Monday summary.


I hope you all had a good weekend? I'm feeling rather sluggish today after an indulgent weekend of junk food and buckets of Sangria, but it was all very good fun.

Saturday afternoon I went to Meadowhall with my friend as we had an appointment for a Benefit makeover and I needed to pick up a couple of bits from Primark while we were there. The makeover was great, I was very pleased with the results. I already had my base on as I've been having a few problems with my skin and didn't want anything to make it worse, so I asked for some Hoola on the cheeks and a smokey brown eye. The eye makeup was great and made me look so different. I bought Hoola and Brow-Zings which I have used before and think they're pretty great.

Here are my 5 good things of the moment:

1) My Sister made a wonderful bag for me (and one for her and one for my Mum too!) for when we go to Las Vegas for her wedding next April. I can't wait to use it, it's so cute. Lily and Lola even make an appearance!

If only my eyelashes were as long and luscious as my alter-ego!

2) Making progress on the above wedding plans in terms of my bridesmaid dress, shoes, etc. I have spotted a dress that I like so I just need to have a mammoth trying on session just to see what else is out there and how things look on me. I have potentially sorted my shoes, and I'm on the look out for a nice up-do and some pretty makeup although I've got a good idea in my mind of what I'd like.

3) My lovely Jonathan. He always picks me up when I'm feeling a bit down, and looks after me, Lily and Lola so well.

4) The Boots Christmas catalogue is out so Christmas feels well and truly on its way! I absolutely adore Christmas and the whole run up to it - buying presents, making cards, listening to festive songs. Talking of which, She & Him are releasing a Christmas album very soon which I'm sure will be just lovely!

5) After weeks and weeks of waiting to hear about our new house (yes, we still haven't moved!) the paperwork seems to be shuffling along a little quicker now and we're hoping to move in November at some point. I hope we will be moved and settled by Christmas, that would be perfect.

What is making you happy at the moment?


  1. The bag is lovely! I'd never think of customising like that. It looks great.. love the appearance of the pugs, so cute. Congratulations to her for her wedding too. :)

    So pleased the christmas catalogues are coming out too.. the best season, the best fun. Really need to get a bloody start with things though! Have a super week.

    Jade. xx

  2. great post! getting into the christmas spirit already! love that bag too, so cute!

  3. Aw the bag is gorgeous, such a sweet idea. Benefit do amazing make-overs don't they - they put the brow-zings stuff on me and I couldn't believe how different I looked! x

  4. Can't wait to see your braidsmaid outfit! :) Keeping my fingers crossed for your house! X

  5. The bag is lovely! I didn't realise the boots christmas catalogue was out yet, I'll have to get one! x

  6. Fingers crossed you get to start the move soon hun-it must all so very exciting for you!

    I would probably say the things that are making me happy at the moment is the lovely cold weather-as long as the rain stays away, I'm happier when it's cold and I can snuggle up in lots of layers! And most importantly, only 76 sleeps until Christmas :) what more can you say!

    Have a good week xx

  7. Good shout re the She and Him album. She sings so beautifully so I'll look forward to that.

    Best of luck with the house move. I've recently moved into my own place and I'm SO excited to get the tree up in December xx

  8. Wow what a sweet bag! I'm thinking of buying some plain ones from Hobbycraft and getting my glittery fabric paints out to make a few creations of my own. Other than that, the run up to Christmas is making me happy too! I am the ultimate festive-lover and my family all think I'm crazy!! :) xo

  9. I love that bag! It's inspired me to pop along to Hobbycraft, buy a blank one myself and get the old glittery paints out to create my own masterpiece. I think mine will be adorned with cats rather than pugs though! :) xo

  10. That bag is fantastic, what a great idea! x

  11. AHHH that'd be SO perfect for you to be settled in time for Christmas! Just imagine! Love that bag, bless your sister how sweet!!

    I cannot WAIT for the She and Him album, ive been listening to the previews and it'll be played continuously by me over Christmas! I also got excited by the Christmwe 3 for 2 at boots a few weeks ago and almost bought some but had to resist! I think they're a lot better than last year. xxx