50 facts about me (part 2).


If you missed part one it's here. Since I published those 25 facts other facts have been popping into my head at random intervals so I thought a second, and final, blog post was in order! I hope you enjoy reading my silly facts.

1) When I was in my teens my friends would say I was a boyband managers dream. Westlife, Boyzone, O Town (remember them!), Hanson, Busted, McFly. You name them, I probably liked them!

2) Talking of Busted, I had the chance to be in two of their videos but had to miss out due to A-level exams.

3) The A-levels I took were English Language, Textiles, Sociology and General Studies. I did very little revision and wish I had worked harder.

4) I hope to buy a Nissan Figaro in the next few years.

5) I passed my driving test (first time) about 10 years ago, and for 9 of those years I have been driving Smart cars.

6) My biggest celebrity crush is Joseph Gordon Levitt.

7) I have been to Orlando 5 times and absolutely love it there.

8) I visited the Natural History Museum when I was younger and the animatronic T-Rex made me cry. I am still scared of dinosaurs now. I can't watch Jurassic Park!

9) My parents once phoned school to say my sister and I were poorly then took us to American Adventure for the day (haha). The only thing I remember was crying on the third log flume slope as the first and second were so scary, as well as breaking down in the car on the way home.

10) I had my first asthma attack when I was really young whilst visiting my grandparents. I discovered I was allergic to things like feathers, peanuts and cats all of which I had come into contact with on my trip.

11) My asthma doesn't affect me so much as an adult but I still avoid feather pillows (not peanuts though, yum!) and "bristly" creatures such as guinea pigs which can bring me out in a rash.

12) I don't drink/like fizzy drinks.

13) I am a die-hard tea fan but every now and then I CRAVE a cup of coffee and have to have one immediately.

14) I am very sentimental and keep momentos from places I visit.

15) My favourite books to read are "chick lit" books but I'm also a huge fan of Stephen King novels, especially The Shining.

16) I wish I had been nicer to my parents when I was growing up.

17) When I was little I wanted to be a barmaid, a vet or a pilot. Hmm!

18) I once had a flying lesson where I took the controls and flew the plane. It was awesome!

19) I have never known what to do in life career wise.

20) When I was at sixth form I worked at Boots every weekend and even stayed on when I started working full time as I enjoyed it there so much.

21) When I get married I would like to double-barrell my surname.

22) I like to think I am romantic.

23) If I ever had plastic surgery I would change my nose.

24) I have stupidly long toes.

25) My middle name is Claire.

So there you go! I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better after reading 50 facts about me. I had a lot of fun delving into the depths of my brain to think them up (apart from things like my middle name and telling you about my long toes. It wasn't too hard to remember those things ;))

If you made it this far and read all of my facts leave a comment to let me know a random fact about you. I'll stop by and read your blog too if you have one! I'm on the hunt for new reading material!


  1. Love me a good boyband! I'm still obsessed with McFly haha :)
    I really like the name Claire :)

    Jesss xo

  2. I remember O Town but can't for the life of me remember a song, but the name I do. I also don't drink or like fizzy drinks, always found they tickle my tongue haha. When I drink sparkling wine I wait a little till the bubbles get a little flatter so not as fizzy, I am strange.

    Quite like these 50 fact things although I may do it at some point. xx

  3. I'm also really sentimental and have started keeping little things like tickets from places I visit in my diary! And despite being cabin crew I have never been to Florida- it's definitely on my list as everyone seems to love it! Having been a boyband fan, are you enjoying The Big Reunion on itv? Xx

  4. I love these posts! ;) I feel you really get to know the blogger. My random fact is that my eyes change colour depending on what I am wearing.. weird i know ;) I did this post recently on my blog www.sparkleinsequins.com/2013/02/50-random-fact-tag.html xxx

  5. @Maddie - Oh yes. I love it :)

  6. loved this post!!!
    i've done mine a little while ago - here's the link if you'd like to check it out!

  7. O-Town! With their song about wet dreams! I share a birthday with Ashley Parker Angel, it's true.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. And I have long toes (FINGERTOES) too.

    Rae x

  8. I love these posts! So did you just lose your allergy to peanuts? thats amazing! I feel the same about Orlando, it's the happiest place in the world!



