Sarenza contest: win £800 worth of shoes!


Sarenza are currently running a contest across the UK fashion community with a prize of £800 in vouchers. That's a lot of shoes ladies (and gents!) Plus the contest has been extended and now runs until 7 October 2011 so you have plenty of time to get your entry in.

Sarenza wants the fashion Queens of the UK to show their European neighbours what British style is. The creative, fun and inspiring British style has long been the envy of Europe, that's why the best reviews and style pictures will be featured on their international sites across Europe, so feel free to include photos of you in your post to illustrate your review.

Here's the idea:
* Write a review on your blog about your favourite items from the new Autumn/Winter collection and for a maximum of £800.
* The theme of the review has to be 'pure British style' and to make your entry valid please include the links to the product pages of the items on the Sarenza website in your post.
* Sarenza will then select the 15 most exciting reviews and feature them on the Sarenza blog. In this blog post, Sarenza will encourage readers to vote for their favourite review.
* The blogger who gets the most votes will win £800 of vouchers to buy the items she reviewed, and one of the people who voted for the winner will receive the same prize, decided by a draw.

All make sense? If so get your thinking caps on. I'm working on my entry too. Good luck!

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  1. Hey Victoria! How are you? Today is the last day of the competition in case you still want to enter :) Eleanor@Sarenza