Walking at Rother Valley.


Last Sunday we put on our trainers and went for a walk at Rother Valley Country Park. It was really busy with people walking, jogging, running, cycling, water skiing even, but it was a lovely sunny day and a great atmosphere for our walk.

Jonathan insisted on an ice cream before we started so while he ate his Mr Whippy I cooed over the baby ducks on the lake. The cuteness levels rose the longer we were at Rother Valley, as we spotted a French Bulldog puppy, a teeny tiny Chihuahua, a Pug and a sausage dog puppy.

We went round the main lake then took the sculpture trail which involved a rather steep and tiresome climb (it was quite hot at this point!) but it was worth it for the view at the top (and the less strenuous walk down hill).

I think we did over 3 miles altogether and boy did I feel it the next day or three! I'm fairly fit and exercise most days but the steep hill really took it out of me and left my bum and lower back feeling rather sore.

I have caught the walking bug so we're heading out again tomorrow (weather permitting) to do another few miles somewhere else. 

I'd love to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge one day so I figured we've all got to start somewhere and starting small and local is just what I shall do.

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  1. The sheep are in a heart shape... 3 miles congrats! i couldn't manage that and i'd be getting pushed hehe xx

  2. That tree is epic, I love long walks in the country. So relaxing xx

  3. i loved reading this post :) your pictures are beautiful & i love finding new places to discover that i can travel too to explore :)
    & i bet your bum & lower back are thanking you for being alot more toned :P


  4. Oh yes, so they are. Well spotted! :)

  5. Is that tree carved? It looks fab!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  6. Great post! That tree is beautiful!

    Ramblings Of Hannah


  7. Cute! I love walks like that. I also love French bulldogs! They never fail to make me smile, those little guys. :)
    Cocktails and Caroline

  8. This looks lovely, I want to convince my bf to go on more country walks, there's not much round here though xx