Maxitone products & "Thank you Protein" campaign.


When Maxitone contacted me a few weeks ago to invite me to test some of their products as part of their Thank you Protein campaign I was a little bit apprehensive. I didn't really know too much about protein powder, its benefits and whether it was something I needed to incorporate into my routine. I must admit, my initial thoughts were that protein powders are for bodybuilding men who want bulging muscles and therefore they would be no good for me. My aim with my workouts is to look toned and lean, not like Popeye! It seems I was wrong and a little bit of research soon brought me up to speed.

Apart from the odd blip here and there, my diet and exercise regime are pretty good and have been fairly consistent since I lost my 2 and a half stone (ish). However since I became a vegetarian last year I have wondered if I get enough protein in my diet, and the answer is I probably don't.

I was sent a few Maxitone products to trial as well as a voucher for a spa day to say "thank you" to someone who I would like to treat. I haven't organised the outing yet but I'll certainly let you know when I have. I'd like to treat Jonathan to it as he has done so much for me over the last few months but he's a busy bee so I'm just waiting for a free date.

I'd actually quite like to apply for the Thank you Protein campaign myself as I feel quite proud of my achievements and the prizes are pretty awesome!

I want to add at this point that in no way, shape or form am I an expert in nutrition or what to eat and when, but it's a topic that really interests me and I am always trying hard to make my diet as healthy and varied as possible. This link and this link may be useful if you're interested in protein powders and would like more information on their benefits, but in a nutshell:

When we exercise, taking protein immediately after can help to repair damaged muscle so that we can recover better and as a result suffer less aches and pain. ‘Muscle burns calories’ and so if we look after our muscles we are optimising our metabolism and indirectly we are able to support body toning and weight management goals!

Given the choice between the Definity range (for toning) or the Sculptress range (for weight loss) I went for the Definity option. The website states Definity is perfect for those at their ideal weight wishing to tone and shape up, which fit my requirements at the moment, and I'm not interested in any meal replacements.

My thoughts on the protein powder

The tub says to take two servings a day, one at breakfast and another after exercise, by mixing one 30g scoop with 200ml of cold water.

I haven't been taking two servings a day but I have been having a shake after my workouts, and on days where I feel like I am particularly lacking in protein. Having just embarked on a new workout programme recently my muscles have been really sore so I like the idea of something working to repair my aching muscles. Do I feel like my muscles are less achey?! It's hard to say as I don't know how they would be feeling if I wasn't drinking the shakes, so it's a hard thing to measure.

I received the strawberry flavour which tastes absolutely fine. It's quite nice in fact! No complaints from me.

It looks as though the particular powder I received is discontinued but this one is an alternative.

My thoughts on the crisp bars

The bars are actually quite nice and make an ideal small snack following a workout. They only contain 83 calories so they don't feel too naughty and they obviously contain protein just like the powder does.

I find them incredibly chewy (jaw achingly so!) but this means they take me longer to eat so I suppose it's a good thing.

The bars aim to support toning but shouldn't be used to replace any meals, just to be eaten as a snack in between meals.

Will I purchase Maxitone products in the future? I doubt I will buy the snack bars as I can think of cheaper and tastier alternatives that I would rather eat, but I am definitely interested in keeping a stash of protein powder in the cupboard at home for taking after my workouts. Once I have got through this tub I will consider buying another, most definitely.

I make a lot of smoothies and I like the idea of adding a scoop of protein powder into those for an added boost. According to the Maxitone website this powder can be added to milk as well as water, so that's something I will be trying soon.

Do you make protein pancakes or smoothies, or take protein shakes? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I can honestly say I thought protein shakes were reserved for the vest wearing tanked up muscly guys at the gym as its always them I see carrying them around everywhere so this has been enlightening! Think i'm going to read more into it and maybe give it a go, anything to help post-Pilates aches and pains can't be a bad thing can it?! And anything that might aid the toning is fab! Thanks for posting this, it's been helpful =)

    Sophs xx The Sopho Diaries

  2. I love a good protein shake, especially to help muscle recovery! although was quite suprised when I found out some of the maxitone range are really similar to the slimfast shakes on the protein content (although less on fat and calories) which seemed strange!

    Protein pancakes and muffins are AWESOME.


  3. I've been wanting to try out a protein powder as I've recently upped my exercising game, might have to look into this one xx

  4. These look great. Sometimes we make protein shakes using fruits and veggies. You should check them out! Thanks for sharing! XO, M&K at BT

  5. This sounds great,I love protein is nice to know your eating healthy:)

  6. I'm a big protein powder fan! I work out 5 days a week and despite eating copious amounts of chicken and spinach my protein intake still isn't enough. I'm not a fan of 'shakes' as I feel lt takes away from my calorie allowance. :P So I use it in baking, I'm a biscuit fiend so I make protein cookies and brownies. My way of justifying eating treats.