Wahanda Spa Giveaway (NOW CLOSED).


Wahanda Spa Deals have offered a reader of Lily loves Lola the chance to win a £50 voucher to redeem on their site. 

After suffering with the Winter blues I think we're all in need of a little bit of pampering to prepare ourselves for the warmer months ahead (hopefully!) and £50 will buy you something very nice indeed. Perhaps a Spa day or a massage? The deals occasionally have the chance to take a friend along for free so be sure to look out for one of those.

The website is easy to navigate around, and you have the option to search by region, price, type of treatment, etc. There's plenty of choice so have a look and see what you think!

If you fancy being in with a chance simply leave a comment on this post between now and midnight on Wednesday 21 March 2012 telling me why you'd like to win and what you would like to use the voucher for.

Please leave some form of contact unless you have a blog and this can be found on there.

Good luck everyone!


  1. I'd absolutely love a back,neck and shoulder massage after all the stresses of University assignments which are set to take over my life for the next 2 months.



  2. I'd love this - I'm a bit penniless at the mo but a sports massage would go down a treat!


  3. if i had the voucher, i'd head straight to a hair salon on the same street as my current flat - i walk past it every day and know i've seen the wahanda sign on the window!

    i'd use it to get my hair cut by the top stylist after i'd finished university so i know i'd have a beautiful bonce ready for summer, graduation, graduation ball and starting my first full-time job. sometimes it's good to treat yourself and something feel-good like a haircut would be wonderful following a difficult (but well worth it) final year.

    thank you for the opportunity victoria. hope you have a lovely mother's day with your puggies. :) xxx

    p.s. my blog can be found here so i haven't left an email address.

  4. i'd love to use the voucher to take my mum on a spa day for two, think she needs it after a very rough few months!

    ps following you on bloglovin!

  5. I'd use the voucher for a facial to deel with my currently sterssed skin. It is so problamatic at the moment!


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I've went back to uni as a mature student and my god it is stressful. Juggling running a house, a 3 year old, a job and my studies in taking it's toll. Just anything where I can stop for a while would be greatly appreciated. My poor tooties could do with some TLC. The gym and walking up and down the Glasgow hills has left them looking a tad unloved.

  7. Oh with the rubbish few weeks I've had, a lovely massage wouldn't go a miss! I think the aromatherapy massage would be bloomin lovely!

    So lovely of the people at Wahanda!

    Cat xx

  8. How wonderful! I'd like a massage right now! I'm stressed to the max!

  9. Ohh what a lovely site and comp! I'd probably opt for a spa day, or massage for my sports crazy boyfriend, he could use it well

  10. This is lovely!
    I'd definitely go for an aromatherapy massage. I'm constantly stressing about work, all day and all night, to the point where I lack sleep! So a relaxing massage would hopefully work wonders and relieve some tension!
    x x x

  11. such a great giveaway!!!

    wish i lived in the uk - they seem to have great treatments!!


  12. i would love to win this because i need a relaxing break even just for a spa day would be fine, had such a crappy birthday ever everything i planned became disastrous!
    I need to pick myself up

  13. Such a good giveaway! I would use the voucher to buy a fish pedicure as I've always wanted to try that out and also possibly either some gel nails or eyebrow thread session :) so exciting!

  14. What a fab giveaway :) I've been ill for the last couple of months, which meant I missed my best friend's hen do, so I'd love to treat us both to a spa day when I'm feeling better :)


    Thanks xx

  15. Wow what a great competition! I would love a full body massage or reflexology. I suffer with really bad migraines and at the moment they have been really bad (19 attacks in Feb - argh!) I find massage helps to relieve the tension and stress which is one of my triggers so would love a voucher!



  16. What a generous offer! I can't decide whether I'd get a massage or a hair cut.....as I desperately need both!! xx