Las Vegas: part 3 - the hen party.


The hen party, as I'm sure all of the other ladies involved will agree, was lots of fun indeed! My Sister, having been to Vegas a few times before, knew exactly where she wanted to go so it was very organised and all there was left to do was crack open the bubbly!

There were 9 of us altogether - a mixture of family and some of my Sister's friends. We met in the hotel lobby where we waved goodbye to our other halves and headed to Sugar Factory just a short walk away for something to eat, and as it happened, some of their cocktails. This is where we unveiled the goodie bags my Mum and I put together for each hen which I will share more about in another blog post.

After food (which was delicious) and our huge cocktail fishbowls (which I must add were shared(!)) we went to meet our limo which took us on a tour of the strip whilst we supped champagne. We got the chance to visit the famous Vegas sign and have a few photos taken before we hopped back in the limo to see a little bit more.

Once we had seen all there was to see we were dropped off at one of the hotels to see Thunder from Down Under. Ladies, all I can say is if you're ever in the area do stop by and catch this show. It is such good fun! Although had I known I would be sat on the front row just a few inches from the stairs which these chaps use to get into the audience I may have needed more persuading! :)

After a good giggle, and a few more drinks and a good chin wag, we got back in the limo and cracked open bottle of champagne #2. Our driver was lovely and dropped off my Mum, Auntie and the Groom's Mum back at the Bellagio as they were ready to call it a night, which left the rest of us to head to LAX nightclub in the Luxor hotel. We managed to skip the line, get in free (hurrah!) and as a bonus Mya was performing there that night.

Next thing we know it's 5am, we have departed LAX and made ourselves comfy in a bar, made friends with a nice American man who became an honorary hen, and someone had ordered tequila shots and Margaritas. I can honestly say I will never drink one again.. as long as I live!

What a great night. Special thanks to all of the ladies who helped to make the night perfect for my Sister.


  1. That dress is super pretty :D x

  2. you look gorgeous - love your figure - and your hair looks so healthy! Looks like you had a fab time xxxx

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! Looks like you all had a fabulous time, very jealous indeed! :) x

  4. Gorgeous dress, u look teeny tiny! X

  5. this sounds like such great fun!!!

    i luv hen nights - they're those nights were you're always guaranteed a great fun time!

  6. After reading all your vegas posts you've made me really want to visit!
    Adore your dress, where's it from? XX

  7. your dress is lovely, where is it from? it's like a grown-up ballerina outfit, love!
    so jealous that you got to go to vegas, it's on the one-day list! x

  8. amazzzzzzing!!!! I went to vegas last summer and LOVED it. Probably the most surreal place I've ever been. I'm gutted we didn't go to sugar factory though, those cocktails look amazing, I've heard lots about them! xx

  9. You look gorgeous in that dress and your hair is so shiny! You must tell me your secret :)

  10. Whoop! Such good fun eh! We went to see the Chippendales. It was the only thing I left to my friend to book, giving her strict instructions "not the front row!". Guess where we ended up! And guess who ended up onstage rubbing baby oil into a grinding man's chest! Great fun though!!