New in! (& a 15% off discount code)


Now that I have recovered from the manic December rush I have been able to order new charms, update my shop and set up a discount code for you which you can use from now until the end of this weekend. All you have to do is enter LILYLOVESLOLA15 to get 15% off your entire order (I ship Worldwide too!)

I have added several sets to the shop so now you can buy a set of 3 saving you £1 compared to buying each bracelet individually, plus you save on postage too! "The popular ones" set has proved... popular. You all seem to love those 3 charms and I can't blame you. The tiny wishbone is very cute indeed.

I have also added gold charms as I personally prefer gold to silver. Choose from a gold peace sign, adorable gold buddha or a tiny gold star. I'm very excited about the new gold arrivals that are winging their way to me, I just wish the postman would hurry up!

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will be able to add my new charms, different types of thread and also friendship bracelets with clasps so you don't have to worry about tying a knot or a bow. The dark nights mean I have to wait for the weekends to take photos and even them I'm pretty rubbish, but hooray - the evenings are starting to get lighter so I won't have to worry about that for much longer.

I'm also looking for bloggers willing to do a review or perhaps include some of my items in a giveaway so if you fit the bill let me know in the comments. Thanks and happy shopping!


  1. Love the hearts!!

    Amy xx

  2. I bought a couple of your bracelets a couple of weeks ago, and have a review saved in my drafts ready to post as I loved them so much but haven't been able to yet as I bought one as a present for my best friend for Christmas and haven't given it her yet, and I don't want her to see the blog post and ruin the surprise! I'll be sure to link you when I do get round to posting it though!

    I have the tiny wishbone one on black thread and I love it, wear it pretty much everyday so think I should take advantage of your discount and order some more! Sorry for the mini essay!

    Hev x

  3. I recently bought a few friendship bracelets recently and I love them! I'm doing a giveaway soon and going to include some of yours the prize! x

  4. I kinda hate myself for imposing a jewellery buying ban on me! I love the little Buddha ... I might just have to lift the ban for one exception!! Xo

  5. So cute :) I honestly think I could have all of your bracelets. I've got two of your bracelets ready and waiting to go, I'm going travelling in a few weeks and thought it would be nice to put one on just before I go travelling, so it's sort of my "travelling" bracelet! I'd be happy to do a review for you! :)

  6. I love your shop and I've been planning to buy some bracelets from it for a while, and now there's a discount I definitely will be :) I'd love to do a review on my blog too, just let me know if you're interested! My email is and my blog is X

  7. oww these are all so cute! I really like your blog, am a new follower!
    I'd love to feature your products on my blog, they're beautiful!

    Marie x

  8. Adore the necklaces <3 ♥

  9. Those are so cute, I love the peace one. :) ♥

  10. Definitely planning on buying something from your store on payday :) everything is so gorgeous!
    Would also be interested in reviewing or holding a giveaway if I fit the criteria. I blog over at


  11. I'm just about to buy some for my sister as a gift for her birthday which is 17th Feb, i'm going to ask her to review a couple products so will happily ask her to review the bracelets. I'll let you know anyway. I blog over at

  12. I love these bracelets, and I'd absolutely love to review them or use them as part of a giveaway! I blog at, I'm looking to take the blog in a bit of a new direction so something like this would be ace for me! If not this time then it would be lovely if you'd consider me in the future! :)
    Janey x

  13. Well I already know I love your jewelry! and you're coming up with pretty designs all the time which I love! so I would definitely love to do a review or a giveaway on my blog if you'd like! :) and I blog at

  14. If I could I'd buy all of these! I've already bought 3.. oops X