Shoe of the month (November): Melissa Ultragirl + Jason Wu.


When I ordered these shoes a couple of months ago with one of my ambassador vouchers (c/o Sarenza) they stayed in the box looking pretty for a wee while as I wasn't quite sure what to wear them with or for what occasion.

Then the cold weather rolled around so it was out with the leggings and cold feet, and in with cosy black tights with boots or pumps. I realised that these shoes would go perfectly with a tights and dress combo to add a little bit of colour (well, you know, gold!) and be a focal point. They've certainly attracted a comment or two that's for sure.

Melissa pumps c/o Sarenza

I'm a huge fan of Melissa shoes anyway so when I spotted the collaboration with Jason Wu I had to snap them up. The design on the toes with the black bow and owl is adorable! They also come in red which I'm a big fan of too.

Once you get over the material of the shoes (and the fact they smell like sweets!) they're easy to walk in and don't feel much different to regular pumps, although if worn with bare feet I find them a little bit squeaky.

I might make the "shoe of the month" feature a regular thing to share the pair of shoes that have been surgically stuck to my feet for that month. These pumps are definitely my shoe of the month for November as once I took them out of the box and gave them their first outing they have been a firm favourite ever since.

What do you think?

Owl see you next time ;) *groan...*


  1. These are adorable! xxx

  2. Ooo these shoes are beautiful! xx

  3. They're super cute! Got to love Viv :) xx

  4. It's funny that you posted about these because I have been thinking about buying a pair of Melissa shoes lately. I'm reluctant though because I imagine they would feel odd in bare feet? I don't know because I've never seen them 'in the flesh' to see what they're like only online. Would you recommend buying them or are they more of an acquired taste?