I think I have a problem and it comes in the form of an obsession with pumps. As you know I'm an ambassador for Sarenza which has led me to become a pump fiend, well and truly. I have a pair for every occasion (and then some) but every now and again I find new styles that set my heart a flutter. Enter Maloles...

Who are Maloles I hear you say? 

Maloles Miracosta is the favoured designer of fans of luxury pumps, wedge sandals and feminine heels who don't take themselves too seriously. The Spanish-born designer, previously a fashion writer for Elle and Vogue, took the plunge and launched her very own brand of shoes in Paris in 2004. The 'ZoĆ©' pump has been a must-have piece for all self-respecting shoe-aholics since 2005. Maloles introduces humour into her designs while paying unerring attention to even the tiniest of details. All her shoes are manufactured in Alicante, Spain, and sold in high-class boutiques in London, New York and Paris. Six thousand pairs were sold in the summer of 2006 alone — making Maloles a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

After admiring Maloles shoes from afar I recently took the plunge and ordered the Zoe pumps in taupe. I really wanted the yellow pair which weren't available in my size at the time, but I'm really glad I got the taupe colour as they go with pretty much every kind of outfit and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them. They are really comfortable, a great fit and I love the quirky addition of the ribbon.

I love discovering new brands especially when they make such wonderful shoes. I would happily wear every single pair of their pumps but here are my top picks:
 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I love the Blanche pumps but there is just one pair left in stock and I don't think I could squeeze my size 7 feet into a 3. If only! The multicoloured Blanche pumps are a tad flamboyant but I love them.

Have any of the above taken your fancy?

* not a sponsored post, I just love the brand!


  1. Oh my I think these are sooo cute! I love colourful flats for the summer. Just need the sunshine now! :o) x

  2. Eeek sadly I can't imagine the day where I would have £150 to spend on flats. Nothing wrong with a bit of primark :)

  3. These shoes are always taunting me from the ads in sidebars. I love them but they are mega expensive! So my taste, but I am numb to all but primark prices :(

  4. sooooooooooo cute!!

    they are seriously adorable!!

  5. omg so cute!!! I LOVE Blanche.

  6. I am in love with the yellow and the turquoise! I know that I'll be adding these to my birthday wish list! :)

  7. Oh this are so cute but I don't think I would ever be able to afford them, Dylan would have a heart attack if I spent £180 on pumps haha x