Decoupage bunting.


When I shared my latest craft project on Instagram I received some great comments and questions so I thought I would take a few more photos of my bunting in action.

Decoupage is so easy (that's why I like it!) which means it's a craft anyone can do, including kids. It's quick and messy and you get to peel glue off your fingers afterwards. Who doesn't love to do that?!

Decoupage is a way of decorating different surfaces using scraps of paper and glue. The special "Decopatch" papers can be quite expensive which is why I think places like Fired Arts in Sheffield are a great idea as you just need to pay a studio fee, pick your item with one sheet of paper included, then they have boxes of scraps in all colours and sizes that you can use for your project. You can also purchase additional individual sheets if you wish, instead of a whole pack.

I'm sure there would be something similar in your local area if you fancied giving it a go. Fired Arts offer a mixture of pottery painting, decoupage and mosaic making so there's a little bit of something for everyone/all skill levels.

You can cover pretty much anything you like when it comes to decoupage. Before Christmas I covered a pottery bird in red and green scraps of paper to make a festive tree decoration. I recently covered a paper mache 'V' letter in a fun blue/multicoloured hearts design. I also have several wooden chairs in our spare room which are crying out to be covered!

I find it quite therapeutic and much more satisfying than other types of crafting such as cross stitching which is a much slower process. It's also easy so you can have a brew and a good chin-wag while you're doing it.

You can buy shapes and letters from Hobbycraft (although I don't think the selection at my local branch is very good) as well as a multitude of online shops and Ebay. They're pretty cheap and range in size from teeny tiny to humongous.You can also cover pottery items such as decorations, trinket boxes, money boxes and photo frames to name a few.

Happy crafting! If you do give this a go don't blame me for your new found addiction ;)


  1. It looks amazing! I just love the florals :) I love picking glue off my hands too haha! Even better! xx

  2. great stuff! It looks very celebrational :)

  3. Love the design! :) x - personal blogs.

  4. This looks so cute! :)
    Catherine x
    Brighton Girl

  5. This is so cute! I love little home made touches! I want to have lots of these little things around my house when it's finally finished, i might give decopage a go!

    Hannah xxx

    Bella and Roscoe

  6. I used to love picking glue off my hands. :)
    Can you do this with any paper or does it have to be a certain type / thickness? It would look great with maps.

  7. They look so cute!! Love them on the door

    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. I did an owl for one of my friends birthdays last year and you're right - its so relaxing! The bunting looks great!!

  9. wow. just wow.
    This fired arts sounds amazing! What a fun little tea session with friends.

    This bunting is beyond pretty. And you MUST do your chairs and show us!


  10. These look incredible! xxx

  11. OMG Victoria, I did not know they did bunting! I must go again NOW.

    Hannah x