My most worn Sarenza shoes/bags.


I have definitely worn some pairs of my Sarenza shoes a lot more than others, and some pairs have been worn to death. I know what I like and once I find a pair of shoes that fit me perfectly and look nice on my feet I will wear them non stop.

For work I tend to wear straight leg black trousers with a variety of different tops and blouses, and always pumps on my feet. I do a lot of dashing round and running up and down stairs (not to mention back and forth from the kitchen for a brew!) so heels to work just won't do. I'd get ever so fed up teetering around so pumps are the perfect solution.

I've always been a bit of a Primark pump fiend and have worked my way through endless pairs but I became fed up with constantly having to buy new pairs to replace those that had fallen apart or been subjected to the rain and not quite survived. It has been nice to keep pairs of shoes lasting for a lot longer.

Without a doubt my most worn pumps are my Georgia Rose Febe pair which are black and feature a smart bow on the front. As they fit me so well I wear them most days to work.

On Friday we have "dressed down days" so I tend to wear skinny jeans which go nicely with my Vivienne Westwood for Melissa pumps. They looked like they could potentially be quite uncomfortable due to the structured shape of them, but they're not at all. They are not only beautiful but really comfortable.

My Maloles Zoe pumps are only a recent addition to my collection but are fast becoming a favourite. I wear them for work sometimes and pretty much all the time on a weekend. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings. The pair I have (taupe) are out of stock unfortunately but they come in lots of other colours.

I have been on a few nights out over the past couple of months and my staple bag/shoe combo has been my Freestyle black clutch bag (currently in the sale!) which is huge and fits in everything I need (I like to take the entire contents of my bathroom cupboard out with me so this is perfect) along with my black Rocket Dog Ohno heels. They're a complete no brainer as they are easy to walk in and tend to go with pretty much any outfit so it makes getting ready a lot easier.

I've been getting on really well with my new Adidas trainers (the Response cushion style). They haven't rubbed my feet at all and I've been using them 2 or 3 times a week since I got them. They let my feet breathe which is especially helpful with the current weather and have really helped my jogging training.

My Anniel Irise pumps are my pride and joy. They feel like 'proper' ballet pumps and I am always afraid of getting them ruined (especially with them being such a light colour). I tend to wear them to make an outfit look a bit more girly, and they're perfect on a warmer day.

My Keds are starting to look well and truly lived in which adds to their charm. I have the grey Champion pair which are only £28.00. They come in handy on my casual days (of which I have many!) I'd love another pair at some point as they're inbetween a pump and a trainer so very versatile.

Last but not least, as I was packing for our recent trip to Vegas I was almost closing my case when I spotted my Rocket Dog clover pumps which I have in blue/white (they're out of stock now but oh hello, pink ones!) I had struggled to know what to wear them with up until that point but I had a feeling they would come in handy on holiday. Well, that they did! I wore them every day, pretty much, and they did me proud keeping my feet comfortable and stylish.

What kind of shoes do you tend to wear most?

All items featured c/o Sarenza

My latest project: cross stitched wedding scrapbook.


I wanted to make my Sister and her new husband a present in addition to the wedding gifts we bought them. Just a little something handmade and special for them to keep.

I actually ordered the thread for this quite some time ago then chickened out as the stitch time on the pattern scared me a little.. but one day I bit the bullet and decided to make a start.

Slowly but surely the pattern came together over the weeks that followed. I had to keep picking it up and putting it down inbetween other projects as it was a little fiddly to follow, but hoorah - I finished it and it is now over on the Isle of Man for my Sister to fill with keepsakes and photos from the wedding and the trip to Vegas.

Jonathan and I have a scrapbook and they're such a great idea. We have kept literally everything from everywhere we've been and stayed and eaten. They will be great memories to look back on when we're old and wrinkly.

Cross stitched designs in my Etsy shop.


I've been busy recently working on designs to stitch and display around our home, and as a few people seemed to like the pictures I've been posting on Instagram I thought it could be cool to sell them via my Etsy shop.

I'm always thinking up new ideas and will be adding more designs as and when they're ready. The majority of additions will be completed stitching in embroidery hoops but I'm also hoping to get a few more patterns added too.

