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We were lucky enough to visit Las Vegas in April of this year (I may have mentioned it once or twice...) which was brilliant. We didn't stop eating, walking, drinking iced tea (me) and beer (Jonathan) and spending time with family for the whole week, not to mention the fabulous hen party and wedding which was the reason we were there in the first place. However it was one of those holidays where you arrive home and subsequently get the blues because real life seems a bit rubbish when you've had such a brilliant time, and we felt like we needed another holiday to recover.

We pencilled in a week off in September and spent hours searching high and low for holidays, not really finding much that we fancied. Anyway, when we spotted a holiday to Tenerife which looked lovely and a bargain we snapped it up and here we are now, packing our cases (we're taking hand luggage only - easier than we thought!) and making sure we haven't forgotten anything.

I spent a bit of time with the dogs this morning in the garden soaking up the little bit of sun that made an appearance and telling them we would only be gone for a week, in the hopes that they could understand what I was saying, before dropping them off for their little holiday.

We fly from Manchester so after we have had some lunch and packed our last few bits we will have a steady drive over there, hopefully check in with no problems and settle down to have some tea at the airport before we fly.

My trusty travelling outfit is exactly the same thing I wore to fly to Vegas. My Brat & Suzie Boston Dog dress, trusty Next treggings (I hate that word!) and a cosy M&S cardi as I'm always chilly. Feet wise I haven't decided yet but I've been parading round in my patent ballerina pumps from Bloch (c/o Sarenza) as the bright colour is getting me in the mood for our holiday ahead so I'll either wear those or some other variation of pump.

I am really looking forward to a week of (hopefully) sunshine, relaxing, reading, swimming and eating whatever is put in front of me. I find it hard to relax and generally don't stop much in my day to day life, finding it a waste of time to sit and do nothing, but I think I'll give myself a week off from that and make the most of it.

It will be the first beach holiday Jonathan and I have been on as our other trips to Paris, Vegas and road tripping it round Cornwall and Bath were much busier and involved walking until our legs fell off.

I am going to miss Lily and Lola's little faces - I don't like being apart from them, but I'm sure they won't notice. As long as they are fed they're happy as larry! I will be glad to pick them up when we get home though.

It is strange being in the house without them, mainly because there's nobody following me to the toilet, snoring loudly or tripping me up on the stairs. I wouldn't have it any other way though!

I'm hoping to share some photos on my Instagram account (username: lilyloveslola) while we're away so be sure to pop along if you want to see them. See you in a week! :)


  1. That last picture is awesome haha!

    Have a great time in Tenerife! My other half & I have never had a beach holiday either, we always book city breaks and spending the whole time walking and sightseeing as well as a year we spent travelling. Will be so relaxing and different when we do haha!

  2. Enjoy your holiday! I've never had a beach holiday - I always think it's a bit of a waste just lying by the pool every day for a week. I'd much rather get out to a city and see things from morning till night and walk my feet off. We have no spare pennies for a trip this year but fingers crossed for next year!

  3. @Rachael - we're lucky enough to do both so it will be nice to take a break from our stressful jobs to wind down for a week. x

  4. Aww have a lovely time thought of you yesterday! TKMaxx had loads of David and Goliath t shirts with Pugs on :)xx

  5. hahaha love the last picture!
    have a great time! currently in spain chilling myself. &i always love keeping busy, but i'm loving it.

  6. Oh!!! You're so lucky! I came back from my honeymoon on Tenerife last week! It was brilliant - we went on quad safari, horse riding, Siam and then I got ill and spent the rest of my holiday in our apartment or chilling out nearby.
    But there wer so many things I wanted to do!!!! I am sure You'll enjoy it! Have fun!

  7. That dress is amazing!
    I am very jealous of Vegas AND Tenerife, luck girl!

  8. Bon voyage!!

    A beach hol is definitely a good way to relax and forget about the everyday stress!

    Looking forward to see some hol pics!

  9. Have a lovely holiday, you lucky thing! x

  10. loving the dress, the puggies, and of course you lucky duck getting to go on a couple of holidays even if one was a wedding vegas is still ace!


  11. Have an amazing time my sweet, you deserve it xx

  12. have a fantastic holiday!!! xx

  13. Sometimes only taking handluggage is the best way, because we always pack millions of things and never wear it!
    And a break is definitely what people need for a bit more of a boost :)
    I hope you have a lovely time lady xx

  14. Have a fab holiday!! Can't wait to hear all about it :-) x

  15. Ohh, I love your pugs so much!! It's my dream to have pugs in the family, but my boyfriend thinks they're too weird and snort too much. :(