Life lately (through Instagram) #5


The other weekend we popped into Chesterfield which isn't too far from where we live. I fancied a look around a few charity shops and a nosy somewhere different for a change. I was so pleased to pick up a Cornishware pot from the RSPCA shop along with a crochet blanket. The pot is just right for holding our utensils and is right at home amongst our other bits of Cornishware.

I must make more of an effort to visit charity shops to hunt for bargains, but I find them very hit and miss. Some are packed full of lovely things whereas others seem to be mainly mothballs..

I'm fully in the swing of being a vegetarian now and I just wish I had done it sooner. I have even discovered that I prefer the Veggie Percy's to the regular ones. Hurrah!

I'm very good at diligently checking labels to see whether I can eat the contents and am often surprised at things that contain animal bits which you wouldn't automatically assume! Yuck. Anyway I'm enjoying my increased intake of veg and things like chickpeas as well as hunting for tasty vegetarian recipes to try.

I have been finding work very stressful recently and therefore I have been making more of an effort to make my spare time as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. I do find it hard to relax, and I'm not sure I ever fully do apart from when I'm asleep, but I have been trying nonetheless.

To relax I enjoy cross stitching, having a bubble bath, reading magazines, having a cuddle with Lily and Lola, or watching a film or tv series with Jonathan so I'm trying to squeeze in more time for those things. After all work isn't very important (or at least my job isn't) and it's not worth feeling unwell over.

We've got some lovely things planned for all of the weekends in July so there's plenty for us to look forward to: seeing family lots, my best friend's hen night, taking part in Race for Life, and not forgetting TRYING TO RELAX :)


  1. They do veggie Percy pigs now?! Oh wow, I've been a vegetarian for five years and miss those little treats! I'll be down to marks and Spencer's food hall tomorrow as soon as it opens!! Xxxx

  2. Can totally empathise with the trying to relax thing! I work 10 hour shifts, and my job's really stressful [I look after 2 year olds!] so it can be hard to 'switch off' in the evenings! I like your idea of relaxing though, it's the kinda thing I do :) Work really isn't worth getting unwell over, but it can be difficult at times.
    If you need any veggie recipe ideas feel free to ask! I've been vegetarian since I was 12 so have plenty hehe. xx

  3. It's so nice to read that someone else is feeling exactly the same as me - work is stressful and I must relax more! Which is easier said than done of course. But I'm trying to take the same steps and make the most of the time not at work, and to remember that work is not the most important thing in life! Just keep repeating that!

  4. It's good to see that you're enjoying being a vegetarian, I've been one for more than five years and I've never looked back!!
    If you're looking for some vegetarian recipes then I recommend quinoa, it's really good for protein :) xx

  5. Nice pictures :) Yay for being a veggie!! Those percy pigs are soooo good. You're right gelatine is in the weirdest things - I think the strangest thing I've found it in so far is party rings! That cake looks delicious btw. I would love to see what some of your fav veggie recipes are because I feel like I'm cooking the same things over and over again lately.
    Becca :)

  6. Lovely blog.

  7. Great pictures, Lily and Lola are so adorable!

    Lots of Love, Ana

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  8. Cheese! We love hunting out new cheese to try - just wish they were that cheap price over here. Some of the charity shops near us are really hit and miss too. We have a salvation army in the next town that is ridiculously pricey - they resell books at $10 each, whereas drive 20 mins down the road to another salvation store and they have the best prices. All because of the richer/poorer areas they are in!

  9. I agree, the veggie percy pigs are so much better!

  10. Your doggies are so cute! I love the pic of them on the bean bag!

  11. Gorgeous photos of great things. I empathise with the job thing. xxxxx

  12. That cake, omg! I love your instagram pictures :)