Pugs and pumpkins.


Happy Halloween! How will you be spending this evening? I will be dodging answering the door (as Halloween masks scare the living daylights out of me) and then no doubt polishing off the leftover sweets.

I love this time of year. Dressing for colder weather is so much easier for me - I love wrapping up warm in lots of layers and dusting off my big coats to give them an outing once again. I love going for walks at this time of year too (although L&L aren't so keen).

The other day I popped on my big Winter coat, a pair of Ugg boots and harnessed the Pugs ready for a long, relaxing walk in the sunshine. This didn't quite go to plan as Lily and Lola's idea of a walk is to shuffle along slowly, sniff everything, go back and sniff the same thing again, and bark at cyclists, cars, buses, etc.

Anyway we did manage to have a good stroll around the neighbourhood, get some fresh air and avoid the swarm of people knocking door-to-door along our street which I spotted on our way out. Bonus!

Lily is obsessed with this plant - can anyone identify it? It's not poisenous I hope?! It sends Lily doolally, she loves it! 

I got home feeling a little chilly but luckily I had a big carton of pumpkin soup waiting for me in the fridge, which I enjoyed with a bit of bread and butter. I'm not sure I've ever had pumpkin soup before but it was very tasty. I'd love to have a go at making my own but I imagine it's a messy ordeal.

That's as far as I've gone with Halloween this year, eating pumpkin soup! How about you?


  1. Layering in winter is great fun. More layers more style! Ive never tried pumpkin soup but it looks really nice, I dont know if Id be a fan though im fussy and the smell of pumpkins when you carve them isnt the most appetising. Might have to try though!


  2. Is it strange that 'souper-natural' sent me giggling? Probably.

    I hate halloween masks too, luckily it's mostly cute little kids dressed as ghosts and princesses on my road which makes it infinitely better



  3. I love pumpkin soup - its pretty easy to make the worst bit is cleaning it out but its 100% easier if your not trying to carve it lol
    loe the doggies as per usual xx

  4. Ahhh L&L are so so sweet :)
    I don't think I've ever had pumpkin soup! I must try it - I carved a pumpkin today and it doesn't smell great when you take all the insides out, but I've heard it makes a great soup!

  5. That is so cute! Bless L&L. No idea what the plant is! Happy Halloween I was meant to go out for drinks but I'm in bed haha. Considering putting some fake blood on and scaring the trick or treaters.x

  6. pumpkin soup is SOOOOOOO good! i can't make it but my grandma does and i always want more.

    lily and lola are the cutest things ever! i always want to see more pictures of them xx

  7. Your doggies are so gorgeous :)! Xx

  8. mmm soup! I had to walk past some kids in the scary movie kind of face mask and it had me a little scared lol

  9. I've never tasted pumpkin before, i was thinking this when i was carving them yesterday. I think i am missing out! x

  10. I've never tried anything pumpkin but ina soup seems a pretty harmless way- I'll have to try! xx

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  11. Homemade pumpkin soup is the best, you really should give it a go, I made some last weekend, its actually super easy, just pumpkin, onion, veg stock and double cream. I love the colder weather especially as it means I get to wear the lovely scarf that you knitted for me :-)

  12. Firstly, I just wanted to send you a little comment to say how much I adore my bracelet! Hasn't left my arm since it arrived and I'm definitely going to get another one very soon. <3 I hate Halloween masks too - the self serve man in my local tesco had a full face clown mask on. I almost cried when he asked if I wanted a carrier bag! :P hehe. xoxo

  13. that soup looks so good!

  14. Butternut squash soup is also a winter warmer!

    I've just started blogging again after reading yours and others and started to miss it!

  15. Pumpkin soup is really easy to make and very tasty too - my hubby loves it, tho he says it looks like baby sick!!!! xxx

  16. I do love seeing Lily and Lola! xx