My best friend's wedding.


Last Saturday was a very special day for us indeed, as it was the wedding of our best friends, Richard and Katy. Jonathan has known Richard since school, and he has been with Katy for 7 years. A few months after Jonathan and I first started going out he thought it would be nice to meet up with them for a drink and we all became really great friends.

Richard and Katy are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Katy and I quickly became inseperable due to our love of crafts, shopping and drinking Sangria, not to mention our ability to absolutely destroy the boys at a game of Cranium.

When we went out for tea one evening and they announced their engagement we couldn't have been happier for them, until we were asked to be bridesmaid and Best Man and then we were truly over the moon!

The wedding took place at Aston Hall which is a beautiful venue. After we attended a wedding food tasting dinner there we were so excited for the big day and the wedding meal. Think incredibly tasty and huge portions which is always a winner, especially when the dessert you picked is a chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate crumbles. Yes!!

I have to add that as Jonathan and I were part of the big day we could only take photos in the evening and whilst getting ready so some of these photos I have pinched. Thank you family and friends to the bride and groom! Hopefully I can share some professional pics at some point.

I loved the getting ready part of the day, from the two huge suites we had and the huge buffet breakfast, to drinking pink champagne at 9am, having our hair and makeup done professionally, putting on my beautiful dress and most importantly helping the bride to get ready. We even got a sneaky peek out of the window at the groom arriving in the DeLorean Katy had arranged as a surprise.

I am sure you will all agree that Katy's dress and accessories are so beautiful. I loved my dress too and secretly felt like a bit of a princess with my hair and makeup looking so lovely. My dress was floor length in a dusky pink colour accessorized with jewellery handmade by Katy.

My shoes were the Shannie shoes by Georgia Rose which I shared on a blog post not so long ago. A few of you asked about them and said you'd like to know how I got on with them on the day. They were so comfortable even after being on my feet for most of the afternoon and all evening. I picked a winner! I hope I get the chance to wear them again one day.

The ceremony was held in the marquee which was filled with family and friends, followed by a glass of Pimms and canapes outside in the sunshine. As the sun decided to well and truly put his hat on and stick around for the whole afternoon the professional group photos were taken outside in the pretty grounds of Aston Hall, and everyone milled around chatting and taking photos of the bride and groom.

We headed back into the marquee for the meal and speeches. Jonathan was so nervous about his speech, bless him, as was the Father of the bride, but they needn't have worried as all of the speeches were brilliant.  Jonathan was so pleased that he got plenty of laughs and I was so proud of him. Aaah.

I ate so much good food and fizzy stuff that I was sure my dress was going to pop, but luckily I managed to keep my dignity :)

The day seemed to whizz by so quickly but not before some serious dance moves were thrown on the dancefloor from the moment the DJ started up to the end of the evening. The music was brilliant and we had such fun. I think we could have all easily kept dancing for another couple of hours but instead we retired to the main bar and had a nightcap.

Katy did a great job planning the wedding, from designing and making the invitations and the jewellery for her bridesmaids, to the finishing touches on the day such as the cake pop wedding favours, the seating plans and the table centrepieces.

I do love a good wedding! I can't wait for my own... ;)


  1. Looks like it was such a lovely day!

  2. I showed my boyfriend the DeLorean - he thought it was very cool! :)
    Looks like you had such a great day, I love a good wedding! The bride looked beautiful - as did you! Such a gorgeous dress! I loved being a bridesmaid for my brother and sis-in-law a few months ago, it was the best day ever :) Hopefully it won't be too long and it will be our turn to walk down that aisle ;) xx

  3. Awww it looks like a lovely day was had! :)

  4. You and Katy both looked beautiful, and it sounds like it was a lovely day x

  5. You are so beautiful Victoria as was the bride. Love the bridesmaid dresses, looks like you had a blast x

  6. The DeLorean! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen at a wedding! lol. You all look terrific. x

  7. You look STUNNING! You'll make a gorgeous bride, and the little comment at the end made me think... are you engaged Missy??!!

    Looks like you had a lovely day, i adore a good wedding! :) xx

  8. Ahhh Victoria you look beautiful! Katy is absolutely stunning!looks like such a lovely day full of smiles, laughter and love.....and dancing hehe x