I have a confession to make: I'm not normally a fan of Halloween. I'm too scared to open the door as the masks scare me and I'm generally a bit of a wuss. I also confess to pretending to be out one year, complete with lights out, as I was home alone and didn't want to answer the door... #halloweenscrooge

The solution to this was answered when Ladbrokes offered to send me a Halloween Scary Night In Pack to celebrate Halloween itself and their Trick or Treat slot game. (I'm sure I don't need to tell you to gamble responsibly folks!)

The pack was brilliant - stuffed full of everything we needed for our scary night in: dvds (been dying to see The Woman in Black! However the film IT is one of my other phobias haha), sweets, chocolates, masks, a blanket and all sorts of other little bits. Oh and how could I forget, a popcorn machine and some popcorn to pop!

So last night was our Halloween night in and it was brilliant. My aforementioned phobia of Halloween masks came into full force when Jonathan donned his mask complete with goggly eyeballs and a grey ponytail and chased me round the room with it. Once I got over the trauma it was a real chuckle being silly in our masks and tucking into our sweets.

I didn't quite get the hang of positioning my mask correctly in order to see out of it.. haha
I gave the popcorn machine a whirl and it may as well have been magic judging by my reaction ("oh my god, popcorn is coming out!!") I have a feeling we will be having popcorn on a regular basis until the novelty wears off.

Now this is my kind of Halloween! :)

5 good things.


Hands up who enjoyed their extra hour in bed on Saturday night? I did! It was lovely getting up early on Sunday but still feeling refreshed. Although the dark nights are going to take some getting used to.

I had an ever so productive weekend as I was home alone due to Jonathan being in Belfast to watch some ice hockey matches. I spent all day Saturday in my pjs with the heating cranked up doing various jobs that I'd been wanting to do for a while. I tell a lie, I did briefly get dressed to take the dogs out for a walk ;)

Ugg Australia Dylyn boots c/o Sarenza

Aside from being very warm and cosy I spent hours and hours (and hours!) organising my cross stitching thread which was satisfying but took so bloody long. I started off with a big mound of tangled thread which had been driving me mad for ages so I ordered a storage box like this one (via Ebay) and got to work having a good sort out. It is now so neat and organised, ready to finish all my half finished projects. I also had a good sort through my bead/charm stash to get organised for (hopefully!) a few extra orders over the Christmas period.

I listened to old fuddy-duddy songs on the radio, ate cereal for lunch, watched crap telly and snuggled up with L&L to do some cross stitching. It was all very nice indeed.

I thought I would do a catch up/5 good things post as I haven't updated you on my current happenings in a while and they always leave me feeling nice and positive.

1) The sudden cold spell. I love it when the winter coat and big boots can make an appearance again and the countdown to you-know-what begins.

2) My new boots, the Classic Short Dylyn pair by Ugg (c/o Sarenza). I already have far too many pairs of Ugg boots but I fell in love with these when I spotted them as they're a little bit different to my others with their buckle detail and chestnut colour. They're so comfortable and fit really nicely. Now that the weather is turning colder they can start to make more of an appearance to keep my feet warm.

I wore them yesterday afternoon with an equally cosy cardigan when Jonathan came home and we popped out to see his Mum and Dad. Perfect Sunday comfy outfit!

Ugg Australia Dylyn boots c/o Sarenza

3) Raw chocolate from Ailey Mae on Etsy. I'm starting to become a bit of a regular over there, recently ordering a bundle trying out the mint flavour for the first time, which has now overtaken Rose & Pistachio to be my favourite. It's the best raw chocolate I have tried and the service is always fantastic (and quick!). I must order some more mint ones! *drool*

4) All the exciting blog posts I've got to write up. I've had some good ideas for festive blog posts so I hope you'll stop by to read those (don't worry, I'll wait until October is done and dusted first). I've also got a list as long as my arm of things I need to make as presents and to decorate our home with so perhaps top of my Christmas list this year will be more hours in a day!

5) Rediscovering my love for reading and blasting through a good few books over the last couple of weeks. I have discovered Paige Toon whose books are BRILLIANT. If you're a fan of "chick lit" books you have to give Lucy in the Sky or Pictures of Lily a go. I promise you will love them!

That's all for now folks. Back soon :)

Our trip to Tenerife (part 3).


As promised, this is the third and final set of photos I wanted to share with you. Gosh it seems so long ago now (well, it was I suppose). 

