Las Vegas: part 2 - our hotel (the Bellagio).


I couldn't blog about our trip and not mention the fabulous hotel we stayed in - the Bellagio. We knew it would be very luxurious and of course we saw pictures on the website before our trip, but it was even better than we had imagined.

Even the lobby, with its 18 foot ceiling and huge glass sculpture display, is stunning. The sculpture is comprised of around 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers. It is very impressive as you can see from my photos.

As you pass through the lobby and towards the back of the hotel you can see the Botanical Gardens where you will find plants, flowers, ponds, water features, bridges and a merry-go-round. All inside a hotel you say? It is Vegas after all!

Our favourite part of the hotel was the fountains which put on a show at the front of the hotel throughout the day and night. The first time I saw them I was blown away by how incredible they were. We never got bored of watching the different routines which were put to different pieces of music each time, and we would always stand to watch if we were passing.

At night they were even more spectacular especially from above which we were lucky enough to see, as my Sister's room overlooked them. 

The fountains at the Bellagio - Las Vegas. from Victoria Jackson on Vimeo.

(This is my own music played over the top as the video didn't catch all of the music which was playing at the time)

I have put together a video of one of the fountain displays we watched which should give you a good idea of how brilliant they were (you can skip to the end if you want to see the big finish).

Have you stayed here, or anywhere else along the strip? I loved having a nosy at the different hotels! If you visit Vegas but don't stay here I would definitely recommend that you watch the fountains, especially on an evening if you can!


  1. It looks amazing. I really want to go to Las Vegas. My future sister-in-law has been several times and she stopped at The Bellagio on one of them. She loves it. I can imagine it is all out of this world with every hotel having a theme x x

  2. We stayed at the Bellagio and the Mirage - both fab but the Bellagio was just amazing...such a beautiful hotel! x

  3. It looks like such an amazing hotel! I've always wanted to go to vegas (shamefully this was after seeing the saved by the bell film) and now you've just justified my need with this post.


  4. Wow! Looks like such an amazing hotel! X

  5. This is fabulous, I'm getting married in Vegas next year and have my heart set on staying here!

  6. wow that hotel looks amazing!!

    luv it whenever there are these fountain displays - i have been to the barcelona fountains and they too are spectacular!!

  7. The hotel looks immense and a world of its own. How incredible!

  8. Wow, amazing! Such a grand and luxurious place <3

    Love Ana,

  9. Las Vegas looks awesome as does that incredible hotel!

  10. looks so amazing, I have wanted to go to Vegas for so long...looks utterly amazing! hope you had a fantastic time

  11. Aw I love this post, I really want to go to Vegas now! x

  12. I've stayed at the MG and loved it but I think we'll stay at the Bellagio next time. Loving your Vegas posts!

  13. Waaa I can't believe you stayed in the Belagio :D amazing! How many times can I say amazing. Haha. Their fountain display was so good, felt like I was on oceans 11 :p
    Unfortunately we didn't go inside though :( not sure why as it looks SO pretty! xxx