The ones that got away...


The downside to being organised and writing your Christmas list in October is that by the time Christmas rolls around you a) forget what you asked for and b) think of another few things you'd like to find in your stocking!

Anyway, I'm most grateful to receive any kind of present and you can't beat getting a good old surprise, so as a bit of fun let this list be the items I'll have to buy myself in the New Year ;)

A "onesie"

How could I forget to put a onesie on my list?! I have wanted one for ages and after trying to find one for somebody else over the past few weeks it seems they have either sold out everywhere or are about £50! Anyway here are a few of my favourites, sold out or otherwise.

A woolly hat

I am not usually much of a hat person but I'm constantly cold and/or suffering from a bad hair day so I'd love a woolly hat to keep my head warm and cosy. You can't beat Accessorize for good hats. The heart one with pom poms is amazing!

A "geek" tee

I know the world and his wife have this Topshop tee but I really like it and would love the green one. At £18 it's not going to break the bank too much although I do have a bad habit of wearing nice tshirts to bed after a while. Oops!

A retro ice lolly neckace

When I found the shop hand over your fairy cakes I instantly loved the retro ice lolly necklaces, especially the Twister version. They're only £20 and would jazz up a plain outfit perfectly. I'm not much of a jewellery wearer these days but I love things like this, and it's also nice to support independent jewellery makers.


I used to be lipstick mad and had loads to choose from, with a particular love for bright pinks. I have been wanting to try Topshop lipsticks for a while as the colours are really pretty and I have seen so much of them in the blogosphere. I'd love to find a red that suits me, for nights out. I love the look of Lady Danger by MAC but I'm sure there must be a cheaper alternative out there.

What is on your Christmas list (or forgotten list!) this year?


  1. Love these items, the lolly necklaces are soo cute and i really want a geek tee too! xo

  2. I haven't really written one other than asking my boyfriend for a learn to sew book which I know he has gotten me as it arrived today and I collected it from the post office lol.

    Make sure you buy yourself a onesie, they are heavenly even if they do look hideous haha

    Janine xx

  3. Where is that cat print onesie from? I love it! I own four onesies already, they are so comfy! We had a PJ day at work today and I wore one of them!
    Topshop lipsticks are great. I own Legend and Innocent and also have one of their lip crayons in the colour 'secret party' which is a gorgeous raspberry pink, I reckon you would like it :) xx

  4. Love the first onesie, the cat print one!

  5. Love the lipsticks and the geek tee - I must admit that I also wear nice tee's to bed after a while :-s x

  6. aww this a cute post! and yes i have a list to buy myself in Jan too!

    Your list is fab and I have seen those tee's in Topshop! they are awesome but I actually
    fancied the sweaters and the one reading "DWEEB" my bf told me I wasn't cool enough to be a geek and not quite intelligent enough to be a nerd but I could pass for a dweeb, how charmin.

    You newest follower,

  7. Love this, really want a geek tee and a onesie!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  8. The ice lolly necklaces are amazing! So cute! xxx

  9. I love those necklaces,

    when I was asked, I could think of nothing I wanted for Christmas and now I can think of loads! x

  10. Only just found your blog, it's so lovely!