The week/end.


This week I have been:

  • making the most of a week at home before returning to normality (i.e. work) next week. I get a sad pleasure from seeing the washing basket empty.
  • cross stitching my little heart out trying to finish the February square from my Woodland Sampler.
  • playing with my new camera and not really knowing what I'm doing (thanks for the help Rosie!)
  • watching episodes of The Walking Dead and The Following, mainly hiding behind my hands.
  • bawling my eyes out at the last episode of Derek.
  • searching for a well fitted blazer that will go with jeans, black work trousers and smart dresses but not managing to find one.
  • stroking my latest shoe purchase (Jeffrey Campbell studded pumps c/o Sarenza) and wishing the rain would go away so I can actually wear them.
  • exercising like a woman on a mission and feeling pretty great.
  • enjoying my peachier rear (see point above).
  • making old Yankee Candle jars into storage pots.
  • attempting to give blood before having my appointment slot cancelled as apparently I didn't give enough notice. Don't they realise if I book it too far in advance I will chicken out!

This weekend I will be:

  • cleaning the house ready for visitors on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • taking a jaunt to Meadowhall to find a perfect blazer (see earlier point).
  • visiting Cocoa Wonderland for tea and cake.
  • having curry with friends.
  • playing games and being silly with said friends.
  • ringing my Mum to wish her Happy Mothers Day and to check she got her gift.
  • cooking for Jonathan's family.
  • enjoying an early night on Sunday ready for the start of a new week.

How about you?  What have you been up to this week and what plans have you got for the weekend?


  1. Sounds a good week and weekend to me! And love the first pic. Nothing cuter than a pug sticking their tongue out. :)
    This weekend I'm working on a short film so it's a disgustingly early start for me tomorrow. Then cleaning the house. And hopefully some running in between.

  2. Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL!

    Sounds like a jam packed weekend! I'm hoping to take part in my local Race for Life so I'll be off down the gym at some point this weekend as well as treating Mum to dinner! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. I wish I could cross stitch. I actually really like those studded pumps as well, I'm not usually a fan of JC shoes. Hope you get to wear them soon!
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. I LOVE seeing the washing basket empty. It never seems to be empty in my house though sadly. Those JC pumps are absolutely beautiful. I don't own anything by JC so I might have to rectify this. Hope you enjoy the new camera. Can't wait to see lots of lovely photos. Have a lovely weekend..sounds like you're busy! x

  5. I cried my eyes out at Derek! I wasn't expecting that at all, it was so good.

    & haha I now have so many repurposed candle jars i'm running out of things to put in them..

    This weekend I plan on finishing my uni work, having a nice long dog walk (with an ice cream stop) & sitting down to some blogging :)

  6. The photos are great! Especially the pug ones :)
    You sound like you've been pretty busy! I've been trying to exercise lots too, managing to stick to my gym 3/4 times a week routine so far! As well as walking as much as poss :)
    You may find a blazer in h&m? They have loads at the moment. I find it's always harder finding something when looking for it! xx

  7. Definitely one of my favourite posts Victoria, I'm so nosy so love nothing more than seeing what my fave bloggers are up to at the weekend!

    Hannah x

  8. Love the recycled Yankee jars =) yours sounds like a perfect weekend! xx

  9. Your photos are great, your pugs are adorable! Sounds like a fab week and you've a lovely weekend coming up!
    I always reuse Yankee Candle jars, they make good vases and storage jars for dry food too if they are properly cleaned out!

  10. Oooh you've been busy!!! Looking forward to seeing your cross-stitch x

  11. i donated for the first time yesterday, why do you have to book appointments? I just had to turn up, it was a really enjoyable experience they kept thanking me and what a difference I will be making, i still am buzzing from it :) you should def do it

  12. oh wow, your pug is adorable! xo

  13. Sounds like a busy weekend ahead! hope you have a great time! Good luck finding a blazer! Enjoy your new peachy rear! (so jealous better get my ass down to the gym again lol)

    My plans include treating my mum to afternoon tea and spoiling her like crazy for mothers day since she is out here visiting just now :-) x

  14. I think I'm in love with your pug!
    Enjoy your weekend :)
    Kaz x

  15. Sounds like a good week and weekend to me. Your pug is too cute!

  16. @brunette1652 - The info I have is that I have to make an appointment and give 4 hours notice. I did that, but they cancelled my appointment anyway.

    It's frustrating but it won't stop me donating at some point soon.

  17. I literally cannot stop laughing at your beautiful pug with its tougue out! So cute!

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, cocoa wonderland sounds magical - i want to go!


  18. Since following your blog I have become obsessed with pugs! I need one or two in my life! xx