Life lately (through Instagram) #6 & a trip to Leeds for the "Reetsweet" craft event.


The mug we bought from the Harry Potter Studio Tour gift shop which holds far too much hot chocolate for one person / our first Christmas card which then prompted me to post ours / new candles (a "Christmas Cookie" Yankee Candle and a gingerbread scented Morrisons one) / soup with cheese on toast on a cold day (and one jealous Pug!)

Paper chains from Hobbycraft which I spotted and had to have / having a down day / Pug snuggles / spotting Stollen slices at the supermarket and pouncing on them (they didn't last long...)

Pottery painting with friends / visiting my parents / an early Christmas present to myself (Laguna bronzer)

Making orders including these teeny tiny playing card bracelets / wrapping everything in brown paper and twine / hanging up a new festive purchase on our living room door / comfy Pugs

Last weekend my friend and I caught the train to Leeds to go to the Reetsweet craft event held at the Corn Exchange. I'm from Leeds and lived there until a couple of years ago and I do miss it, so it was lovely to go back and have a wander round the city centre (even if it was freeezing cold!)

I haven't been to many craft events and unfortunately all of the Christmas ones I know of in Sheffield are being held on the same day when I have other plans, so it was a nice treat to visit this one.

I picked up an embroidered case for my phone, a pretty Christmas tree ornament and some soap which will be a gift for somebody. I also had a good look at the jewellery by hand over your fairy cakes which I had seen beforehand and decided I definitely want a retro ice lolly necklace. They're amazing!

After having a good look at each stall and a couple of shops in the Corn Exchange we headed back out into the cold and after a stroll and a pit stop for lunch (hello M&S Christmas sandwich! (the veggie one)) we got our train back to Sheffield.

Do you visit many craft events? Or perhaps you have made things to sell at one? Do let me know :)


  1. The craft event sounds amazing, seems like you had a lovely time! I have that "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" mug"! Its brilliant! xxx

  2. Love the Harry potter mug and the jealous pugs! Adorable!

  3. The HP studio tour is firmly on my to do list: it's not even that far from where I now live but don't you find that the nearer things are to you, the more you put off going?! Also loving the paper chains, I popped into paper chase the other day but didn't see these, will have to have another nosey!

    Hope your week improved, saw you were a bit down on twitter the other day *hugs*

    Maddie xxx

  4. that mug is so cool, love hp


  5. Love the sound of that craft event! :) I have a couple of pairs of earrings from hand over your fairy cakes, they're gorgeous! I used to always to to the big bead show [you'd love it] but haven't for the past couple of years. I think I should next year!
    That soup and cheese on toast looks sooooo good. xx

  6. Hi,

    I am new to your blog (I found it through the Sarenza Pinterest board) you have some great posts. Do they do the craft thing at Corn Exchange every year? I live in Huddersfield and not sure how to find out about such events and would love to go.

    Your pugs are very cute :-)

    Janine xx

  7. WOW I need that mug in my life! The pugs are gorrrrgeous! Great pictures.


  8. I love craft fairs and shops. I live in a area dependent on tourism and that is very scenic so lots of creative types settle here or work in the area so there are plenty of fairs and lil' crafty shops in all the local towns. Perfect for one of a kind gifts (for yourself or others!)

    I quite like the look of the Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes brooches but I really don't need another brooch....hmmmm

  9. Lovely things as ever Victoria. Leeds loss is Rovrums gain though xxx

  10. Sounds like a lovely few days! Those stollen bites and cheese on toast with soup are making my mouth water! That mug is amazing and the comfy pugs photo... oh I just want to give them a squeeze!xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  11. love the xmas paper chains x

  12. love the xmas paper chains x