My boyfriend is a World Record holder!


If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweets about Jonathan last weekend. Along with some other people from his badminton club he took part in a World Record attempt which involved playing badminton for 29 hours with only a 5 minute break every hour. Phewph! It makes me tired just thinking about it and it certainly made me tired watching. He did so well and they broke the record of 28 hours by playing for 29 hours and 6 seconds.

I had a lovely relaxing weekend which I felt slightly guilty about, so I prepared a few things to welcome Jonathan home including some homemade rocky road and my ever-so-artistic and professional sign. It's the thought that counts right? (The penguin was just my attempt at showing off my new found love for cross stitching which had kept me up till 2am while he was away!)

After I had driven a rather weary and sweaty Jonathan home, he slept for a billion hours, we celebrated with a huge Dominos takeaway and relaxed watching some tv.

Well done Jonathan, I'm so proud!


  1. That is so cute what you did with all the hearts:)

    The penguin cross stitch looks really good too. I used to cross stitch when I was about 10 and I gave up one time because I ruined a reindeer and got pathetically mad!

    Well done to your boyfriend!

    Jazz xo

  2. Very impressive- well done :) love the penguin! xx

  3. Thats so sweet :). Congratulations to Jonathan thats fantastic! Xx

  4. That's brilliant achievement - well done to him!

  5. Wow thats amazing, well done to Jonathan! Your rocky road looks so so yummy, I may have to make a batch this weekend too :) I love that you put out little heart confetti too, thats so sweet and so is the penguin! xoxo

  6. Well done to Jonathan, that's seriously impressive.

    The penguin is so cute!

  7. That is an amazing feat! I cannot imagine how tired you would be after that amount of exertion! Give him a pat on the back from me!
    the rocky road looks absolutely amazing too!
    Belle du Brighton

  8. Wow thats amazing! Your rocky road looks lovely! x

  9. Well done Jonathon, that's such an achievement.

    X x

  10. What an awesome achievement! Well done Jonathan! :)

  11. Wow that's amazing! x