Finally, some sunshine!


Since my Melissa Lua III's arrived a few weeks ago there hasn't been even a smidgen of sunshine to bare my toes in any form of sandal. It is just mad for July, isn't it?!

Anyway, out came our old friend the sun at the weekend so for a family BBQ after Race for Life on Saturday I donned my new Melissa sandals (c/o Sarenza) and hoped nobody would be easily offended by my toes!

As it was late afternoon I teamed the sandals with my Brat & Suzie dress, black treggings and took my faithful M&S cardi with me for the cooler evening ahead (however I also ended up wrapped up in Jonathan's hoody as I'm a wimp!) I've also got my new Ray Bans on: it is love!

Strange object on the left: the faux tail on my handbag!

Unfortunately the pair I have in beige have sold out, but I'm hardly surprised. They're beautiful! They have that signature Melissa smell (like sweets or bubblegum) and they're really comfortable taking into account they're made from rubber.

I love the fact they will be easy to wear with lots of different outfits. I'll definitely take them on holiday with me in September to go with maxi skirts and my evening outfits.

If you like them and think you'd like a red version, and your feet are a size 5.5, go here immediately! Failing that I apologise but you will have to adore them via me.

P.S. There are a few pairs of Melissa's in the sale, including this Anglomania pair, so it's worth having a look. In fact the Sarenza sales are pretty amazing in general so go have a nosy!


  1. loving the sandals! they are amazing! xo

  2. Hey! I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Keep up the great work! xxx

  3. these flip flops are actually amazing! quite literally. i love that you've teamed it with your brat and suzie dress, so gorgeous.x

  4. So so cute! Very jealous!

    Kathryn Xx

  5. Oh wow, they look fun! I am on the hunt for some sandals too.

  6. love the sandals (although i'm not really a sandal lover!) I'm absolutely obsessed with Melissa shoes, and the smell is absolutely amazing!!

    x x x