Las Vegas: part 1 - our Instagram photos.


It has been a little while since I posted anything and that's because I've been on holiday, and subsequently suffering from terrible jet lag! But it has been worth it as we've had an amazing time.

On Monday 16 April Jonathan and I travelled down to a hotel by Gatwick airport with my parents, where we met up with my Sister and her (now) husband plus some of their friends who were also staying over the night before the flight. The following morning we jetted off to sunny Las Vegas and that's where we stayed for 7 nights, at the Bellagio to be precise.

We all had a great time and the wedding, which took place on the terrace at the Bellagio, was beautiful. My Sister and her husband, Steve, are currently sunning themselves in Hawaii before returning to Las Vegas for a few nights before coming home.

I have tons of photos to sort through and organise so in the meantime here are a few photos I put through Instagram which some of you may have seen if you follow me on there. Some of them turned out pretty well, especially the Grand Canyon photo. 

I'll be back very soon with lots more photos and stories of what we have been getting up to!

 Adele & Steve on their wedding day (we popped to the Vegas sign after the ceremony)
The Bellagio fountains at night, from Adele & Steve's room

Inside Caeser's Palace hotel
In the Botanical Gardens inside the Bellagio hotel

Sitting up front with the pilot on our helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and the 'strip'
A view over the Grand Canyon

 Jellyfish at the Shark Reef inside the Mandalay Bay hotel
Cookie dough cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (we only made it as far as pudding once!)

Part of our bathroom at the Bellagio
& the lifts

 Some of the American sweets we bought
The lobby ceiling inside the Venetian hotel

Some of the hotels, including Paris, at night
Gambling time!


  1. so, so jealous! I cant wait to go to America next year xoxo

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time!

    Your sisters dress is just stunning, seeing you photos makes me really want to go to vegas now! Botanical gardens in a hotel?! FAB! xx

  3. looks like you had an amazing time x

  4. wow!!

    great pics :) looks like you had a great time!!

  5. Awwww Congratulations to your sister!!! I got married in Vegas in March and we too stayed at the Bellagio, its made me really sentimental reading your post. Looks like you had an amazing holiday!!!

    Thank you for sharing and making me smile!!!

    Maria xxx

  6. It looks like a fantastic time! Welcome back xo

  7. Aww looks like you had an amazing time! We went to Vegas as part of our honeymoon and stayed at the New York, New York. I didn't really know what to expect but the casinos are WAY bigger than I thought... we hardly had to leave ours cos everything we needed was right there.

  8. I can imagine the wedding at the Belagio was magical! My brother is getting married at Caesars Palace in Sept, I'm bridesmaid, can't wait! So any recommendations then throw them my way! ;-) x

  9. What gorgeous pictures and your sister looks lovely. Apparently Mike and Ike are getting divorce i'm not really sure why but it's a big promo thing with their sweets lately!

  10. Eeek jetlag - horrible! The photos look amazing though x

  11. Wow, what an amazing place to get married; your sister looks beautiful, I love her dress. Your bathroom at the Bellagio looks amazing! And that helicopter ride... wow, what an experience. Looking forward to seeing more photos!

  12. Wow i am such a jelly belly right at this moment! You must have had such an amazing time, and congratulations to your sister for getting married! Las Vegas is now definetly on my list of places to visit (it was already before, but now it is at a much higher rank consequent reading your post haha!) :)

    Love, Ana

  13. It looks like you certainly had an amazing time and congratulations to your sister and her husband!
    Can't wait to see and read more about it! x

  14. wow, looks like you had a great time! xx

  15. Looks so amazing! Congratulations to your sister and her husband. xx

  16. All those photos brought back memories of our time in Vegas. The Venetian was my favourite hotel.

    X x

  17. This look sooooo magical! I really want to go to America one day!
    x x x

  18. i would love to go to Vegas one day (aaahh my sweet dreams)

  19. Reading these is getting me so excited to go again! Great posts!