I'm a little bit in love with Wildfox clothes, especially the jumpers, so having heard that there's a Wildfox pop up shop in my old home city of Leeds I am desperate to go and browse the rails!

For now though I have to make do with stalking their website (and a couple of other sites which stock their goodies). Having admired the "Go Topless" jumper from afar for absolutely ages I recently took the plunge and placed a cheeky order with Ad Hoc London when they had a 20% off voucher code.

It wasn't cheap (even with 20% off) but oh my, it's the softest material ever and is the most comfortable jumper I own. Paired with my new super soft skinny jeans (from Miss Selfridge) this is one of my current favourite outfits.

The only problem is that I fear it may have sparked an obsession and fed my need for more super soft jumpers and tees. Must.resist!

I also have my eye on this baggy "Hey Sailor" jumper in grey, the pink Cry Baby jumper, and this tee from ASOS (which is now in the sale - uh-oh!)

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A little video about our trip to Anglesey.


As I mentioned here we had a full free day on our second day in Anglesey to explore the local sights, so I took my new camcorder along to capture a few things. I'm really glad I did as it's so handy to transport around and quick and easy to film at a moments notice.

This silly little video shows you a few snippets of where we went and what we got up to (clue: lots of walking!)

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It's a nice day for a white wedding (or four!)


I went to two weddings last year and this year I have been invited to four! We must be getting to "that age" when everyone you know starts getting married (must be my turn soon... ;))

I searched high and low for a pair of wedding-appropriate shoes for absolutely ages, scouring the usual high street places (Dorothy Perkins is a fave of mine for shoes) as well as pretty much every single page on Sarenza.

I eventually stumbled upon a pair by one of my favourite brands, Georgia Rose, which I thought would be perfect for more formal occasions when skyscraper heels don't look quite right and I need something comfy for being on my feet all day and night.

The pair I got were the Gitango heels in beige (but they also come in blue which are rather nice) which are currently £55. With the strap offering a bit of extra support and the heel being on the sensible side I was hoping they would keep my feet ache-free and that the beige/gold would be easy to match with pretty much any kind of dress.

I wore them recently to wedding #1 of 2014 and I am pleased to report that they were really comfortable, easy to walk in and they even survived a few rounds of ceilidh dancing!

I had to buy the size smaller than normal (UK 5.5 instead of 6.5 which seemed mad at the time as I am usually a size 7(!) but it appears my feet are shrinking) but the exchange process with Sarenza is so straightforward that even I couldn't get it wrong! You just package everything up, print off your return label and take it to your local store that offers the Collect+ service which for me is a minute away from our house.

I'm really pleased with my pretty new heels and think that I'll get loads of wear out of them. I just wish I took more photos of them in action but we were too busy having a good time!

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After the few days Jonathan and I had in Anglesey (part 2 of that trip will be up soon by the way!) I went to Ibiza with my mum and sister for 4 nights for some sunshine and relaxation. You know it's a good trip when you return home 5lbs heavier!

After our flight was delayed due to strikes in France we eventually arrived at our hotel on the Wednesday afternoon. The S'Argamassa Palace hotel was absolutely lovely - spotlessly clean, very small and quiet, the staff were all lovely and helpful, and our suite was well equipped with a kitchen, big bathroom and a balcony overlooking the pool area (and a sneaky view of the beach and sea).

As we were only a hop, skip and a jump from the weekly Hippy Market we headed there once we had got settled in our room, as my mum and I have been before and really enjoyed looking at all the stalls. I picked up a few bits, being the lover of trinkets that I am!

After a pit stop for ice tea (me) and beer (them two) we popped to a nearby Pascha shop to look at the clothes then found a restaurant and proceeded to consume vast quantities of bread with garlic dip, pizza and more beer!

We had three full days in Ibiza to follow, two of which were spent on our local beach soaking up the glorious sunshine and eating crisps and ice cream. On our final full day we took the water taxi to the old town to browse the shops, have some lunch and take in the sights (we may have also got lost at one point but that did mean we walked past an amazing shop where I bought the most fabulous floppy hat for 10euros *not the one in the photo below - that one is good old M&S*)

There wasn't much time for anything on our final day (Sunday) apart from demolishing another buffet breakfast (what do you mean chocolate milk, scrambled eggs, beans, toast with jam, and doughnuts is too much?) before getting a taxi to the airport and heading home, a little bit tanned, quite tired and very, very full!

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My work/office snacks (including my 21 day Snack Happy Challenge!)


My snack options have definitely changed quite a bit over the last few months and I have stepped away from bad habits such as having a cup of tea with biscuits every night after my dinner, eating out of boredom and keeping junk food in the cupboards.

I thought I'd share the most common items that I stash in my drawer at work and what I nibble on mid morning and in the afternoon. Most of my snacking is done at work as I'm sat in one place all day and it can be hard to switch my mind off from food sometimes. On a weekend when I'm out and about or busy doing things at home my eating habits are a little different plus my main meals tend to be bigger than they are through the week.

