My new makeup bag (eco-friendly canvas bag by SewLomax).


I don't own tons of makeup as I tend to stick to products I know and love, but the small makeup bag I was using up until recently wasn't cutting the mustard. Travelling anywhere with it was a nightmare as the zip wouldn't close and I would end up with my makeup spilling out all over the place, so I vowed to get myself a bigger bag.

SewLomax got in touch with me recently to tell me about their eco-friendly canvas bags with their pretty designs (finished by hand) which have Scotchguard protection and can be wiped clean. I was intrigued to have a look at the designs, one of which they let me choose to review, and thought that a new makeup bag would solve my problem.

It took me ages to settle on one design as I like so many of them. The poo bag holder is genius (I'm tempted to place a cheeky order) and the wash bag caught Jonathan's eye as he takes products to the gym, and on weekends away, and often larger deodorants and things like that don't fit in the wash bag he's already got.

Embroidered nail varnish makeup bag c/o SewLomax

Being the bright spark that I am, it took me a while to discover the "more bags" arrow on some of the listings where there are even more designs for that style of bag. The item I chose in the end was the nail polish makeup bag which is the perfect size for the every day makeup items I use with plenty of room for me to add my skincare too, for nights away at my parents house or when I go on holiday.

My bag arrived last week and I love it! As I mentioned it's a good size, can be wiped cleaned if necessary, and the design on the front is so girly and pretty. I haven't seen anything else like this in the shops or online so I really feel like I've got a unique product.

The quality is excellent and there are so many great designs to choose from that they would make great Christmas or birthday gifts.

The cupcake wash bag, the camera case and the penny purse are particularly cute and I'm certain you'll love them, but the mens wash bag would make a great gift for the man in your life too!

If you'd like to follow SewLomax for details of discount codes and new products you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Emma is the brains behind SewLomax. What does Emma say about her brand?

My creative imagination has always been a big part of who I am and a place I love to escape to. For me, creating and making is my coming home and I am filled with excitement when I find just the right fabric or catch sight of rows and rows of beautiful wools, silks and cotton. Even discovering an old bobbin or button fills me with butterflies and glee in anticipation at what can be created from these often discarded items. 

My selection of bags are not only fun but also stylish, and offer unique and creative ways to organise your day. Each piece in the SewLomax range is lovingly finished by hand which enables the owner to feel that they own something individual and unique. SewLomax products are ageless and timeless and appeal to many genres from the gym goer to the busy city worker! I will be adding new styles regularly to ensure my customers are kept in a buoyant mood!

Happy browsing! ;)

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  1. This is so cute! It's a great size too.. Off to check out the website now. xo

  2. I LOVE these! The designs are so pretty and I love the make up bag you chose. The camera bag is awesome too :) xx

  3. What a cute make-up bag! I adore the design plus I love how practical it is with the wipe clean inside. I've bought so many pretty make-up bags in my time that are just not practical in the slightest. I'll definitely be checking out SewLomax in future.


  4. Gorgeous stuff, love the bag you chose.
    I need a new one, my zip has given up also, spilling a lot of highlighter powder out on it's last trip!

  5. wow this is such a cool post! Those bags sound adorable :D will definitely be checking those out :D Emma has such an amazing talent! xx

  6. I love this bag! The design is so pretty and it's the perfect size for make up bits and bobs :) xx

  7. This is soo cute!
    Love the bags :)

  8. My husband always laughs at me because I so often say that I love something because it's "different". But this is definitely the case here! Very cute little makeup bags. Pretty girl too! :)

  9. Lucky you- those bags look absolutely delightful! xx


  11. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! I think I need one in my life.

    Lucy x

  12. I've been hunting for the perfect make up bag for over a year now...still no luck.

    But these are so lovely, the designs are so cute!
    The size is just want I want aswell....oh dear, think you've sold it to me


  13. Awhhh these are the cutest! I am looking for a new make up bag so may have to get one of these :D


  14. So cute! I'm the same with not having too much makeup and using products that I know and love :) x

  15. hey my dear! long time no chat :) thank you for leaving a comment on my blog cos somehow your blog isnt on my blogloving (now it is!) love your pretty layout and your looks amazing! hope your well! vicki xx

  16. So cute and very well made! I love the little camera pouch x

  17. I love your bag its adorable! And I like that its canvas :D oooh I love the camera canvas bag that is really cute!:D
    Just found your blog and I love it so I'm going to start following!
    Sofia x

  18. Hey flower - what a cute little make up bag, I love that! The little polish design is so lovely, I want one now!

    Thank you for sharing the website my lovellllly.

    ✿ Lots of love