather random Trip Advisor find but turned out to be absolutely amazing food and really reasonably priced so it was a winner! Although after our three courses plus bread plus a couple of shandies a nap was definitely required.

A weekend of sunshine and food can never be a bad thing though. This weekend looks like it will involve a day out (location TBC!) and some sleep. I'm cream crackered!
Hope you're all having a good week so far.

"yap yap"
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After two trips to the hairdressers where I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to be blonde (again), or brunette or "bronde" and giving rather mixed signals to my hairdresser, my hair was starting to lighten up but wasn't quite the colour I was after. I went back for the third time recently with a photo of the colour I used to be a few years ago. I always used to use Nicole Richie as my colour inspo as I loved the fact she had a few different shades going on; honey blonde, bleach blonde and a brown colour too.

It must have been third time lucky as I absolutely love the way it has turned out, perfectly lightened for the Summer. The bleach has dried my hair out a little so I've been investing in some products for moisturising and strengthening, as well as trying to keep the colour looking fresh (not an easy task!) I'm also trying to make time for a mask treatment to give a bit of extra moisture once in a while, which I'm sure my hair is crying out for.

It doesn't feel too bad condition wise, probably because I had those 5 inches chopped off a few months ago! I've got the odd pesky split ends so the biggest change for me now is going to be going to the hairdressers for a trim regularly instead of a once a year "wet trim" job like I used to! No wonder my hair was so long before :) #lazy

Even though I had a huge cut a few months back it still feels long and I have been having fun experimenting with waves and curls. I have also been toying with the idea of going even shorter. I do love it long though. Oh these things are sent to try us! ;)

This is an outfit I wore on Wednesday evening when Jonathan and I went out for a meal to celebrate his sister's birthday. I managed to get out in the garden quickly because our lift arrived. Thank heavens for these light nights! I shall be ever so sad when it's dark at 4pm!

We didn't have long to get ready once we got in from work so my work makeup had to do but I had time to quickly tong my hair with my new Babyliss tongs which are pretty good (my hair doesn't tend to stay in waves for long though).

Clothes wise I wore my super soft skinnies from Miss Selfridge (a recent sale purchase), a pretty M&S lace top (another recent purchase that I forgot all about - oops!) and my faithful Vivienne/Melissa pumps (c/o Sarenza) which I adore! (glasses are Ray Ban and my watch is Juicy Couture in case you wondered).

I felt quite pretty actually. I think this is my new favourite outfit.

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Road trip: Anglesey part 2 (the wedding).


If you missed part 1 you can find it here.

The final full day of our trip to Anglesey was the reason we were there in the first place. A wedding! The groom is an old friend of Jonathan's who he worked with many years ago. I met him and his lovely bride last year when they came to stay with us for the weekend and we ate an astronomical amount of tapas and drank large quantities of Sangria.

We were really looking forward to the wedding. With the beautiful setting, a forecast for lovely weather and knowing that the bride would be putting her interior design skills to good use, it was set to be a great day!

The wedding reception was to be held on the grounds of the cottages we were staying in but first we had to hot foot it to a local church for the ceremony. The church was beautiful inside and out, and the ceremony itself was lovely too. Vicky (the bride) looked absolutely stunning in her dress.

While the bride and groom headed off in their VW Beetle for photos at some local hotspots we made our way back to the cottages a couple of minutes drive away and got settled on the hay bales in the garden where there was (or so it felt like) an unlimited supply of Pimms which we drank through stripy straws. Perfection!

The gardens were full of such wonderful things. With the bride and groom being lovers of all things outdoors there were an array of plants, flowers and even a pretty blue shed! There was also a bird theme which ran throughout, as they both love places such as South Stack cliffs which you can see more of here. With hearts hanging in the trees, bookcases adorned with trinkets, and a huge marquee I had to capture a few things with my camcorder as we will no doubt be stealing borrowing some of their fabulous ideas for our own wedding.

The evening portion of the wedding was spent inside the marquee, kitted out with photo bunting featuring photos of all the wedding guests. We even spotted a couple of photos of us, as well as plenty of embarrassing guest photos which gave us a chuckle.

After some great food, the speeches and the cutting of the cake it was onto the dance floor to take part in ceilidh dancing! If you know me at all you'll know that I hate participation in any kind of group activity but it was actually a lot of fun. I ended up dancing in two out of four routines. See if you can spot me at the end of my video!

After the ceilidh, the band played classic rock n roll which went on into the early hours (oh and I should mention the yummy cheese and biscuits that came out at about 10pm. Jonathan and I were first up, oh the shame!) and we retired to bed feeling very full and happy from such a lovely day.

I do love a good wedding!

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