My most worn Sarenza shoes/bags.


I have definitely worn some pairs of my Sarenza shoes a lot more than others, and some pairs have been worn to death. I know what I like and once I find a pair of shoes that fit me perfectly and look nice on my feet I will wear them non stop.

For work I tend to wear straight leg black trousers with a variety of different tops and blouses, and always pumps on my feet. I do a lot of dashing round and running up and down stairs (not to mention back and forth from the kitchen for a brew!) so heels to work just won't do. I'd get ever so fed up teetering around so pumps are the perfect solution.

I've always been a bit of a Primark pump fiend and have worked my way through endless pairs but I became fed up with constantly having to buy new pairs to replace those that had fallen apart or been subjected to the rain and not quite survived. It has been nice to keep pairs of shoes lasting for a lot longer.

Without a doubt my most worn pumps are my Georgia Rose Febe pair which are black and feature a smart bow on the front. As they fit me so well I wear them most days to work.

On Friday we have "dressed down days" so I tend to wear skinny jeans which go nicely with my Vivienne Westwood for Melissa pumps. They looked like they could potentially be quite uncomfortable due to the structured shape of them, but they're not at all. They are not only beautiful but really comfortable.

My Maloles Zoe pumps are only a recent addition to my collection but are fast becoming a favourite. I wear them for work sometimes and pretty much all the time on a weekend. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings. The pair I have (taupe) are out of stock unfortunately but they come in lots of other colours.

I have been on a few nights out over the past couple of months and my staple bag/shoe combo has been my Freestyle black clutch bag (currently in the sale!) which is huge and fits in everything I need (I like to take the entire contents of my bathroom cupboard out with me so this is perfect) along with my black Rocket Dog Ohno heels. They're a complete no brainer as they are easy to walk in and tend to go with pretty much any outfit so it makes getting ready a lot easier.

I've been getting on really well with my new Adidas trainers (the Response cushion style). They haven't rubbed my feet at all and I've been using them 2 or 3 times a week since I got them. They let my feet breathe which is especially helpful with the current weather and have really helped my jogging training.

My Anniel Irise pumps are my pride and joy. They feel like 'proper' ballet pumps and I am always afraid of getting them ruined (especially with them being such a light colour). I tend to wear them to make an outfit look a bit more girly, and they're perfect on a warmer day.

My Keds are starting to look well and truly lived in which adds to their charm. I have the grey Champion pair which are only £28.00. They come in handy on my casual days (of which I have many!) I'd love another pair at some point as they're inbetween a pump and a trainer so very versatile.

Last but not least, as I was packing for our recent trip to Vegas I was almost closing my case when I spotted my Rocket Dog clover pumps which I have in blue/white (they're out of stock now but oh hello, pink ones!) I had struggled to know what to wear them with up until that point but I had a feeling they would come in handy on holiday. Well, that they did! I wore them every day, pretty much, and they did me proud keeping my feet comfortable and stylish.

What kind of shoes do you tend to wear most?

All items featured c/o Sarenza


  1. Fab shoes. I'm loving your second pair.

    X x

  2. I am loving ballerina pumps at the moment. I am adoring your collection!

  3. Those Viv's are lovely. I fancy some new pretty (quality) flats!

  4. I'm actually in love with your shoes :P I tend to wear shoes that I hate, mainly because the only ones that I can afford with my pocket money are crap...the most comfortable pair of shoes I own are a pair of diesel trainers :) (they were on sale)

  5. i wear my convesre all the tiem