Life lately (through Instagram) #4


I feel a tad 'meh' today so in an attempt to cheer myself up I thought a blog catch up and a slice of about half a carrot cake would cheer me up (it did apart from I feel a bit sick now... quelle surprise).

Life lately has consisted of:

becoming a vegetarian, taking photos of Lily and Lola, trying to be more healthy (with the exception of the carrot cake of course), dreaming of a new kitchen and being torn between a smart, classic wooden/white combo or a kitsch polka dot dream...

buying new artwork for our home, sleeping, taking Lily and Lola out in the sunshine (and having to carry Lily most of the way once she gets too tired)...

cross stitching, reading craft magazines, burning candles, browsing Pug related tranklements, Lily playing with a ball for the first time since I adopted her all those years ago...

eating ginormous pizzas (pre-vegetarian) and sunny days out with friends.


  1. Is that your wallpaper? I have the same in my living room <3! Hope you feel less meh soon :)

  2. L&L have the cutest faces ever!!!

  3. I've fallen in love with your pugs, so adorable! Hopefully my sis will get one soon so I can coo over it- she wants to call it Action Man haha

  4. Good luck on becoming a vegetarian! I've been a veggie for almost a year now though my 'transition' started well over a year ago. I would never go back now.

    And crushed almonds sounds like an amazing scent.

    Morag x

  5. Lily and Lola are adorable. Personally I would go for the polka dot kitchen! Very stylish!

  6. i want your wallpaper. its so beautiful! and i love dreaming up kitchens.
    oh and i'd quite like to babysit your pugs please.x

  7. How's being veggie working out for you? I was for 8 years, and still don't each much meat at all.

  8. Such beautiful wallpaper! I hope you are feeling a bit better now :-) I am so on the cusp of becoming a vegetarian! It has evolved over the past few months and I am starting to feel quite strongly about it! I am gathering together a bank of veggie recipes :-) trouble is, my husband loves meat so will have to cook two meals I think! x