Sanctuary Bathtime Bliss gift set.


When Sanctuary asked if I'd like to review one of their gift sets I jumped at the chance. It is not often I'm bought "smellies" so it was a real treat to receive such a great set of items. The set I got was a surprise and it turned out to be "Bathtime Bliss" which retails at £18.00.

The contents are: 75ml bottle of Luxury Bath Float (Clouds of bubbles. Irresistible skin-softening ingredients & a sensuous oriental fragrance for the perfect long, hot soak), 75ml bottle of Body Lotion (24 hour moisturisation. Easily-absorbed hydration with stimulating ginger & jojoba to replenish skin), two small candles and a Classic Fragrance Diffuser.

Bathtime Bliss gift set c/o Sanctuary Spa

I am familiar with Sanctuary products from seeing them in Boots stores and buying the big jars of scrub for my Mum (she loves it!) but I haven't used their products regularly myself.

As I am going through a bit of an obsession with reed diffusers and candles at the moment this gift set couldn't be more perfect for me, and I am sure it would go down well as a gift for others similar in tastes to mine.

Having recently purchased a diffuser for our main bathroom from Dunelm Mill which makes no difference scent-wise whatsoever, it has been well and truly booted out of the way for my new Sanctuary one which smells really nice and makes a noticeable difference to the scent of the room. The candles have a nice fresh, feminine fragrance too and look nice on display with the diffuser.

I'm planning a pre-Christmas pampering night tomorrow evening while Jonathan is at his office Christmas party, so I will be lighting the candles and having a posh bath. I might even take a brew in with me! This will give me chance to give the bath float a whirl. I have used the body lotion a few times and it's nice. It has a strong, distinctive scent and sinks in nicely, leaving a fresh, pleasant fragrance behind.

I do love a good gift set (who doesn't!) and this one is a winner in my book.


  1. Love sanctuary products! They're always awesome and smell so so nice! xxx

  2. That's a great gift idea! And actually, I want it for myself as well :)

  3. Very pretty looking gift set. I've only used their body lotion but it does smell good and left my skin feeling very hydrated.

  4. I love sanctuary products,they smell devine. They just to do a lovely moisturiser spray so sad it got discontinued! x