Birds and Blossoms.


Zoe, behind the blog Girl in a Teeny Town, runs a bigcartel store called Birds and Blossoms which sells really cute bookmarks.

Zoe recently sent me the 'Birds and Blossoms' bookmark which now takes pride of place in one of the books I'm reading. It certainly beats the scrap piece of paper I had been using previously! It consists of a length of sparkly pink ribbon and two beautiful charms; a bird and a flower. It is my favourite bookmark from the store but I also rather like the unicorn version too.

The bookmarks are priced very reasonably at just £2.00 each and P&P is £1.00 for UK orders. At £2.00 each the bookmarks would make great stocking fillers for a book worm or a lover of pretty things.

The packaging and attention to detail by Zoe was really great. It's lovely to receive parcels in the post but it's even better when they're nicely wrapped and contain sweets and a handwritten note.

I'd certainly like to see Birds and Blossoms expand and further the range of bookmarks as I think they're really cute items and good value for money.


  1. they're so cute :) xx

  2. Ooh this is really pretty! I will have to check out Zoe's shop, I need to buy a book mark as I am currently in the bad habit of folding pages over!

    Frances xx

  3. Can leave a comment now I'm on the laptop :)

    Thank you for such a lovely post, I'm glad you liked the bookmark... They are so pretty aren't they! I'm thinking of doing some in pastel shades with vintage charms rather than silver!

    Zoe xoxo

  4. I need a new bookmark, perfect timing!

  5. Going by the picture I thought they were belts, but oh my as bookmarks? They are gorgeous - especially love the birdie *adds to birthday list*