Gap basics & my Bank Holiday weekend.


I'll never be a proper clothes/fashion blogger and that's because my main aim in life is to be comfortable. Not very glamorous I know but when it comes to clothes I get rather excited about a good white t shirt (and if I'm honest, pyjamas and a hoody!)

I've tried a few places over the years and struggled to find the right one, until GAP came along. GAP isn't somewhere I shop at regularly as I think the prices are a tad too expensive for casual clothing but their sales are fantastic.

Last time I popped in they had a million and one t shirts in the sale for around £5 - £10 each so I picked up this v-neck white number which has become a firm favourite ever since.

I can also use this opportunity to show off my beautiful Anniel pumps (c/o Sarenza) which I managed to wear in between the horrendous weather we've been having. I love the pink detail and the pretty bow. This pair are called Irise and there are a few pairs left if you like them.

I have a couple of pairs of Anniel pumps now and can confirm they're so comfortable and well made. I like pumps in neutral colours as they're easy to throw on with any kind of outfit.

Lily seemed pretty keen on them too...

Irise pumps by Anniel c/o Sarenza

I hope you've all been having a good Bank Holiday weekend so far? Well, for those of you who haven't had to work? I've had a lazy one which has been nice after a busy few weeks. On Saturday morning we headed to the cinema early to watch The Dark Knight Rises on the IMAX screen which was fan-bloody-tastic. We both really enjoyed it even if it was a little long. I had to make a mad dash to the loo half way through as I feared I may not make it to the end!

After the cinema we went for lunch and, as it was my choice, I picked the Blue Moon Cafe in the centre of Sheffield as I'm a vegetarian (as of a few months ago) and thought it would be nice to have more than a choice of 3 things from a menu like I usually do.

We shared homity pie and a quesidilla, followed by a huge slab of vegan chocolate cake. I washed mine down with a pot of elderflower tea and Jonathan stuck to water. It was really tasty so I'm sure we will head back there again soon.

Aside from the cinema and lunch I've been catching up on a few jobs around the house and doing a bit of cross stitching in front of the telly which isn't something I find time to do normally. I also had a sneaky watch of The Vow while Jonathan was out yesterday and blubbed my little eyes out.

As for today, while Jonathan and his Dad lay some new tiles on our bathroom floor I shall be stepping up to head cup-of-tea-maker and watching 500 Days of Summer a little bit later on. Bliss!


  1. Blue Moon Cafe sounds lovely! I'd love to go to an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but my boyfriend loves his meat so I think I'd find it hard persuading him. Maybe I should say to my veggie best friend about going!
    I loved The Dark Knight Rises - such a good film!

  2. The shoes are gorgeous. I keep meaning to watch 500 days of summer but never get round to it xx

  3. Can't beat a good white t-shirt and I love the blue moon cafe :)
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  4. You're looking v.slim Victoria. Have you been losing more weight? Looking good. Hope you've had a nice long weekend x

  5. I always say never underestimate a basic white v neck!

  6. You can't beat a plain white tee sometimes. Love the pumps too.
    Sounds like you've had a really good bank holiday, goes so quick though!

  7. I used to always get my clothes from GAP, must start looking there again.

  8. I went to see TDKR at my little local independent cinema (£4 a ticket!) and they had an intermission! It was so bizarre, but entirely welcome for anyone needing a bathroom break! I haven't seen an intermission at the cinema since Titanic!

    Love the shoes, by the way, that bow is so cute.

    Janey x

  9. I STILL haven't seen the new Batman film-booo.

    The Blue Moon Cafe sounds brilliant, I hate going out for food and finding where ever you've gone has a really poor veggie choice - so many people are veggies and you think these places would catch on!