Life lately (through Instagram) #2


A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my parents in their new home as my Sister was home from the Isle of Man for a couple of days and Jonathan was away in Belfast watching ice hockey. As my Mum and Dad were heading back to the Isle of Man with my Sister on the Sunday we all had an early Mothers Day tea on Friday night. Their new house is great with lots of character and a couple of ponies that peer into their windows (they're owned by a lady in the cottage at the end of the lane).

After a good fattening up by my Mum on the Saturday I headed home and spent the rest of the weekend on my own catching up on some blogs and relaxing with L&L.

I'm really into cross stitching again at the moment. I go through phases where I don't do any but then I find a pattern I love and I catch the stitching bug! I usually get my patterns from Cross Stitcher magazine but I've ordered a couple of books from Amazon today so I'm hoping they will give me some inspiration (I love Etsy for PDF patterns too!)

Can you believe the weather we've been having? At the weekend I was taking pictures of horrible misty mornings, and on Saturday night (well, more like the early hours of Sunday morning...) we had a rather terrifying taxi journey home where nothing was visible around us and we ended up going up roads the wrong way!

Fast forward to this week and it is just glorious. I could get used to getting home from work at 5.30-6.00pm and sitting out in the garden in the sunshine. Our back garden is a sun trap so I'm looking forward to the months ahead if this week is anything to go by. Everything is much better when the sun is shining isn't it?!

(greedy Lola with cream on her face!)

Jonathan and I have got 2 days holiday left to use before the end of March so, as it's his birthday on Thursday, we have got Thursday and Friday off work. I'm looking forward to some lovely weather, spoiling Jonathan and spending some time at home with Lily and Lola. We also might venture out for a walk in the countryside somewhere and more than likely end up in a pub for a beer. Well, it is for a special occasion after all. It would be rude not to! :)

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine (if you've got some!)


  1. Lily and Lola are so cute! I've been loving the weather recently, especially as I'm back home from uni :) xx

  2. The food looks so nice! the pug is so cute, you're lucky to live so close to the countryside make the most of it! Cassie x

  3. Glad you finally got some lovely sunshine over there :D
    Looks like you had a very lovely week or so :)
    x x x

  4. really like these instagram posts!!

    luv L&L's pics!!

  5. AWhh I love that pattern! I used that pattern recently for a Valentines present! I really think Cross Stitcher is the best Xstitch magazine BY FAR! So contemporary and really does get me inspired, unlike all the other magazines. Im currently using the pattern in this month's edition for a friend's new born baby. It sounds like you had a really nice time at your mums, id have loved that! Enjoy your lengthened weekend together xxx

  6. Gorgeous pictures, i just had a sudden urge to crosstitch! it looks so pretty :) x


  7. Ooh I like the look of that magazine. I'm going to have to see if I can find it around here. xx

  8. cute pics!

  9. Love this post! I'm on holiday for the next two weeks & have decided to get back into cross-stitching too, since I love Cath Kidston I've ordered her book "Stitch!" - hopefully it will keep me inspired! Good Luck with your stitching! Oh and Happy Birthday to Jonathon! xx

  10. Oooh I used to do cross stitches years ago, I used to use it to help me not snack while I was watching tv, it really works. :)