Happiness is:


- a new dress

- browsing Not On The High Street for things to fill our new home with

- rainbows in the distance on the way to work

- finding new music that you like, getting the album and loving the whole thing

- eating Krispy Kreme donuts in your pjs

- receiving mail from America

- sitting in traffic with your boyfriend but not really caring coz you're utterly happy and in love

- the weather turning cold enough to put the heating on, wrap up in umpteen layers and cuddle under a Slanket.

You? x


  1. that dress looks adorable! x

  2. awww very jealous of the being in love... and the krispy kreme! xxx

  3. This was such a lovely post it made me feel all warm inside! xxx

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  4. Agreed. I got my blankets out and put on my bootie slippers last night and me and the man sat by the fire, him in his massive bear feet slippers. BLISS :-D

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  5. Love your little dress! So cute
    x x x

  6. Love that Christina Perri song! If the album's good I may have to get it also :) x

  7. Awwh what a lovely post :)

    Your dress looks so pretty and Krispy Kremes are always good! xx

  8. That dress looks so cute! You've got me wanting a doughnut now! x

  9. aww I love going on long journeys with my boyfriend. I often find if we're in the house together we never just sit and chat - he's always on his ps3 and I have my head burried in my laptop. But long car journeys/traffic jams force us to natter away for hours and I love it! : )


  10. Aw that's so cute about you and your boyfriend being stuck in traffic! I also want some krispy kreme doughnuts now! x

  11. Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for popping by, nice to 'meet' you :-) hehe!

    I totally agree on the car thing, the fella and I have so much fun laughing and chatting on our way anywhere - it's a nice place to be, traffic be damned!

    I love Autumn/Winter. The layering, the hot chocolate, bonfire night, snuggling on the sofa. It's all wonderful!

    Jem xXx

  12. loving the dress. Snuggling under a blanket is the nicest thing about it getting chilly!

    X x

  13. oh, all these things make me happy reading this.
    i really am happy too. wearing wintery clothes makes me so smilie, and wrapping up warm and cosy nights in.
    ohh. how lovely this post is.


  14. Lovley post, your dress looks so cute. Where is it from? x

  15. You can't beat being in love. It makes everything so rosy. xxxxx

  16. you're so cute :-)

    love this post.

  17. Cute post :)Your new dress looks lovely! + that website is so good, i want loads from there :) xoxo


  18. I love the print on your dress - it would definitely cheer me up!

  19. Do explain a slanket..please..*lol*