Pugs and pumpkins.


Happy Halloween! How will you be spending this evening? I will be dodging answering the door (as Halloween masks scare the living daylights out of me) and then no doubt polishing off the leftover sweets.

I love this time of year. Dressing for colder weather is so much easier for me - I love wrapping up warm in lots of layers and dusting off my big coats to give them an outing once again. I love going for walks at this time of year too (although L&L aren't so keen).

The other day I popped on my big Winter coat, a pair of Ugg boots and harnessed the Pugs ready for a long, relaxing walk in the sunshine. This didn't quite go to plan as Lily and Lola's idea of a walk is to shuffle along slowly, sniff everything, go back and sniff the same thing again, and bark at cyclists, cars, buses, etc.

Anyway we did manage to have a good stroll around the neighbourhood, get some fresh air and avoid the swarm of people knocking door-to-door along our street which I spotted on our way out. Bonus!

Lily is obsessed with this plant - can anyone identify it? It's not poisenous I hope?! It sends Lily doolally, she loves it! 

I got home feeling a little chilly but luckily I had a big carton of pumpkin soup waiting for me in the fridge, which I enjoyed with a bit of bread and butter. I'm not sure I've ever had pumpkin soup before but it was very tasty. I'd love to have a go at making my own but I imagine it's a messy ordeal.

That's as far as I've gone with Halloween this year, eating pumpkin soup! How about you?

Giveaway winners.


Thanks to everybody who entered my giveaway. I will be running something similar very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

A BIG congrats goes to Titiyo for being the first name picked at random, and also to Please may I? and fashion written with a lipstick who win the runner-up prizes. Please email me with your choices. Thanks girls!



My boyfriend is a World Record holder!


If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweets about Jonathan last weekend. Along with some other people from his badminton club he took part in a World Record attempt which involved playing badminton for 29 hours with only a 5 minute break every hour. Phewph! It makes me tired just thinking about it and it certainly made me tired watching. He did so well and they broke the record of 28 hours by playing for 29 hours and 6 seconds.

I had a lovely relaxing weekend which I felt slightly guilty about, so I prepared a few things to welcome Jonathan home including some homemade rocky road and my ever-so-artistic and professional sign. It's the thought that counts right? (The penguin was just my attempt at showing off my new found love for cross stitching which had kept me up till 2am while he was away!)

After I had driven a rather weary and sweaty Jonathan home, he slept for a billion hours, we celebrated with a huge Dominos takeaway and relaxed watching some tv.

Well done Jonathan, I'm so proud!

Double Decker rocky road.


While Jonathan was away over the weekend playing badminton for 29 hours in a bid to break a Guiness World Record I kept myself busy doing a bit of shopping, crafts and baking. I say baking, no actual baking was required for this yumminess. I wanted to make something quick and easy, but something Jonathan would like as a "well bloody done!" for doing something so brilliant. As Double Deckers are one of his favourite chocolate bars I decided to give Double Decker rocky road a whirl, throw in a few different ingredients and see what happened!

I used a pretty standard recipe from the t'internet for the base using plain chocolate, Golden Syrup, unsalted butter, and caster sugar. I think I would use milk chocolate in future though.

I chopped up a couple of Double Deckers, broke marshmallows and plain digestive biscuits into chunky pieces and added them to my cooled melted chocolate mix. A good stir later and the mixture was popped into a container on a sheet of baking paper, and left in the fridge overnight to set.

Voila! Once I had cut them up and added a sprinkle of icing sugar they were ready to eat. Jonathan loved his rocky road surprise plus they tasted pretty great if I do say so myself (they would be even better with milk chocolate though I think). 

I didn't make a huge batch of these but I did cut them into bite size pieces to last us a little bit longer. They lasted a few days (it's too tempting to have 2 or 3 bitesize pieces in one go that's the problem!) and the last few were the tastiest.

What would you add to your rocky road mix? I am tempted to make another batch!

Rustic Carvings Etsy store (part 2!)


You may remember this blog post where I shared an Etsy store with you called Rustic Carvings. If handmade, eco-friendly products are your cup of tea, or someone you know would like such a thoughtful gift this Christmas, you can't go wrong with an item from this store.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post and everything has been purchased with my own money, but I just think the shop is so awesome it's worth shouting typing about.

What do they say?

Welcome to Rustic Carvings! If you like the imperfection of the world around you, aren’t troubled by the flaws and knots in wood because you see them as giving a piece character and definition, and are interested in unique, personalized gifts, then you’ve come to the right place.

All of my designs are made out of reclaimed or FSC regulated wood. What is reclaimed wood, you say? It’s taking wood that has previously been used, or were scraps from another project, and “recycling” them into something desirable. I call it artwork.

Functional artwork. Rustic. Eco-friendly. Handmade. Character. Reclaimed wood. That’s what you’ll find here.

I originally picked up 4 personalised coasters - one for me, one for Jonathan, and one each for the Pugs (not that they have the need for a resting place for a hot beverage that often) in the style of scrabble letters. Poor old Lily and Lola - they're only worth one point!

