Where to find me.


As Google Reader (my preferred method for keeping up with the blogs I follow) will soon be no more, I have logged back in to my Bloglovin account in an attempt to keep up with reading my favourite blogs and to continue finding new ones.

So that you don't forget little old me here's a list of the different ways you can subscribe to Lily loves Lola and the best ways to get in touch with me.

Bloglovin - You can follow me on Bloglovin by heading here and simply clicking on the 'follow' button. I actually quite like this site as a blog reading platform. It has some great features including being able to 'like' blog posts, find similar blogs to those that you already know and love, as well as posts disappearing once you have read them.

Hello Cotton - If you prefer to use Hello Cotton over Bloglovin then you can find and follow my page here.

Twitter - I always try to answer questions left in comments as quickly as I can but if you ever want to ask me anything Twitter is the best place to go. Tweet me here!

Facebook - I've got a FB page for Lily loves Lola which I update with new blog posts and the odd photo.

Instagram - I love Instagram! It's such a great way to share photos. If you like photos of Pugs, cups of tea, food and the odd bit of crafty action then check out my profile here.

Vimeo - I'm not on You Tube but I do occasionally make videos and upload them to Vimeo. It's like You Tube but without all the mean trolls and thumbs down action! I plan to make more videos so do check in on my Vimeo page here from time to time if you like.

Email - If you'd like to drop me an email do feel free! My email address is lilyloveslola (at) yahoo.com


  1. I'm following you an various platforms- dont forget you can import your blogger dashboard subscriptions into bloglovin- I did a simple tutorial for this yesterday. It's very easy an saves lots of time xx

  2. I had a little fit when I realised Google is actually stopping google reader and GFC. Luckily I have all my favourite must read asap type blogs bookmarked so I'll never lose them and I'm slowly catching up with following everyone on bloglovin too x

  3. I have linked your page to blogs I read on my blog and check in everyday for new posts :)

  4. I also adore google reader...so was gutted when I heard the news! However, I have been using bloglovin over the weekend, and I've grown to love it now. Ah and I didn't know you were on vimeo too, fantastic - will check that out!

  5. Boo :( bloglovin seems awfully complicated.
    I'm following you on various platforms. I really love your instagram feed :)

  6. I'm so glad i've just found your blog, it has come at perfect timing. I've just read your weight loss story - it was only earlier that I was thinking about to give up on the diet and work outs but i'm now feeling inspired again. I've already completed the 30 day shred and about to start ripped. I only have about 8lbs to shift but seeing the scales staying the same week after week makes me want to give up.
    Love your blog, look forward to reading future posts.

  7. I can't keep up with all these cool ways of keeping on top of the blogs! So I've just made myself a BLOG folder in my website favourites...easy! :)

    I love your blog. It comes across as so friendly and laid back.

    C x