Miel Makes.


Yvonne, the lovely owner of Jam Jar Beads in Sheffield, has been adding lots of things to her store Miel Makes recently. I spotted this wonderful foldover pouch which I thought would be great for storing some of my threads and needles, but most of all I thought it was incredibly pretty, so I made a purchase!

I'm all for supporting independent crafty folk, and I'm certainly not disappointed with my purchase. It's well made and the fabric is lovely. I really envy those who can make items out of fabric and can sew so neatly. I would love to learn how to make some simple fabric items and perhaps how to use a sewing machine (says the girl who did A-level Textiles, but it's so easily forgotten! Well it was 8 years ago.....)

I will be keeping my eye on Miel Makes and perhaps making another purchase in the future. I know a lot of you who read my blog also like to support fellow crafters so I hope you pop along for a look!


  1. going to have a little look now - i love anything like that! thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. Those cushions are lush!

    I'd love to see posts on people who have recommended a crafty type store as i am always looking for quirky original items to decorate my home with

  3. Oooh it does look lovely! I will certainly be having a look at her shop :)


  4. These are so sweet! They're the cutest things ever! xx

  5. Oh these are so sweet, bookmarking!

  6. oh they are cutteeeee! (and a very good idea)

  7. What beautiful little pouches, so pretty. I'm always very in awe of anyone who can sew well! :D xx