If you like the look of something but you would prefer the design on say, a greetings card or without the hoop so that it can be framed that's fine. Just contact me via Etsy and I'll respond asap.

The Diamond Jubilee: shoes from 1952 - 2012.


I'm sure you will have seen Jubilee related things everywhere, from food to drink to adverts to just about anything and everything, but I just wanted to add one more thing to that list and tell you about a Jubilee feature on the Sarenza website.

You can well and truly get into the spirit of all things shoe related from 1952 - 2012 by browsing shoes which Sarenza have handpicked for each decade.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I am particularly fond of the picks for the 60s and 80s (I would probably do anything for the Missoni heels) but I think my favourite has to be the 70s. I am pretty much in love with the Camilo Bertie shoes in tan suede. I think I need them in my life! I have never owned a pair of shoes by Bertie but they would certainly be a great addition to my ever growing shoe collection. I'm also quite fond of them in black.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
What do you think? Which decade do you like best?

* not a sponsored post but I am an ambassador for Sarenza so I do regularly choose, and style, shoes to share with my readers

Las Vegas: part 6 - the rest of our trip.


So you have seen the hen night, the wedding, my Instagram photos, our helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and you've heard all about our hotel but what else did we get up to? Loads!

We visited most of the hotels and had a nosy inside, we went to the Shark Reef inside the Mandalay Bay, saw the volcano show outside the Mirage hotel and the pirate ship show outside Treasure Island. We watched the fountains outside the Bellagio a million times, day and night.

We decided that apart from the Bellagio our favourite hotels were New York New York and Paris, and proceeded to take hundreds of photos of them throughout our trip.

We visited the flamingos at the, erm, Flamingo hotel!

A big group of us went to see Penn and Teller and had drinks on the rooftop of the Rio hotel to take in the views.

On our last evening we went to the top of the Stratosphere hotel (just the two of us) and ate dinner at the Top of the World restaurant which slowly rotates round to give amazing views of Vegas, oh and a few bungee jumpers! After we ate we went up to the viewing platform and laughed at the people putting themselves through the horror of the rides up there. I'm a fan of rides and heights don't really bother me but there's just something about being thrown off the side of a tall building....

Luckily between all of the sightseeing we had a cheeky couple of afternoons by the pool at the Bellagio and soaked up some sun (there was plenty of it to go round.. scorchio!)

We did a little bit of gambling but mainly on the roulette tables and the machines. We were never going to walk away millionaires with our sensible gambling but it was fun to have a go and get into the Vegas spirit! Plus free drinks while you're playing always goes down well!

I was in my element especially at the Forum Shops inside Caesar's Palace surrounded by Victoria's Secret Pink, Juicy Couture, a MAC Pro shop, an Ugg shop, and a whole host of other places. I bought a few things including this scarf from Juicy which I adore.

We tried to squeeze in as much sightseeing, shopping, sunbathing and shows as we could and at the end of the trip we were happy with the amount we managed to fit into 1 week. Our feet were weary and oh boy it was hot, but it was all brilliant.

We had such a great time and we came home with some good memories plus a few extra pounds. I blame Cheesecake Factory!

Viva Las Vegas! 

Georgia Rose.


The brand Georgia Rose is a favourite of mine, and a brand I have mentioned on my blog a couple of times already so you may be familiar with them. I own the black Febe bow pumps which I wear to work pretty much every day. They're comfortable, cute and go with everything so they're a real wardrobe saviour for me. I also own the Colleen bag which is beautiful. The material is so soft and I think it's the perfect bag to smarten up a casual outfit.

Georgia Rose make beautiful and affordable shoes ranging from pumps to heels to sandals or wedges. They also sell bags as I've mentioned, which are all very pretty especially the Lolita mustard satchel which also comes in pink.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (I have these too - I told you I'm a fan!)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The thing I like about this brand is that the shoes are all classic styles and most come in quite a few colours so you can easily find the perfect pair of shoes.

Out of my favourite picks above I particularly love the pale blue Palario moccasins and the Tyler heels. I would bag a pair of the moccasins if I knew what the heck to wear them with. As for the Tyler heels, I love peep toes and shoes with a slingback strap so they're a winner in my book!

