Being a bridesmaid round 2!


In September I will be a bridesmaid for the second time this year when my best friend Katy gets married (Jonathan is the best man so as you can imagine we're both very much looking forward to it and honoured to be asked!)

A lovely dress is being made just for me so my main task was to find a pair of shoes. I thought about wearing my Vivienne Westwood heels as they're so beautiful and I would love another occasion to wear them, but I am led to believe there will be lots of dancing at this wedding and I don't think my poor feet could take it.

I searched every inch of Sarenza looking at ivory/white/cream shoes and narrowed it down to about 3 or 4 pairs. My dress is long so most of the time only the ends will be visible so it was important for them to have a pointy toe. I wanted a colour that would go nicely with the colour of the dress, and the heel had to be mid height. Just enough to give me a bit of extra height but still comfortable to walk in. I also didn't want anything too fancy with lots of embellishments.

In the end I plumped for the Shannie heels by Georgia Rose, one of my favourite brands. Katy thought they were very 'me' and they were my favourite of the bunch after a little bit of deliberating. I love the pretty ribbon and the height of the heel is just right.

In real life they are even more beautiful. They're made of leather and look/feel very expensive and well made. I'm very pleased with my choice! 

The only thing left to do now is wear them around the house a little bit so that they're ready to throw some shapes on the dancefloor at the wedding!


  1. Really pretty!!

    Great choice!!!

  2. Love the shoes!
    When I was a bridesmaid I also had to wear my shoes around the house so my feet wouldn't hurt too much after a night of dancing! xx

  3. Ooh they're so pretty! Absolutely perfect for a wedding! <3 xo

  4. These are literally THE perfect bridesmaids shoes!! x

  5. This is fantastic, gorgeous shoes, Amazing.
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  6. These are beautiful, I love the ribbons!


  7. beautiful shoes. the ribbon is lovely. but in the end, dancing barefoot at a wedding is always the most fun!!!