Home Sweet Home.


We FINALLY got the keys to our new house on Wednesday after months and months of waiting. On the one hand it's all very exciting but on the other it's rather stressful. The good thing is we've had a few days to clean and paint before we have to move boxes and furniture in so we've not been tearing our hair out too much. Plus we have enlisted the help of some friends tomorrow to help with some heavy lifting.

via Etsy

We've got a list as long as our arms of things we need to buy and do, but hopefully with the weekend coming up and a few days off work next week we should get settled quite nicely.

Our new place is a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom townhouse with a lovely big back garden which will be perfect for the dogs and for us in the Summer. I can already see some BBQs in the pipeline!

My shop will be closed until I have unpacked my craft things in my new craft room (eep!) so please do check back if you were wanting to buy something.

I'll be back soon! :)

Bridesmaid prep: part 1 (featuring Vivienne Westwood Anglomania shoes)


As my Sister's wedding in Las Vegas draws closer we have been getting ideas for hair, makeup, dresses and shoes for me as the one and only bridesmaid. When I spotted the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon Vi shoes on Sarenza not only did I think they were beautiful and perfect for the festive season ahead, but they may also be perfect for my Sister's wedding depending on the type of dress we go for, so I ordered a pair using one of my ambassador vouchers.

I decided to go for it and used my last ambassador voucher to get them. I took them on an outing into Leeds yesterday to try on with dresses where they received a bit of attention from the Sales Assistant helping me with the dresses I was trying on.

They look pretty on the website but they're even prettier in real life. Like my other Melissa shoes they smell amazing and fit my feet like a dream. I usually have trouble with slingback style heels as they tend to slip off my feet so it's great to find a pair that won't give me that trouble due to the perfect fit and the adjustable strap.

They're a tad darker in real life but it was difficult to get a good photo of them to reflect the true colour.

My beautiful Vivienne heart shoes c/o Sarenza

They're quite a luxury shoe purchase at £125 but if you're a shoe lover and like to stand out from the crowd you surely can't go wrong with these. They also come in red and they're stunning. I have seen a few brides opting for these shoes which I personally think look great peeking out from under their wedding dresses. Not traditional in any way but it's good to break tradition sometimes.

The Melissa brand is the darling of the design world. Their shoes, which are made entirely of recycled plastic are hypoallergenic and have no odour, have won over the world of fashion, the ecologically minded, and some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The infinitely pliable plastic of Melissa shoes has been remodelled by a crowd of creative visionaries, from Zaha Hadid to Vivienne Westwood, from Karim Rashid to John Paul Gaultier. The Melissa brand celebrated its 30th birthday in 2009, but it is far from ready to rest on its laurels.

Wish list (featuring Cornishware & Alessi).


Our move date is going to be thrust upon us any day now, after a long hold-up with various bits of paperwork going missing in the post and our Solicitors being very slow. To prepare for the move I have been clearing out cupboards (seriously Jonathan, you have packs of jelly 'best before' 2007!) and sending things off to the charity shops to get a new home.

If you weren't sure, I moved in with Jonathan a few months ago and shortly after we put an offer in on a much bigger house which would be perfect for the two of us, and Lily and Lola. We are only moving a couple of minutes up the road so we're hoping it will be a fairly smooth move, especially after my spring clean. We just want to take with us the things that we will use, and then buy new additions where needed to make our new house a home.

I've had my eye on a few things and luckily as I've saved a few pennies and Christmas is coming up I may strike lucky!

Cornishware: My parents bought Jonathan the Cornish Blue teapot last Christmas and we both thought it would be a nice colour scheme for our new kitchen, so we have popped a few things on our Christmas lists. A set of mugs would be great and the garlic keeper would be very useful as we consume lots of the stuff. Eventually we hope to have a full set - plates, bowls, etc. but it doesn't come cheap so it will definitely be a gradual collection.

Alessi bird kettle - If it is possible to fall in love with an electrical appliance (steady on now..) then that is certainly what has happened with this kettle. They do a stove top version for around £90 but I'm too impatient to wait that long for a brew, so I would opt for the electrical version which doesn't come cheap at around £125-£130. But it's so pretty. Look at the little bird! I'm definitely probably going to buy this very soon.

Cross stitch kits via Etsy: My friend bought me a little cross stitch kit a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. Since then I've been hooked. It is so simple and relaxing, and satisfying to see those little x's make a great pattern.

I ordered a couple of cross stitch kits from this shop on Etsy, so they're not necessarily on my wish list as they've already arrived, but I thought they were worthy of a mention all the same. They will hang in our new home somewhere, and I hope to make a couple of bigger ones with the supplies I bought from Hobbycraft today.

Wall stickers: I adore wall stickers. What a brilliant way to transform a plain wall and make a feature in the room, and with the vast array of designs out there you can pretty much have anything you like. I particularly like this pretty tree design via Etsy but I have seen so many that I like.

And of course, anything Pug related: I have seen a few things on Etsy but my favourites are these Pug felt cushions via Etsy which are absolutely brilliant (the only problem is I can't decide which one to get!) and this eyechart print which I am sure would be a great addition to one of our new rooms.

Writing this has made me so much more excited to move!

Vaseline Ltd Edition: Creme Brulee.


We're all familiar with the little tins of Vaseline petroleum jelly and no doubt lots of you have a tin stashed in your handbag or on your desk at work. It's cheap and works well to combat pesky dry lips. Well, Vaseline have launched a limited edition Creme Brulee flavour with all the benefits of the original.

The Creme Brulee flavour is only available for a short period of time so you should hot foot it to Selfridges in London or Manchester to get your mitts on a tin of your own. 

As part of the launch I was sent a pot to try out and review for you guys. I have tested it out and it is delish! It tastes and smells absolutely yummy, and keeps my lips soft just like the original.