Fired Arts, Sheffield.


A couple of weeks ago I visited Fired Arts in Sheffield for the first time for an evening of wine, nibbles, decoupage, pottery painting and mosaic making. I knew about Fired Arts as my friend has been quite a few times so when her friend organised a girly night and I was invited along I decided to give it a go.

I was a little bit apprehensive about the pottery painting side of things as I am not blessed with much artistic talent or patience, but once we arrived I spotted the Decopatch stand and decided that would be much more suited to my limited skills. Plus they had such a huge choice of things to cover in pretty paper from 3D animals to Christmas ornaments and everything inbetween.

Our evening session (7pm until closing time at 10pm) cost £15 each and for that we could pick items either up to the value of £15, or higher and then pay the difference. All of the items ready to be painted or used for decoupage have the price written on so it's easy to pick items in your budget.

I wanted to do the deer head but at £25 it was a bit too extravagent for my first visit so I chose a wooden teapot and sailboat, as well as a small pottery bird. My friend chose an owl tealight holder and picked perfectly pretty colours to decorate it with.

With the decoupage I got to choose one new piece of paper from the stand as well as having 4 big baskets full of scraps to dip into.

I didn't produce the neatest decoupage that the world has ever seen but it was really fun and I definitely want to have another go. In fact I popped to Hobbycraft to stock up on supplies last week (as it's much closer to me than Fired Arts) but their selection was rubbish so I have been looking online to buy a few bits instead. Failing  that I will have to pop back to Fired Arts! Oh what a shame ;)

The bird I made has pride of place on our Christmas tree after I popped a bit of red and white twine through the hole. Now all I need to do is find a way to hang up the sailboat and teapot!

Have you ever done pottery painting or decoupage? Do you have a placed like Fired Arts near you?


  1. ahhh I love Fired Arts! I've been before and I'm going on Saturday 15th to make something Christmassy [:
    (I blogged about my first visit here if you wanted to read!


  2. Sounds like an awesome place, and seems like you had a great time! Your owl is so cute, and everything you decorated is lovely! xxx

  3. I tried decopatch for the first time this year for a friends birthday - its so easy but looks so good!

  4. Ah wow I love this. Love the owl, how cute is that? My artistic talents are somewhat lacking but this does sound like a lot of fun!

  5. Oooo I would love to go this, I love making things too ♥

    Eda ♥

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