Anywhoo, I really wanted a tray to keep our coasters neat and tidy when not in use so I made another order (along with a few Christmas presents which I can't show you for obvious reasons!) and as usual I received brilliant customer service. I was kept up to date on the progress of my order from start to finish, and my rather large order was completed, shipped and received before I knew it!

Thanks again Rustic Carvings, I will certainly be back in the future. Next up I'm thinking some large tiles for a wall decoration?

Happy shopping!

Giveaway: from the Lily loves Lola shop! (NOW CLOSED)


I thought it would be a nice idea as my shop is still quite new (and to celebrate the launch of my items on Etsy) to do a small giveaway for the readers of Lily loves Lola. The giveaway will just run until the end of next week, so on Friday 28 October 2011 at midnight it will close and the winners will be chosen. I will pick one overall winner who can pick 3 friendship bracelets of their choice on any colour cotton, and then two other commenters will win 1 bracelet of their choice.

The contest is open internationally so feel free to enter no matter where you're from.

The rules are very simple. Subscribers of my blog can leave a comment below between now and Friday at midnight saying "please enter me" and that's about it!

For an extra couple of entries you can follow my Twitter and my Facebook page and leave seperate comments for each to let me know. But no pressure! If you just want to enter the once, no problemo.

Thanks and good luck!

Happiness is:


- a new dress

- browsing Not On The High Street for things to fill our new home with

- rainbows in the distance on the way to work

- finding new music that you like, getting the album and loving the whole thing

- eating Krispy Kreme donuts in your pjs

- receiving mail from America

- sitting in traffic with your boyfriend but not really caring coz you're utterly happy and in love

- the weather turning cold enough to put the heating on, wrap up in umpteen layers and cuddle under a Slanket.

You? x

News & other things.


Jonathan and I listen to Radio 2 every morning on the way to work (coz that's how we roll) and a song has been catching my ear for a while now. After some investigation that song is Kissing You Goodbye by The Pierces. I have since obtained the album and have been listening to it on repeat this morning and it is pretty damn good.

I took Lily and Lola on a walk yesterday evening when a lady pulled her car over next to us and came running over. I thought "hang on a minute, what's going on 'ere!" but it turns out she lives a couple of minutes away from us and has a boy Pug named Elvis. She was so excited to see my little Pugs and thought they were so dinky and cute compared to her chunky Elvis (I have spotted her husband walking him and he certainly is a chunk-ster!) She fussed over Lily and Lola for ages while they barked at her and licked her. They have rather smelly breath so I hope she washed her hands afterwards! :) When we got back they were all worn out after making a new friend and cuddled in various positions all evening...

I am excited to have episodes of New Girl lined up to watch this week. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see Zooey D in the trailer wearing glasses similar to mine. Yes I love her far too much, but I can't help it. She is perfection!

Picture via Google images

In other news, yesterday I added buddha charms, cupcake charms and horseshoes to my shop! And if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that if you retweet my giveaway tweet before 5pm today you could win a friendship bracelet of your choice! I'm feeling generous today :)

Good luck! There is roast dinner to be eaten so I bid you adieu and wish you all a lovely Sunday.

My first Graze box.


I first heard about Graze boxes a while ago but I didn't hop on the bandwagon. I didn't have the spare income, and treats like this were few and far between. Fast forward a few months and I decided to give Graze boxes a try as I think they're a great idea, especially as I used a code from Fiona to get my first box free. Plus when I entered the code it turns out I get my 5th box free too (psst, use my code HDTKYQF to bag yourself some freebies!)

I think the website is brilliant. The way you can 'bin' foods you don't like to avoid ever receiving them (bye-bye olives) and give a thumbs up to the foods you do like the look of is brilliant and saves any disappointment further down the line. I also like the surprise element of not knowing what will arrive. The fact the box fits perfectly through the letterbox is also a great plus, as was my first box arriving dead on the day it was supposed to (always a plus when the post service works!)

My first box contained:

Copacabana: brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons. My verdict = yum! I love brazil nuts as they're quite meaty as nuts go, and quite filling. Giant milk chocolate buttons can only ever be a good thing and I don't often have dark chocolate so it made a nice change. These were eaten within 10 minutes of receiving my box through the door *oops*

The Beach: banana coins, mango and pineapple pieces. I found these so-so. I would eat them again if I received them but I could live without.

Orange and ginger flapjack: As flapjacks go this was quite tasty. I'm not a huge ginger fan so I'd be interested in trying a different variety of flapjack, however Jonathan (not normally a flapjack fan at all) enjoyed his piece *yes I shared!* very much so and raved about it.

Oven roasted cashews: I could have eaten these all day had I had a bigger box of them. Completely moreish and very yummy!

I am definitely going to continue with my Graze membership to try a few more boxes. Snacks like this are ideal to keep in the cupboard or in your drawer at work. I am not sure if receiving the boxes will be a novelty and eventually wear off, but I'll certainly give a few more a go, if only to try the delicious looking grub I have spotted on the website! Give a box a try for free if you like the sound of it. Just enter my code - HDTKYQF 

Happy munching!