  9. The 14-year-old in me is so jealous that you had the chance to be in Busted videos! I was genuinely devastated when they split up. So tragic!

  10. Ahhh I'm such a boyband fan too! Especially Busted! Cannot believe you could have been in two videos - I would have been so so tempted to miss my exams for them haha! xx


  11. Love these posts - so random but funny!

    I have a strange pet hate which is...people dressed as animals!


  12. I love Nissan Figaros too ... I really, really want one ... maybe when the littles leave home ;)... Bee xx

  13. I love Nissan Figaros too ... I really, really want one ... maybe when the littles leave home ;)... Bee xx

  14. I would have done anything to be in a Busted video when I was a teen haha, they were brill!



  15. I would have done anything to be in a Busted video when I was a teen haha, they were brill!



  16. haha so many similarities!! I am crazy in LOVE with JGL!ever since 3rd rock!
    I have been typing up a facts about me post and have some similar ones...will let you know when its up :-)


  17. I'm a closet Michael Bublè fan, don't tell anyone!


  18. Love these posts! JGL is my celeb crush too. He is rather awesome.

    Beth - Sans Souci

  19. I hate fizzy drinks! This was such a cute little post! I adore your blog!

    This Lovely Little Day

  20. Really enjoyed reading this :) Totally understand how you must have felt about that third log flume at American Aadventure! I was exactly the same when me and Mum went on it when I was about 9 - it wasn't called 'Nightmare Niagra' for nothing haha!

  21. Loved reading this, gotta agree with the first one, O Town! Didn't think anybody remembered them haha.
    And JGL a deffo :)

  22. I have the same thing with tea and coffee. Love love love tea, but every so often a latte or good old Americano hits the spot! :)

  23. Ah O-Town, they were amazing - liquid dreams is so wrong now though (when you think about it!)

    Lovely post miss!

    Hannah x

  24. I´m still a fan of BSB and I am not ashamed of it. My biggest celebrity crushes are Joseph Gordon Levitt and Channing Tatum :)

    Just like you, I am very sentimental and keep momentos of every new city or country I visit.

  25. Wow, we have so much in common it's insane! Just going down the list, I was like - me too! The one that hit me the most is probably the fact we share the same middle name too haha.
    Love this entry!


  26. Love this post!
    So sad to hear about your fear of dinosaurs though as I'm having a dino-themed wedding next month haha!

    Random fact about me... I get an allergic rash when I come in contact with hot water! :(


  27. I would love a Figaro! My aim is to have one as a Sunday car when I eventually earn loads! xx

  28. I would love a Figaro! My aim is to have one as a Sunday car when I eventually earn loads! xx

  29. Awesome post! I love it:)


  30. These are some of my fav posts to read. I love feeling like I know the blogger better :) I wish I'd worked harder at school too. Looking back it was all so easy! x

  31. Love how your parents told a fib to the school! lucky you!

    http://shinebrightx18.blogspot.co.uk/ - personal blogs.

  32. What a brilliant list. Like everyone else, I would have sold a limb to be in a Busted video. An ex-boyfriend actually took me to see Fightstar (because he liked them- he didn't know about my obession with Charlie and his huuuuuge eyebrows. haha) - funniest gig I've ever been too because it was split 50/50 with pierced-and-tattooed Fightstar fans and 15 year old New-Look-clad Busted fans. Haha xxx

  33. Love learning more about you in these posts, both enlightening and funny(!) x

    (No:21) I double barreled my surname with my husbands after we got married. A couple of points: if it's fairly long it will NEVER fit properly when you're filling in forms. When you are spelling it out to someone and say your "first name" then "hyphen" some people will ACTUALLY write "Hyphen as part of your name!!? (true story) The upside is.... it always sounds a bit posh! Ha ha! :D xx

  34. Love this type of post might have to save up one like this for my blog :) Ok random fact, I am totally double jointed

  35. Ooooh OTown, I used to love them and I had a huge crush on the blond one, though thinking now some if there songs were definitely a bit inappropriate lol. I'm lucky enough to have been to Florida quite a few times too and I still love it to this day :)


  36. I like to know more about you


    Coline ♡

  37. Oooo I live near American Adventure! Well what once was American Adventure, now it's shut down. Bad times.
    I have just done a 25 facts post to get back into blogging :)