Have you heard of Georgia Rose? Do any of the shoes I've picked take your fancy?

* not a sponsored post, I just love the brand!

Hart of Dixie - the outfits.


Did anyone catch episodes 2 and 3 of Hart of Dixie? I'm a little bit behind and need to catch up but I've been hearing lots of positive reviews from other people. Mainly though, everyone just loves Rachel Bilson and who can blame them?

Her style in the show is perfect and I'm as much of a fan of her outfits in Hart of Dixie as I am in real life. She can pull off the polished, pretty look but looks equally as gorgeous in casual jeans and a t shirt.

Here are a few of my favourite looks. I'm in love with the red shirt/black blazer combo. It's a great colour for dark hair but one I think I would be too scared to wear. Similarly I love the red trousers which I imagine are tricky for the average person to pull off but when you've got pins like those (and a fabulous coat) it is much easier.

The middle outfit above is probably the outfit I like the most of the ones I have seen so far. The colours are wearable and I love the smartness of the top and blazer. Also, everyone loves a bag you can fit a boat load of stuff into!

Are you a fan of Rachel or indeed Zoe Hart?

My name in lights.


I was so happy on Friday evening to discover that one of my cross stitch projects (this one here) made it into the new issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I emailed them a few weeks ago thinking they probably wouldn't pick me but it was worth a shot. Then hey presto, I get a tweet from a fellow blogger who had received their issue asking if it was me.

My issue arrived yesterday and I got to see it for myself. It's rather exciting. Perhaps this is my 15 minutes of fame?! ;)

It's a really good issue but oh boy, next month looks like a cracker. I better clear some space in my schedule!

I am working on my own designs at the moment and I can't wait to share them with you. They're all rather silly and tongue-in-cheek but I'm also working on a design for my Sister so I'm hoping to have a few finished designs stitched up very soon. A mixture of silly and sensible I suppose.

P.S. If you haven't voted for a blog(s) in the Cosmo Awards 2012 yet you must! Give your favourite read the chance to be nominated for an award. Oh and if your favourite is me then I love you and you can vote for me in the Best Lifestyle blog category. Thank you!

Las Vegas: part 5 - the wedding (& some photos of the ceremony).

The last time I was a bridesmaid I was about 7 years old and I definitely don't remember being nervous in any way, shape or form. Fast forward a few 20 years and I was incredibly nervous to be a bridesmaid again for my Sister. I think Adele found it quite funny that I was so scared!

The wedding itself took place at 5pm but getting ready was an all day event starting off with some pampering in the morning and a hair appointment for an up-do. My Sister wanted me to have a french pleat which is very simple and sophisticated. It looked great with the clips that Jonathan's Sister had kindly offered to lend me. The clips were perfect and the hairdresser ended up using all three, so my hair looked very fancy indeed.

My dress was from a bridal store owned by a friend of the Grooms Mum and my shoes were Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa heels. I thought I may wear them for my own wedding as they're so pretty but oh no, no, no. They win the prize for the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn and my right foot has the marks to prove it. Such a shame! They are very beautiful though and always get so many compliments when people see them.

Walking through the hotel with my Sister in her wedding dress and the rest of us in our wedding attire while people go about their normal business (i.e. gambling and such) was such a unique experience. My Sister was congratulated and cheered/clapped as we made our way down through the Bellagio towards the terrace.

The ceremony itself was really beautiful, with the bride, groom, best man, best woman (me!) and parents on the lower part of the terrace and all of the friends/family watching from the balcony section just above. As the happy couple had their first kiss as husband and wife the fountains began in the background and it was wonderful.

We stayed on the terrace for photos, champagne and cake before we climbed aboard our party bus for a trip to the sign! This was a chance for the speeches to take place and oh my, we were in fits of giggles. The speech by the best man was particularly funny.

We had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi where the food was out of this world. We had our own section at one end of the restuarant as there were quite a few of us.  There were some cute touches like the place settings and the two caricature artists who drew caricatures for all of the guests. Jonathan and I were very impressed by this idea (we might steal it for our wedding!) and were very pleased to get caricatures to display in our home. I'll share some photos of the meal onwards soon, once they're ready.

