Liz Earle (first impressions) & my skin troubles.


I have been suffering terribly with my skin for approximately 16 months now. All through my teens and up until just before my 26th birthday I had perfect skin with just the occasional break out. I could use any kind of skincare products, very little makeup was required to look human and I was fairly confident in my own skin (quite literally).

Then all of a sudden I started to get sore red lumps and spots on my cheeks and round my jawline. At first I just had a couple of them and was able to disguise them with makeup, but eventually they took over most of my cheeks and chin and were very noticeable, even with makeup on.

I tried all manner of ways to make them go away and nothing worked, they just kept flaring up and down.

I tried PanOxyl from over the counter at the chemist which is designed to dry spots out and reduce the redness. It was quite effective at reducing the redness but left my skin so sore and dry that it didn't seem to be beneficial to carry on using it.

I increased the amount of water I was drinking and improved my diet which was already pretty healthy, but this made no difference.

I vowed to cleanse, tone and moisturise properly every morning and evening without fail. I tried Eucerin and Botanics products which were fantastic and made a difference initially, then their effectiveness stopped as time went by.

As a last resort I visited the doctors and was prescribed a gel to use which made little to no difference.

Fast forward through time and fortunately I no longer suffer with the red lumps and spots but what I am left with are scars and the occasional spot here and there. After hearing so many good things in the blogging world about Liz Earle products I decided to place an order for the Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Skin Tonic.

My order arrived really quickly, even though I only selected standard shipping, and it was so beautifully wrapped that it was a shame to tear open the packaging.

My first impressions are that I love both products and I wish I had found them sooner! After just a couple of uses my skin felt cleaner than it ever has. The cleanser works so well and removes every last scrap of makeup, so that when I dab some toner on to a cotton pad and wipe it round my face, the cotton pad is pretty much clean. Normally during this stage I would still be trying to remove some last traces of foundation and makeup.

These products are more expensive than others I have used in the past, with the exception of Eucerin, but I think the prices are reasonable taking into account the size of the bottles and their effectiveness. When I have used up these bottles I plan to place another order and continue to use this skincare routine.

Hopefully over time my scars fade and my skin continues to look clearer and back to its old self.

Have you tried Liz Earle products?


  1. I totally know how you feel. My hormones have been going crazy lately and my skin has been playing up as a result. Never had much joy with Liz Earle but I love La Roche Posay's stuff for calming down skin, especially the brand's Daily Renewal Fluid (see my blog for a review). I'm glad you've found something that works for you x

  2. Check your hormones and do some blood work!when I was too skinny my hormone levels were tha same as those of a little boy....
    I started treatment ,gained weight and cleared my skin so now I look ok....But I struggled for two years before it occurred to me I should check what's off.
    I'm sure your case is not that bad and you'll be fine :)

  3. Snap!! Hormones are evil! Since I turned about 25 I reckon, I've had rubbish skin. Will have to give this a go. I've been using Clinique Blemish Solutions but I've not noticed a difference :( thanks for sharing!! Xx

  4. Absolutely adore Liz Earle products- so simple but effective. Feel gorgeous on the skin too! Xx

  5. I love Liz Earle products! My doctor put me on tablets to help my skin, but I have found that these products have made my skin a lot softer and less oily :-) Hope it continues! xx

  6. I also developed bad skin when I hit my 20's and am a fan of the liz earle hot cloth cleanser!

    I have found that cod liver oil supplements really help to keep my skin clear. Also really impressed with Lancome Visionnaire serum (super spendy but I just keep getting samples!)

    Rosie x

  7. Ive been using liz Earle for the last month and it's definitely working for me. I too had some scarring on my cheeks and although it's not a miracle worker and made them disappear it has definitely made them fade so I'm sticking to it from now on! You should try the moisturiser too I love it. Laura x

  8. i totally love liz earle too but can't believe they increased the price!

  9. I've only just tried this via the sample with Red. Very impressed with it though.
    If you want to try something else, the Emma Hardie Amazing Face range is, amazing! It gives a really intense exfoliation and clean.

  10. I've still not tried Liz Earle but have only heard good things about it so fingers crossed it works for you. I never had bad skin as a teenage so was really upset when I started getting angry, bumpy spots at age 23. Going back on the pill and cutting down on dairy and animal products in my diet helped for me but everyone's skin is different so its hard to know if that's even what helped or if my skin just decided to sort itself out. x

  11. Try Liz Earle's spot on! Its great for spots and old acne marks! xx

  12. Glad you are getting on well with Liz Earle. I used one bottle of the cleanse and polish but was still suffering badly with my skin so have switched back to one targeting problem skin. Hopefully I can go back to the lovely cleanse and polish soon!

  13. I use Liz Earle and absolutely love it. My Nan is the Queen of QVC and she gets hers from there with some really good packages and deals which makes it cheaper.

  14. Love Liz Earle products. Fabulous smell from all of them! Great that they're helping with your skin problems too...

  15. I recently bought the Superdrug Cleanse and Polish dupe to try! I really like it so far but I haven't tried the Liz Earle to compare....x

  16. I loved the Liz Earle but after a few weeks I started to react to the eucalyptus oil in it :-(
    I now use La Roche Posay Physiological cleanser and it's amazing, so gentle and I hardly get a spot now.
    When I do the best thing is Kiehls Blemish Control treatment, even my husband nicks it!!!

  17. i would love to try these products as my skin is so problemed! ive used the panoxyl creams to and find they only work if you dont use them often! great post. will try the boots ranges next i think. i need products to dry my skin out!