I'm planning our holidays for 2013 which is very exciting. We were thinking of going to Florida for a couple of weeks, and popping to see my Sister and her husband on the Isle of Man (if they'll have us!) We also have a very long list of city break type holidays that we would like to do so we had better get saving!

I do love a good holiday countdown... but better get Christmas over and done with first! ;)

Spectacle twins! :)

Thanks for reading my Tenerife posts and for your nice comments. If you missed parts 1 and 2 click here and here.

Horses for courses.


I have been a bit MIA on here recently haven't I? Apologies. It is probably a mixture of being too tired from work and being ever so slightly lazy. But as it's Sunday and I've had a lie-in two days in a row I'm feeling much more energetic and hoping to have a productive day.

What have I been up to the last couple of weeks? Yesterday my friend and I took a trip to Fancie on Sharrowvale Road in Sheffield and had a cupcake and a mammoth cup of hot chocolate which left us both feeling like we needed a nap! Whilst on Sharrowvale Road we went into a few of the shops down there for a browse before heading home to our other halves who were cooking for us (risotto, and it was yummy!)

Last weekend an old friend of Jonathan's came to stay with us with his girlfriend. They were both lovely and we had a great time apart from we went bowling and no matter who I go bowling with I always lose. We went to Cubanas in Sheffield for our tea, completely over ordered and then spent all evening determined to finish every last bite. To say I was full was an understatement, and I didn't have any meat dishes!

Anyway, I took some photos a few weeks back and completely forgot to share them with you but basically I wanted to share my new jumper with you. That's as exciting as it gets folks!

A couple of months ago I took a trip to Meadowhall to buy some work clothes but didn't find anything I liked apart from a couple of things in H&M which fell apart (literally - they were disintegrating in front of my eyes!) as I was in the changing rooms so I gave up and popped to M&S, probably to get some Percy Pigs knowing me. On my way out I spotted a rail of jumpers which looked and felt so soft, and came in an array of colours and patterns. To cheer myself up I bought the horse print version which was just under £30 but I figured it would last as M&S is good quality stuff.

Once the weather started to turn colder it got its first outing and I have worn it about a million times since . It's so soft and cosy. I wish I had bought another one!

It's one of my favourite things to wear at the moment, paired with jeans and (if it's not raining) my star print pumps from Anniel (c/o Sarenza). I find it much easier to dress for colder weather and love it when my faithful Ugg boots get to make an appearance.

Anniel pumps c/o Sarenza

I need to get my backside in gear as I've got one last lot of holiday photos to share with you, and as we have been back for 4 weeks it's probably about time I got those up on the blog. Apart from that I'm gearing up for Christmas (sorry!) so I have a few festive blog posts lined up for Christmas present ideas and crafty bits and bobs.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

P.S. Jonathan wanted to share his new shoes which are by the brand The Cassette (c/o Sarenza). I'm sure you will agree he looks very dashing :)

(NOW CLOSED) GIVEAWAY: £100 to spend on shoes! (via Sarenza.co.uk)


The title says it all and it's not too good to be true! I have teamed up with the shoe website, Sarenza, to host a giveaway where one person can win a voucher worth £100 to spend on shoes. Sarenza have over 500 brands to choose from including some of my favourites; Dune, Georgia Rose, Melissa, Converse, Ugg and Anniel.

If you live in the UK, have a Facebook account and would like a chance to be picked at random to win all you have to do is "like" Sarenza's Facebook page and comment below to let me know. One comment per person please.

Their Facebook page is brilliant and one that I "like" myself. They announce sales and competitions on there without overloading your news feed like some brands tend to do.

This giveaway will stay up for a couple of weeks so you've got plenty of time to enter and pick out the shoes you will get if you win. I warn you, there is a lot of choice so don't blame me if you spend a lot of time looking! :)

At midnight on 24 October no further comments will be accepted and I will pick a winner at random.

Good luck everyone!

Our trip to Tenerife (part 2).


How is it that once you get home from a holiday it suddenly seems like it was forever ago and as though it never happened? This only means one thing: start planning the next one!

Two weeks ago today we were on the plane flying home but it feels like two months ago. The one positive I can find is that it's not absolutely throwing it down with rain like it was two weeks ago.

As I took so many photos I wanted to share a few more with you (if you missed the first post it's here). I'm a real nosy parker and love to look at other people's holiday snaps, so if you've posted any lately you'll have to let me know. There will probably be a third blog post too. Sorry! I am always a bit too snap happy, especially when I discovered the "sunset mode" on my camera while we were away. The sunsets were so beautiful so it was great to capture them in photos.

