Loving lately #2.


I enjoyed writing about what I was loving the other week so here's part two. There have been a few things dragging me down recently so I'm keen to pull myself out of this funk and focus on the positives, of which there are many.

Be sure to tell me what you're "loving lately" in the comments box below or feel free to pinch my ideas!

Writing a diary. I am not usually very good at remembering to write diaries on such a regular basis but I have been writing in my One Line A Day diary for about 3 weeks now and so far, so good! There are only a few lines for each day which I think is nice, as it keeps each entry short and sweet. Also it's kind of perfect for those days where you don't really do an awful lot.

Making pizza. Oh my, Jonathan and I made pizzas at the weekend and they were incredible. We cheated and bought the bases along with some ready made "pizza topping" sauce which was SO much better than passata which we would usually use. I topped mine with red onion, mushrooms, pepper, green chillis, mozzarella and cheddar cheese (oh, and a crumbling of Danish Blue for luck) and it was incredible. Since then I have decided to cut down on my wheat intake but I found some wheat free pizza bases yesterday which I shall be road testing soon!

Getting out of the house. Sounds so simple but I have been spending a lot of time indoors lately and it's nice to have a change of scene from time to time. This also coincides with something else I have been loving lately and that's eating out. Last week we had a little date night to a local Italian restaurant, on Sunday we went to our favourite pub for a roast dinner (veggie option for me) and crumble and custard, and this week we are heading to Sheffield for tapas.

Pampering. I think we often forget to look after ourselves, even if it's just taking half an hour to have a bath or read a magazine without interruptions. I am prone to feeling anxious and stressed out, especially when I try to take on too much at once, and have vowed to take more time out from everything and lock myself away in a bubble bath from time to time. Zoe ("Zoella") did a great video about her pampering routine recently which is worth a watch!

Wildfox clothing. Yes their jumpers and tees are MEGA expensive, to the point where I'm not sure I could cope with venturing out of the house/eating food/going near the general public whilst wearing their clothes, but they sure are pretty. I've got my eye on this and this. And I'd quite like to look like her, thank you please.

Daft cross stitch patterns and finishing old projects. I am currently loving this, this and this. I also recently fished out a half-finished Ghostbusters project from last year and, in a blaze of concentration, focus and copious cups of tea, managed to finish it in one afternoon. It just needs to be ironed and framed, so stay tuned for some better pics very soon!

Charity shop book buying. A couple of minutes away from our house you will find four pretty good charity shops, one of which is always crammed full of books. I have picked up quite a few recently, including Before I Go To Sleep which I just finished and The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets which I just started. Expect some book reviews very soon!


  1. Just found your lovely blog and I feel particularly inspired after reading this post. I mainly work from home and find it easy to sink into a bit of a funk after staring at the same four walls all day. Going out more is sage advice so thank you! x Becky


  2. Ah Victoria, the ghostbusters cross stitch is actually amazing! Lovely little post which I've really enjoyed reading.

    Hannah www.cagneyandlace.com

  3. I bought a line a day diary lately too, I love it, though I have to keep reminding myself to write in it!

    I'm loving TV marathons with a nice cup of tea lately, the weather is just so cold right now, makes me want to bundle up on the sofa and never go outside xx

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! Really enjoyed reading this post! Your dogs are so so adorable too! xxx

  5. Aw love this post! So positive and full of lovely stuff =)
    Pugs and pizza make me happy! xx

  6. I find buying books really calming - its just like getting lost in some sort of magical place!


  7. Your pugs look so cute sitting together! :)

    http://shinebrightx18.blogspot.co.uk/ - personal blogs + selling.

  8. I'm obsessed with the coconut kitkats at the moment. Oh so good! x

  9. Love the thought of line a day diary need to find one of them. I have the lost art of keeping secrets to read after my current book - heard good things about it :-) love the ghostbusters pattern need to buy it and try it out know a few people that would like it. Xx

  10. I love the coconut kit kat too. Looking forward to your book reviews, I think we have quite similar taste.

    Also..where are your placemats from? Pops of colour & dog prints are always winning details :)

  11. Big Dill! Ace - I love it :)
    Before I go to sleep is such an amazing book! I just heard theyre bringing out the film too - cant wait for that!
    Love these posts :)


  12. What a lovely post! Your pugs are adorable and that pizza looks scrummy!

    I hear you on getting out of the house and eating out too! I've been pretty unwell recently and little things like this have really cheered me up! x

  13. Oooh what did you think of Before I go to sleep? Amazing book!
    That pizza sounds [and looks] delicious! I'd pick off the mushrooms though, not a fan of those ;)
    I've just finished one of those coconut kitkats! Yum! I have a few of them to try, hope the others are nice too. xx

  14. You've spurred me to go and check out my local charity shops for some good books! Lovely post xx

  15. we made homemade pizzas last week, so much better that shop bought ones! xx

  16. MMM I feel that I want to try making my own pizza (I'm surprised I haven't, considering Matt is a chef.. ooops!) haha.
    I am loving lately Lily and Lola and their always adorable photos. xx

    The Little's.

  17. I can't get over how cute Lily and Lola are there looking at your pizza! Awww!

    This Lovely Little Day

  18. The Ghostbusters cross stitch is genius!

  19. I'm a little bit obsessed with this post, and your blog. So precious. I am now such a fan of you beautiful!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would make my day.

  20. Wonderful, wonderful blog!
    This is a great post <3
    Your dog is so cute!

    Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin' and GFC?
    If so drop me a comment and I'll follow you right back :)

    Have a lovely day,
    Much Love,
    Kate xo


  21. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets is one of my fave books. I think you'll enjoy it :)

  22. I must get my hands on one of those one line a day diaries. I'd definitely find the time to write if I had one of those and I miss writing a diary. xx

  23. Aah, your little pups are so cute. I'm on holiday at the moment and SO missing my little Keeshond Jimmy Chew. Off home tomorrow though so looking forward to seeing the little fluff ball again :)

    I noticed you called your website after your dogs. I considered going the same but I thought it might hinder the growing of my site - clearly that hasn't been the case for you. Why did you decide to name it so? x


  24. You're so talented at cross stitch, I used to do it a few years ago, no where as good as yours be I might have to start up again, plus it kept my hands busy while watching tv so I can't eat sweets lol :)

  25. Love your blog, it looks so fresh :)
    & your pugs are gorrrrgeous!



  26. Just saw these and thought of Lily and Lola!



  27. your dogs are the cutest!!!!!!


  28. Beautiful work. I don't stitch but I bake! Today I wrote a new post about my Cupcake Monday if you fancy checking out some nice pictures of yummy cakes :)