Ash boots.


I tend to play it safe with what I stick on my feet. I love a good pair of well-fitting ballet pumps, swear by cosy Ugg boots in the Winter, and teeter in the odd pair of heels from time to time but my latest order from Sarenza has been a bit of a change of habit for me.

With my most recent ambassador code I picked up a pair of boots by Ash which is a brand I have heard of before but I'm not sure where or how. Recently, on one of my mammoth Sarenza searches, a pair of their pretty pastel boots caught my eye.

As I have been getting lots of wear out of my Blowfish boots (in outfits here and here plus some information on the brand here) I thought I would pick up another pair of boots to wear instead of trudging around in Ugg boots all the time.

The weather isn't showing any sign of letting up so pumps are out of the question for now, and I do like my feet to be toasty warm so my new love for boots is very much welcome!
A few of my favourites from the Ash range

I played it safe by ordering a navy blue pair in the Bowie style which I thought would go nicely with skinny jeans, a slouchy tee/jumper/top and my navy blue coat or a jacket when the sun makes an appearance.

However, my favourite pair were the pastel pair (top left). I chickened out at the last minute as I don't know if I would get as much wear out of them, plus I'd be worried about them getting dirty and rained on, which is a high probability.

I have put together an outfit based around my new purchase but would love to know what you would team them with?! I fear they're a bit too "trendy" for me and I'll look a bit silly in them. But I'll be sure to let you know and share some photos once they arrive!

Who are Ash? 

The Italian Brand Ash has quickly found its identity. A provocative hint of fun mixed in with a dose of rock has helped Ash grow in the brand we have all come to love. Ash prides itself on offering anything from chic trainers to evening shoes. In doing so they always ensure they have the right material for the right design for the right person. All of these small but relevant details help to seduce you budding fashionistas.

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  1. I love the pastel ones too. I am thinking of buying them they are so gorgeous :) xo

  2. Ohh I love the pastel pair! I know what you mean though, play it safe and all that! I've never heard of Ash so I will check them out! x

  3. These look SO comfortable, I'm definitely tempted now! All about the comfort factor at the moment!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Victoria you won't regret them! I have a pair of their wedged boots from winter and live in them. we stock them at work, and the bowie are hugely popular (and so very comfy!) I can manage from 9am - 7pm standing on a shop floor in them!xxx

  5. You will definitely rock those boots! They look so cool. I on the other hand would look super silly in them... and probably would have trouble walking in them. I really like the top right ones though. They look so comfy and I love the studs.



  6. You have lovely long legs so I think you will look fab. How I wish I could pay the price-tag for these babies - I have to save all my spare money for house updates and nappies! xx