After lots of lovely food, drink and chatter we made our way back to the Bellagio where the guests made their way to bed after a wonderful day.

Congratulations Adele and Steve! x

Just Pugs.


My Cornishware collection (& a new addition!)


I have been a fan of Cornishware products for a while but it was only after my parents bought Jonathan a Cornishware teapot the Christmas before last that our obsession really began. My aim is to fill our kitchen (and house - hello toothbrush holder!) with lots of blue and white striped goodness.

We received a few more items last Christmas from generous family members and, more recently, I was sent an item of Cornishware to review which I was ever so happy about.

As well as the teapot we have 2 mugs which we would like to expand into a full set, a little pot which is empty at the moment but has plans to be for sugar, and a garlic keeper which is my favourite piece that we have. Our newest addition, which I picked from the online store, is the tea caddy.

We love our new tea caddy as it is huge and holds lots of teabags (which is a good job as we get through quite a lot!) At £30 it does seem more expensive than run of the mill teabag storage but you know you're getting good quality items that are going to stand the test of time.

Do you own any Cornishware or do you know much about the company?

Cornish Kitchen Ware was first produced in 1926 by T.G.Green & Co in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, a county famed for its pottery. The range’s special characteristic came from the lathe-turning process, which cut clean bands through its beautiful blue slip to show the white clay beneath. It was apparently this that inspired the name, since it reminded one T.G.Green & Co. employee of the clear blues and white-tipped waves of Cornwall.

Tea caddy c/o Cornishware

Our collection is going to be an ongoing project but next on our wishlist is the utensils jar. I'd also like to build up a collection of plates and bowls, as well as more mugs. Eventually I'd like us to redo our kitchen with a total 'country kitchen' theme but one thing at a time ay :)

If you'd like to have a look for yourself the link to their online store is here. They're also on Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep up to date with their news and hear of any giveaways.



I think I have a problem and it comes in the form of an obsession with pumps. As you know I'm an ambassador for Sarenza which has led me to become a pump fiend, well and truly. I have a pair for every occasion (and then some) but every now and again I find new styles that set my heart a flutter. Enter Maloles...

Who are Maloles I hear you say? 

Maloles Miracosta is the favoured designer of fans of luxury pumps, wedge sandals and feminine heels who don't take themselves too seriously. The Spanish-born designer, previously a fashion writer for Elle and Vogue, took the plunge and launched her very own brand of shoes in Paris in 2004. The 'ZoĆ©' pump has been a must-have piece for all self-respecting shoe-aholics since 2005. Maloles introduces humour into her designs while paying unerring attention to even the tiniest of details. All her shoes are manufactured in Alicante, Spain, and sold in high-class boutiques in London, New York and Paris. Six thousand pairs were sold in the summer of 2006 alone — making Maloles a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

After admiring Maloles shoes from afar I recently took the plunge and ordered the Zoe pumps in taupe. I really wanted the yellow pair which weren't available in my size at the time, but I'm really glad I got the taupe colour as they go with pretty much every kind of outfit and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them. They are really comfortable, a great fit and I love the quirky addition of the ribbon.

I love discovering new brands especially when they make such wonderful shoes. I would happily wear every single pair of their pumps but here are my top picks:
 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I love the Blanche pumps but there is just one pair left in stock and I don't think I could squeeze my size 7 feet into a 3. If only! The multicoloured Blanche pumps are a tad flamboyant but I love them.

Have any of the above taken your fancy?

* not a sponsored post, I just love the brand!

I'd love to stay and chat...


When I saw this pattern on Etsy I knew I had to make it to hang somewhere in our hallway. It is so simple but brilliant. I can't decide whether to frame it or buy a smaller embroidery hoop and hang it with some ribbon. Decisions decisions...

I'm working on some designs of my own at the moment. I'll share them with you when they're ready!

(taken with Instagram)

Las Vegas: part 4 - helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Vegas strip.


On our last full day in Vegas we booked to go on a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and the strip. It almost didn't happen as Jonathan is scared of heights and has never been on a helicopter before but he overcame his fears and off we went!

