Stitching up a storm.


I have been a busy bee recently working on a few different crafty projects and stitching cards and such. I have had a bit more free time than usual which has given me time to get out my storage box full of supplies and start some new projects.

Actually, one of the things I made recently wasn't from my stash of supplies at all but it was a free kit that came with the last issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I really liked the design and thought it would make a lovely Mothers Day card (don't worry, this won't spoil anything. The card has already been posted and opened!)

The colours on the design were so pretty, bright and cheery and I really enjoyed doing this design, although I have just spotted a little bit of backstitching I missed. Darn it! I also gave the "French knots" a miss as they take me forever and a day to master.

The finished piece of stitching looked great in the pink polka dot aperture card. I think I will make cards using aperture frames more often.

I have also been working on a design by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. The Woodland Sampler to be precise. I signed up a few months ago when it was on special offer for $10.00.

Each month a new design is released and emailed out to the subscribers by email in a PDF. The PDF not only contains the pattern but handy hints/tips and details of the floss colours you will need. The detail that goes into the PDFs means that this project would be perfect for beginners, but it is also a lot of fun for cross stitching pros.

I am a little bit behind, only being halfway through the February design at the moment, but it won't be long until I have finished and can move onto March. The January design, with the two deers and snowflakes, is so cute.

I used the floss colour chart as best as I could then substituted any colours I don't own by picking the closest match (to save buying lots of new thread). I am using cream evenweave fabric as I had a spare piece laying around waiting to be used.

Once I am up to date it will be quite nice to have a small project to do each month when the emails are sent out. Plus, you know that December will be here before we know it and I will have my completed design to look back on and frame for the wall. I'll definitely share the finished piece with you, if not a few of the months as we go along too.

Are you working on any crafty projects at the moment? Send me a link, I'd love to have a nosy!


  1. These look gorgeous :) I'd love to be good at something like this but I'm just not patient enough!
    I have a 'K' with the exact same decopatch paper on it as the one in the background of your picture... great minds think alike hey ;)
    Kaz x

  2. Hi, just a new follower - loving your blog your cross stitch looks great and going to pootle off now to check out your link - loving what you have done so far xx

  3. This is so cute! I love your cross stitch work! I can't even see any missing stitches! I would of thought it was perfect if you didn't mention it! :) xx

  4. I must must must start cross stitching! I might start over Easter hols to keep me busy. Would be nice to make people home made cards and similar! x

  5. I hope this comment doesn´t come across as offensive. Cross stitch reminds me of my mom :) She used to love it. well I think she still does but just doesn´t have the time do it anymore. We have some side table covers and living room table mantels that she did! Some of them even have my name on it and of course my sister´s too!

    For a while I tried my hand in it but haven´t picked it up again since my teens. I could so imagine myself getting into it though :) Something about it just appeals to me.

    I like the cute designs that you have shown here. I can´t wait to see more of the work that you do in the later months!

  6. Just found your blog Victoria and it's amazing! I find everything really inspiring and admire your love of crafts! I'm a bit of a crafter's some links to my work

    There will be more projects up soon including my final uni project (6 pairs of cross stitch knickers!)

    Glad I found your blog! xx

  7. What a cute little card - not just a pretty face eh miss?

    I would love to do something like this but in all honesty I don't think I've got the patience.

    Hannah x

  8. Am a massive lover of cross stitch and i think you did an amazing job :)

    Shauni xx

  9. I used to do loads of cross stitch, but I think my patience must have run out. I love your Kimono lady. xxxx

  10. i have loved seeing all your posts on instagram with this pics and seeing everything all together aswell shows how busy you have been hehe!

    shel xx

  11. These are so beautiful! Lovely blog, i've just followed :)