I rediscovered my love for reading whilst we were away. I had a bit of a shaky start as the book I started reading first was tripe, but I managed to finish it and then ended up at the supermarket a couple of times to buy more books to keep me going, reading a book a day by the end! Once I have peace and quiet I can really get into a book especially if it's a good'un.

I have been reading quite a lot since we got home too so a Kindle has gone to the top of my Christmas list. I never thought I'd go over to the dark side but it would be so handy for taking on holiday and to work (for my lunch breaks). I won't give up 'proper' books though, not just yet.

The only negative point about our holiday was the selection of food on offer. As a vegetarian I struggled to find anything to eat. I spent a whole week eating vegetable paella and cheese pizza, and by the end of the holiday I'm pretty sure I had a carb addiction from all the bread rolls I ate before our dinner came out! Jonathan was in his element though, with the massive array of fish dishes to choose from. I guess it's my own fault for being awkward!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it already but we took hand luggage only, as we only needed a handful of outfits, something to swim in, toiletries, etc. We took mini sized toiletries and saved space by buying our beach towels when we arrived. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to fit everything in that I wanted to take but it was absolutely fine. We had a piece of hand luggage each and even after our clothes, shoes, toiletries, camera, various adaptors/chargers, and books went in we still had a bit of room to spare. As we flew with a budget airline we not only saved money by not taking a suitcase, but we also saved on time as we didn't have to wait by the carousel for our luggage to turn up and the amount of washing to do post-holiday was minimal. Result!

Part 3 (the final lot of photos - promise!) will be up soon.

Tapas and treats.


Last weekend we arranged to meet up with our friends to go for lunch, but between places being fully booked, not open for lunch or not having any vegetarian options (my bad!) we eventually decided on The Mediterranean in Sheffield which promised authentic Spanish tapas.

The restaurant itself is lovely inside sporting a blue and white theme, very appropriate. The service was great, really attentive, and we weren't waiting long for our food to arrive. The great thing about tapas is it just comes out when it's ready so you can start to tuck in and wade your way through the mountains of food you have ordered!

My only criticism, as a vegetarian, would be that if I went back I would have to order the same things again as only about 1/4 of the tapas menu was suitable, but that's my hard luck I suppose. The main menu didn't have anything I could have, but I did clock some tasty stuff on the "specials" board including a vegetable moussaka. The meat eaters were particularly enamoured with the seafood stew, and I really like my stuffed baby aubergines which were stuffed with Spanish rice and pine nuts.

After we were suitably stuffed from lunch, my friend Katy mentioned that Fancie wasn't too far so I suggested we call there before heading home, as there's always room for cake! I opted for the Raspberry & Almond cupcake which was huge, yummy and had the biggest mound of frosting on the top which admittedly, after a big lunch, was a struggle to finish. Having picked up a loyalty card I plan to head back again soon to try their other flavours. It's so hard to choose as they all sound amazing but I particularly like the look and sound of the Carrot and Snickerlicious flavours.

For the rest of the weekend I was pretty much at home alone as Jonathan was out playing badminton matches and watching a couple of ice hockey games. I didn't mind too much as it gave me the chance to watch The Notebook and cry my little eyes out under a duvet on the sofa without feeling too silly. I also did some reading, made a start on making my Christmas cards (yes I know, very organised!) and danced around the living room to Hairspray, fast forwarding to the best songs.

Using one of my Sarenza ambassador vouchers I recently ordered a new pair of trainers/shoes/pumps (not sure what to call them?!) by Vans (specifically the Authentic Lo Pro W's) and wore them for the first time over the weekend when there was a break in the rain. My faithful Keds are starting to look a tad worn as I wear them all the time, so I thought I'd try a brand that is new to me.

I was torn between this pair and the red/white striped pair but I thought that black/white would be easier to match up to outfits. I plan to wear them with jeans and a jumper on casual days. My aim is to keep them looking clean and to keep the white bits white, but if they go the same way as my Keds (i.e. super comfortable, easy to slip on and always waiting by the back door) then I'll get plenty of wear out of them and they won't look new for long.

If Vans are new to you too, then here's a little bit about them:

Vans was created in 1966 by Paul Van Doren. The first brand store opened in Anaheim in California and it was in 1976 that skateboarders started taking an interest in the brand's shoes. Aware of what was happening, Vans listened to what they wanted and on 19 March 1976, the very first Era was launched in two colours, red and blue. The shoe was created by two professional skateboarders, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. The Slip On was introduced in 1979 in California. Today the Vans collection includes over 60 different styles!