It was a little pricey as helicopter trips tend to be but it was definitely worth it. We didn't want to miss out on seeing the Grand Canyon just incase we never go back to this neck of the woods, and the other types of tours didn't appeal to us (e.g. going there on a coach: 11 hours +!)

We were picked up from our hotel at 12noon and taken to the Maverick helicopter base where we had a very short wait before our pilot called our group. Our pilot was great and made us all feel very safe and welcome on board. As I was the smallest I got to sit up front next to him on the first leg of the journey and it was fascinating to watch him start things up and take us up into the air!

It was such a great experience, especially going over the Grand Canyon. What we saw was so incredible and so vast, and we got quite low and near to the rocks (or so it felt) which I'm not sure Jonathan was too keen on. He looked a bit peaky at this point!

After a stop in the middle of nowhere to refuel (both the helicopter and ourselves with water - it was 100degrees outside!) we headed back to base. It was surreal seeing the landscape go from miles and miles of nothing to a sudden burst of weird and wonderful hotels on the horizon. Flying over the strip was incredible, giving us the chance to see all of the sights of Vegas from the air. We flew close to the Stratosphere hotel which we would be eating at later that evening.

What a great experience!

Purl Rose on Etsy.


A couple of months ago I received a package in the mail from Gemma at Purl Rose on Etsy who offered to send me one of her handmade pieces to share with you guys. I picked the purple knitted bow headband as I thought it would compliment my hair colour the best.

Receiving an item perfect for keeping warm in the bitter weather then prompted the sun to shine and the weather to warm up a little, so I couldn't share it with you straight away. Big apologies to Gemma for the delay!

I am partial to a spot of knitting as you may know and I envy anyone who can make such beautifully handmade items. The knitted bow headband I received is no exception. It is really chunky and ever so well made. I love the ribbed detail round the edges and the huge, oversized bow. This headband is a great accessory and I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it this Winter.

Prices on Purl Rose are very reasonable and new items are always being added. I particularly love the peach beanie hat with a delightful little bow on the front. At £6.00, considering it is handmade and a lot of love and attention will have gone into making it, it's a bit of a bargain!

Throughout May you can receive 10% off your order by using the code May12 at the checkout. Happy browsing! I hope you will stop by and welcome Gemma to the world of Etsy.

Las Vegas: part 3 - the hen party.


The hen party, as I'm sure all of the other ladies involved will agree, was lots of fun indeed! My Sister, having been to Vegas a few times before, knew exactly where she wanted to go so it was very organised and all there was left to do was crack open the bubbly!

There were 9 of us altogether - a mixture of family and some of my Sister's friends. We met in the hotel lobby where we waved goodbye to our other halves and headed to Sugar Factory just a short walk away for something to eat, and as it happened, some of their cocktails. This is where we unveiled the goodie bags my Mum and I put together for each hen which I will share more about in another blog post.

After food (which was delicious) and our huge cocktail fishbowls (which I must add were shared(!)) we went to meet our limo which took us on a tour of the strip whilst we supped champagne. We got the chance to visit the famous Vegas sign and have a few photos taken before we hopped back in the limo to see a little bit more.

Once we had seen all there was to see we were dropped off at one of the hotels to see Thunder from Down Under. Ladies, all I can say is if you're ever in the area do stop by and catch this show. It is such good fun! Although had I known I would be sat on the front row just a few inches from the stairs which these chaps use to get into the audience I may have needed more persuading! :)

After a good giggle, and a few more drinks and a good chin wag, we got back in the limo and cracked open bottle of champagne #2. Our driver was lovely and dropped off my Mum, Auntie and the Groom's Mum back at the Bellagio as they were ready to call it a night, which left the rest of us to head to LAX nightclub in the Luxor hotel. We managed to skip the line, get in free (hurrah!) and as a bonus Mya was performing there that night.

Next thing we know it's 5am, we have departed LAX and made ourselves comfy in a bar, made friends with a nice American man who became an honorary hen, and someone had ordered tequila shots and Margaritas. I can honestly say I will never drink one again.. as long as I live!

What a great night. Special thanks to all of the ladies who helped to make the night perfect for my Sister.