* Nakd bars. I'm probably a tad obsessed with these but there are worse things to love! My favourite is definitely the Cashew Cookie variety which has 2 ingredients: cashews and dates. You can't go far wrong with these if you're after a sweet treat that isn't bad for you. I have worked my way through pretty much all of the flavours and Cashew Cookie remains a firm favourite. I have also tried the new crunch flavours and they're quite nice, particularly the banana one.

* Talking of Nakd bars, you can have a go at making your own similar treats if you've got a blender. I recently made a batch of thegluegungirl's guilt free chocolate balls and they are delicious. It's like eating chocolate brownies. No, really!

Photo borrowed from thegluegungirl

* Bit boring and obvious but fruit! I always have fruit on my desk, my favourites being clementines, grapes, bananas or pink lady apples.

* Raw chocolate or dark chocolate. A couple of squares of this satisfies any chocolate cravings for me. I am a HUGE fan of this raw chocolate and place a cheeky order from time to time. My favourite flavours are the mint and the orange/brazil nut. It's best kept in the fridge and has the yummiest consistency.

* Almonds. I have been a fan of almonds for a while now, but more so since California Almonds sent me a 21 day supply along with my very own almond tin to test out eating one portion every day.

First of all I was surprised by how big one portion is (normally I would eat around half of their suggestion) so this is obviously a good thing! Second of all, the California Almonds I received were so much tastier than the other almonds I've tried. I find one portion really filling and their health benefits mean they're a perfect snack.

I really enjoyed eating them every day for 21 days and definitely felt better at the end of the challenge. I try to top my tin up and take it to work with me most days now that the challenge has finished.

* Goodies from my Graze boxes. I've been getting Graze boxes on and off for a few years now and on the whole I think they're great. It's not something I treat myself to every week or every 2 weeks because I think there are cheaper ways to snack, but it's definitely something I like to order every now and then. The boxes inspire me to think up ways to build my own snack boxes.

* My own snack boxes! I often pop to Holland & Barrett to stock up on bags of dried fruit and nuts to mix my own snack combos.

* And finally, if all else fails I might have a yoghurt such as Activia or sometimes just plain yoghurt or greek yoghurt. I might throw some blackberries in the mix if I'm feeling adventurous.

I hope this has given you some ideas and shown that you don't have to keep a drawer full of crisps and Kit Kats to satisfy those hunger pangs! :)

P.S. California Almonds asked me to take part in the Snack Happy Challenge. They provided me with all I needed to complete the challenge. For more information about healthy snacking and almonds please visit www.almondboard.co.uk :)

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Road trip: Anglesey part 1.


When our invitation arrived for a wedding in Anglesey we decided to take advantage of the offer of a cottage for 3 nights to turn our trip into a mini holiday, so that's exactly what we did at the weekend. On Saturday we loaded up my Smart car and headed off on a little road trip.

As we approached Beaumaris in the car we were blown away by the beauty of everything around us. We felt like we had been transported to a different country. The sun was shining and everything looked so vivid and beautiful. At this point I was glad I had packed my camera!

We arrived at the cottages which had been entirely hired out for wedding guests, said hello to the soon-to-be bride and groom and got settled in our room before heading back out to the courtyard to meet the other guests and get ready for a BBQ and quiz! 

More and more guests arrived as the evening went on, with everybody fully enjoying the sunshine, BBQ food and beer. The quiz got started once everyone was suitably stuffed and it was a great way to get to know some of the other guests. The quiz was very "interactive" with paper aeroplane competitions, a 'guess the crisp flavour' round, and blindfolded drawing. We had a great evening, eventually calling it a night at about 11.30pm as the 3 1/2 hour drive was starting to take its toll.

We woke on Sunday to the sun shining yet again which was most welcome as this was a free day for us and we wanted to cram as much as we could into one day.

First of all we drove to the Puffin Island area to see the lighthouse and do some walking. There weren't many other people there when we arrived so it was rather nice to enjoy the peace and quiet, listen to the birds and take in the sights. We walked for about 5 miles in total, stopping every now and then to capture the scenery with our cameras.

After a pit stop at the cafe and a bit of lunch which was waiting for us in the car we drove to the South Stack cliffs for more walking, bird watching and over 1100 steps to walk up and down! The cliffs were stunning and the steps down to the lighthouse, up the lighthouse itself and then back up to the top again were a killer but good fun. At the top of the walk near the visitors centre they had sheep shearing demonstrations where I was rather taken by the tiny little lambs and wanted to smuggle the smallest one home with us.

After all the steps we walked up we were a tad warm and frazzled so we went back to our cottage for a nap and a shower before getting an early tea. Dinner was great; Jonathan got a seafood mixed grill and I got vegetarian sausages with a bean stew. The sausages were made from cheese, leeks and other vegetables and were approximately the size of my head! The best part was, I got two!

We went to bed feeling full, tired and a little achey but thoroughly enjoyed our day of sightseeing. The fact that the sun shone all day was a pretty nice bonus too.

I couldn't possibly fit all of the photos I want to share into one blog post so I'll save photos of our final full day (the wedding!) for another time.

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