Life lately (through Instagram).


Jonathan and I visited a local garden centre the other week and had I known it would be so awesome I would have visited sooner. The upstairs level is an antique shop absolutely packed full of furniture, trinkets, pictures,
records and an array of other things. We had a good nosy round. Jonathan was keen to find some records as we want to have some framed in these down our hallway. A 50s radio caught my eye along with a million floral cup and saucer sets which I could have easily filled our kitchen cupboards with.

We've had some sunny weather in our part of Yorkshire recently and if there's one thing Lily and Lola like to do it's find a sunny spot in the house, or outside, and have a nap.

Currently obsessed with: fudge porridge. I am having it every morning for breakfast at the moment. Yum!

Not enough sleep and too much stress at work is playing havoc with my skin and I thought it was time to mix things up with my skincare routine. I tend to wear heavy foundations to cover up my blemishes and although I really like the Botanics products I have been using for a while, I'm not always convinced they're removing every last bit of makeup. So I paid a visit to the Liz Earle website and purchased a couple of things. I hear only rave reviews about Liz Earle products so I think I'm in good hands. Early impressions are certainly very good indeed but we will see if it lasts.

My friend and I are taking advantage of the lighter evenings and drier weather and have started our Race for Life training. We're using a "Couch to 5k" program but have gone in at week 3 as week 1 was a little too easy for us. We've been going out 3 times a week and plan on sticking to this until the Summer when we will be doing our 5k. I find it a lot easier jogging with a friend as I get ever so bored on my own.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Cute collection of photos and you reminded me i need to sign up for Race for Life!

  2. Lovely photos, I need to start training for Race for Life!

  3. I am obsessed with the fudge porridge as well! I stocked up on the chocolate, honey and fudge ones while they were on offer so I have an endless supply!

    I love your photos, I would never think to take pictures of the things you do :) xx

  4. Oh wow, I did not know they did fudge porridge! I must try this-sounds delicious. I'm terrible for missing breakfast so this may actually encourage me to start eating the most important meal of the day :) X

  5. love these posts.

    well done on the training...seems that you are doing really well with it!!

  6. Trust me Liz Earle products are amazing! I'm a bit short of the cash at the moment so am going without. My skin is not happy with me!!

  7. Fudge porridge?! Where does one find this?! :) xx

  8. What is heavens name is this Fudge Porridge? I must know all about this promptly ;-)

  9. I love love love your blog!!! Definitely following x