ghd Style & Protect gift set.


ghd have recently launched a new section of their website called ghd Hairstyles which features videos and images of how to create different celebrity looks, on-trend styles and styles for special occasions. It's a really useful reference guide especially if you're looking to colour or re-style your hair and would like to take some pictures to the hairdressers with you. You can search for short, mid length or long hairstyles as well as wedding hair, prom hair, celebrity hair and different hair colours.

I always take photos with me to the hairdressers and I have found this section of their website really really useful. It saves scouring Google images that's for sure!

To launch the new section of their site I have been sent a gift set to review which I have been testing out with my haircare routine. The Style & Protect gift set is the one in question which is priced at £39 (with free UK P&P) and is housed in a luxurious black gift box. The box is comprised of a paddle brush, sectioning clips, Straight & Smooth spray (120ml) and Final Shine Spray (100ml) and gives a good saving compared to buying the items seperately.

ghd Style & Protect gift set c/o ghd

I have given everything a good go and my overall view is a really positive one, but I'll go into more detail about each item below. As someone who doesn't visit the hairdresser very often (*ahem, twice a year*) my ends can often look split and with my hair being so long and straight it is prone to getting knotted and tangled really easily. Using all of the items in this gift set not only make my hair easier to style but really soft, silky and shiny looking. Not only that but I have found that the shine lasts overnight to the following day and I have been skipping hair washes more and more. This can only be a good thing!

The paddle brush is brilliant and as hairbrushes go, it is one of the best ones I've tried for my hair. My long hair gets very knotty especially after being washed and I usually have to use a Tangle Teezer before I can start blow drying, but I have found this brush detangles and smooths out knots really well. My hair is naturally poker straight anyway but the brush helps me to get smoothness on the ends. The paddle brush retails at £20 if bought on its own.

I have been using the Straight & Smooth spray on my towel dried hair, usually spritzing about 6-8 sprays all over before using my hairdryer to dry my hair in sections. The spray can also be used on dry hair before using straighteners or styling tongs which I haven't tried yet but I will. The spray has a really nice fragrance and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue behind which I have experienced with other products like this. The spray is £12.95.

Once dry I run the straighteners over my hair (I've had the same Cloud Nine pair for years - I blogged about them here back in 2010!) As I said my hair is very straight but I find that a quick use of the straighteners on a low heat over the ends gives them a sleeker finish.

Finally I have been using the Final Shine Spray to, you guessed it, spray over my hair after it has been straightened to finish the look off. This spray can be sprayed onto your hands to smooth over your hair, or to mist over your hair from about 30cm away.

I really like ghd as a brand and have been familiar with their hair straighteners for a really long time. When my friends and I were younger we all had a pair, from the super thin ones to the the really wide pair for my friends who were blessed with thicker locks. The items are reasonably priced for their quality considering that the straighteners last such a long time.

I will definitely use up all of the products I have received and I would definitely repurchase or put ghd styling products on future Christmas/birthday lists.

P.S. Has anyone tried their hairdryer? I didn't realise they did hairdryers too but this one looks and sounds amazing!


  1. I really want the hairdryer :)!! xx

  2. Really want to try the hairdryer!! Your hair looks so shiney xx

  3. Your hair looks so healthy! lovely products

  4. Your hair is so incredibly beautiful, you are so lucky to have straight hair! Mine is a curly wavy nightmare if left untamed..... I rely on my straighteners and various products! Thank you for sharing this! xx

  5. I might get this set to go with my Mum's GHD which I got her for xmas :)

  6. Their hairdryer is on my wish list, but it's quite expensive. One day!