Monday summary.


I hope you all had a good weekend? I'm feeling rather sluggish today after an indulgent weekend of junk food and buckets of Sangria, but it was all very good fun.

Saturday afternoon I went to Meadowhall with my friend as we had an appointment for a Benefit makeover and I needed to pick up a couple of bits from Primark while we were there. The makeover was great, I was very pleased with the results. I already had my base on as I've been having a few problems with my skin and didn't want anything to make it worse, so I asked for some Hoola on the cheeks and a smokey brown eye. The eye makeup was great and made me look so different. I bought Hoola and Brow-Zings which I have used before and think they're pretty great.

Here are my 5 good things of the moment:

1) My Sister made a wonderful bag for me (and one for her and one for my Mum too!) for when we go to Las Vegas for her wedding next April. I can't wait to use it, it's so cute. Lily and Lola even make an appearance!

If only my eyelashes were as long and luscious as my alter-ego!

2) Making progress on the above wedding plans in terms of my bridesmaid dress, shoes, etc. I have spotted a dress that I like so I just need to have a mammoth trying on session just to see what else is out there and how things look on me. I have potentially sorted my shoes, and I'm on the look out for a nice up-do and some pretty makeup although I've got a good idea in my mind of what I'd like.

3) My lovely Jonathan. He always picks me up when I'm feeling a bit down, and looks after me, Lily and Lola so well.

4) The Boots Christmas catalogue is out so Christmas feels well and truly on its way! I absolutely adore Christmas and the whole run up to it - buying presents, making cards, listening to festive songs. Talking of which, She & Him are releasing a Christmas album very soon which I'm sure will be just lovely!

5) After weeks and weeks of waiting to hear about our new house (yes, we still haven't moved!) the paperwork seems to be shuffling along a little quicker now and we're hoping to move in November at some point. I hope we will be moved and settled by Christmas, that would be perfect.

What is making you happy at the moment?

New in!


I have had a few questions via my shop asking if I can make scarves in other colours apart from grey. The answer is "yes!" I most certainly can. The other colours are now shown on the listing for the scarf but here's a peek of the different colours if you haven't spotted them over there yet. Here's the mustard colour in full action. I also like the red (bottom row, 2nd from the right) and denim blue (bottom row, 3rd from the left).

Prices start from £18 so please do have a browse if you're looking for cosy knits this Winter!

I have also added some tiny gold kissing couple charms which you can buy as a friendship bracelet on your choice of cotton (red, black, turquoise, light pink or lilac). This charm is adorable and very cute, but you must be quick if you like it because I only have two left and I fear I may not be able to find any more.

I have added some silver glitterball earrings which are handmade by my own fair hands using silver wire and gorgeous sparkly beads of various sizes. I can make the hoops as big or as small as you like or I can use more/less beads - just contact me if you want to ask about this.

Also new in is a single bead friendship bracelet. Choose from a gold or silver bead on any colour cotton. I particularly like the silver bead on lilac or light pink cotton. It looks so pretty yet very simple and dainty.

The silver Eiffel Tower earrings proved popular, I even made a pair for my friend in London and sent them on their merry way, so I decided to stock up and I also added gold Eiffel Tower charms too. The listing does say to allow 2 weeks but at the moment you definitely wouldn't have to wait that long as I have the supplies ready. I love the gold Eiffel Towers with the yellow stars, but the silver/pink hearts is a great combination also.

Thanks for the support! x

Our weekend (#1).


Sheffield wandering / bead buying / jewellery making / BBQing / sunbathing / Lily and Lola / eating / drinking / being merry.

Our weekend #1. from Victoria Jackson on Vimeo.

Sarenza contest: win £800 worth of shoes!


Sarenza are currently running a contest across the UK fashion community with a prize of £800 in vouchers. That's a lot of shoes ladies (and gents!) Plus the contest has been extended and now runs until 7 October 2011 so you have plenty of time to get your entry in.

Sarenza wants the fashion Queens of the UK to show their European neighbours what British style is. The creative, fun and inspiring British style has long been the envy of Europe, that's why the best reviews and style pictures will be featured on their international sites across Europe, so feel free to include photos of you in your post to illustrate your review.

Here's the idea:
* Write a review on your blog about your favourite items from the new Autumn/Winter collection and for a maximum of £800.
* The theme of the review has to be 'pure British style' and to make your entry valid please include the links to the product pages of the items on the Sarenza website in your post.
* Sarenza will then select the 15 most exciting reviews and feature them on the Sarenza blog. In this blog post, Sarenza will encourage readers to vote for their favourite review.
* The blogger who gets the most votes will win £800 of vouchers to buy the items she reviewed, and one of the people who voted for the winner will receive the same prize, decided by a draw.

All make sense? If so get your thinking caps on. I'm working on my entry too. Good luck!